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Sanders Applauds New Medicare for All Study: Will Save Americans $450 Billion and Prevent 68,000 Unnecessary Deaths Every Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/15/sanders-applauds-new-medicare-all-study-will-save-americans-450-billion-and-prevent


Now we need to get the message out to every corner of US America.


I’m sure this is being spread all over the airwaves by the corporate media. s/


For Agent Orange & Corruption Inc., “Medicare for All will save Americans $450 billion and prevent 68,000 unnecessary deaths each and every year.”…in other words, a complete waste of American dollars that would be much better spent on further enriching fat cats eating caviar and making bombs. And boy oh boy, does Agent Orange know good caviar. No one knows caviar as good as the Orange. (am i rambling?)


Maybe just fed-up ?

Everyone has gone to the Bloomberg/Clinton thread - universally (almost) decrying Bloomberg.

I have read the entire Wikipedia article on Bloomberg - and he is infinitely preferable to Trump.

Unless I miss my guess, Bernie will not be the DNC candidate for President ?

If he is not - Bloomberg is the only sane choice in an insane time.

Single Payer is also infinitely preferable to what is now present in your country, and less expensive to boot, but too much is made of the cost. It is better because it is the right thing to have in a democracy.

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Not a real savings if it changes Medicaid from an entitlement to a block grant. Or Medicare for that matter. Republican 101

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For the first time in my long life, there is a candidate that I trust and has a real chance for positive change in this country. Bringing my whole family to Bernie’s rally tomorrow in Denver. The corrupt DNC is the biggest hurdle. We can do it though. Keep spreading the word. We won’t convince them all, but we can convince enough to see a President Sanders!


Can you explain your reasoning…or is your statement just something you “feel” is “right”?

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I could try and explain, but I won’t.

I ‘feel’ it would be a waste of my time.


We all knew this to be the case. I’m thankful a reputable outfit has confirmed it.

Hopefully the American people will surprise themselves with this information and actually do something about it by agreeing with Mr. Bernard Sanders that this Medicare-For-All form of healthcare will be better for them and their families.

Unfortunately, I fear most Americans will either 1) not read or hear of this new information, or 2) keep listening to corporate politicians and corporate media that lie and or deny this information as being credible, or 3) they will admit this information is credible however, they are too afraid to lose their employer based health insurance plan which will end up costing them more.

The concept of birth to death healthcare is too radical for many to believe is possible.

Fear makes many skeptical.


It isn’t fear that concerns me, it is the lack of objective analysis or any real analysis. If you read the research this is based on, it is a cost cutting measure. It does make a real difference how that is achieved.

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It, M4A, is better in a time of unsurpassed global climate disruptions, as well. As a citizen of a country that allowed New Orleans, Houston and Puerto Rico to turn into living nightmares, M4A frees up much needed $$$ and resources to get a handle on/or mitigate catastrophic events.
Corona virus, etc.
Massive flooding
(_________) Insert your worst fear here.
It’s a no-brainer as we go further into the 21st Century and the Anthro-Ages.
Think about it, think it through.


In no way shape or form is Bloomberg “infinitely preferable” to Trump. They are cut of the same cloth. Both are sexist. Both are Racist. Both are Authoritarian.

Bloomberg backed Bush and indicated the Iraq war a good thing. He is for more US Interventions abroad. He is opposed to minimum wages. Forget Wikipedia. That a terrible source as it edited by peoples with a vested interest in advancing certain viewpoints (As example for Pearl Harbor the page indicates all persons killed that day by Japan were deemed non combatants as there no war declared while when Wikipedia talks about the US Bombing Syria and killing people the targets are deemed “terrorists”.)

They are both racists, they are both authoritarians, they are both sexist, they are both filty rich, they both support Capitalism, the consumer society and so policies that support “The Free market”. They both hate the poor and favor the rich. That Bloomberg “believes in Global warming” is one of the few differences between the two.

This a piece on Wikipedia detailing how entries were being changed.



MSNBC’s Chris Matthews…“Fake News”.

Few know that Bernie’s bill mandates that the savings from employer provided health care goes to the workers. 6K a year for a family of four. Feel the Bern!


MSNBC and CNN can hardly wait to get it out there.

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Continue reading about the other major countries that guarantee healthcare for their citizens and any analysis of those systems from the standpoint of the citizenry as well as the government departments that implement it.

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Yep. It’s a race to see who can dig the deepest hole for it.


Thanks for another Canadian viewpoint.

Change is fearful for many. So is progress.

Best to be honest with oneself.