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Sanders Applauds 'Courageous' Workers for Standing Up to Disney World and Winning $15 Minimum Wage

Sanders Applauds 'Courageous' Workers for Standing Up to Disney World and Winning $15 Minimum Wage

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took to Twitter on Monday to congratulate Disney World workers and their unions for negotiating a "historic" contract that will boost the minimum wage at the Florida resort to $15 an hour by 2021, a pay raise that will benefit thousands of employees.

Good for them, but I doubt $15 an hour will get you a decent standard of living in that area. The Hunters couldn’t get by on $174,000 a year just a little south.

The concept of a living wage is a good one, but how it is maintained is more important when factoring in the ultimate cost of living adjustment that will occur. Also, why is the size of a company relevant? If you’re a small company that is less profitable it is ok to fleece your workers?

Of the ~35k unionized employees that will gain, how many were actually at the min wage amount? Will the other workers see a similar bump?

We need a major union drive for “service workers” who are now 80% of the American work force. AND these workers and their unions need to be closely allied to the neighborhoods and communities they serve, who can help them in strikes with co-ordinated boycotts.

Unlike industrial jobs, service jobs can not be exported to Mexico or China. So if the current AFL-CIO can’t work and win together with community members, we are going to need a new type of union federation.

If nothing else, this shows other people the strength in being part of a union. You can pay a lot of union dues with an extra $5/hr.

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As far as how many were at the minimum wage ($10/hr) level, you can bet that most of them were and practically all of the hourly workers were below $15. Note that once they started, they didn’t get raises.

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Wow! $15 an hour compared to the CEO, who makes over $17,000 an hour! Anaheim is not a cheap place to live, so the $15 an hour is still a poverty wage, but I guess Bernie sees that as a victory that workers were able to squeeze a little more of a pittance out of the Disney behemoth. A living wage would be more like twice that in Southern California, just to scrape by. The cost of living is ridiculous. Except for corporations like Disney, who also pay less in property taxes than regular folks in the neighborhood. Disney gets a triple bonus by ripping off its customers with top prices for merchandise made by slave labor, its workers with slave wages, and the community it resides in by not paying its fair share of taxes. No wonder it calls itself the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Agree $15 is not a living wage, however it is a 50% increase of what they were making,Thanks Bernie for all you try to do for the working people & poor & disabled, you are not appreciated enough by some.