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Sanders Argues for "Yes We Can" While Clinton Counters "No We Can't"

Sanders Argues for "Yes We Can" While Clinton Counters "No We Can't"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Who is the establishment? And why does it think people supporting Bernie Sanders are asking for too much?

That, in essence, was the key question on Thursday night at the Democratic Debate hosted by MNBC at the University of New Hampshire.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton rejected the idea put forth by rival Sen. Bernie Sanders that she could possibly represent "the establishment" of U.S. power and politics by arguing that as "a woman running to be the first woman to be president" nobody else would give her that label.


That’s been the contrast hasn’t it? One person seeing and fighting for the future as it could be, for the Common Good, and the other steadfastly denying the possibility, looking back at the common greed that has been…who controlled the past to their own profit, and who supported that corrupt
reality in so many ways…

Speaking of corruption and dirty politics, the results of the Iowa caucuses giving the barest edge to Clinton over Bernie Sanders have been questioned apparently for good reason. Here is a good read on that issue and more.



You have heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, HRC is a Wall Street whore in progressive clothing!


Sander’s first priority is getting finance reform. The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. So how do we get campaign finance reform and how could it withstand legal challenges? If these questions can be successfully answered then we could move forward in dealing with corruption in the political system.

Uh oh, the queen has no clothes…


Why do unelected officials for decades have the final say. This is not democracy and supremes need accountability and checks and balances.


Right on cue, Lrx!

“Sanders Argues for “Yes We Can” While Clinton Counters “No We Can’t””

Remind you of anyone?


HRC gives a damn about the country or people. It is really a high time to make a change. I believe that Congressmen should be aware of this nationwide feelings. They need to be changed too. A great majority of them are absolute crooks too. They would gang up against any progressive acts. Now TPP is coming. They would gang up for its ratification. It’s a final destruction of this country regarding the jobs. HRC as a president and corrupt Congress in the capitol hill is an ideal combination which all the bankers and big-pharma want. If Bernie comes then it would be really a thorn in the eye that would be very difficult to remove.


When was “establishment” defined by gender? It has always been defined by power and the policies that define and support it. Policies that secure and protect the “established” status quo, are establishment policies. Policies that challenge status quo are anti-establishment. We all speak the same English language here - don’t mess with it to grab political advantage. People - especially women - should be ashamed of supporting a woman who is playing the gender card this hard when all she has to do is say “yeah, I’m establishment and proud of it” to be honest and worthy of our respect, if not our vote. Clinton can’t just lay claim to language that she feels flatters her candidacy. She’s not a progressive and she IS, most certainly, an establishment candidate. Full stop.


What’s taking Hillary so long in “looking into” releasing her speeches to Goldman Sachs?


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Just like her emails, she cannot release her Goldman Sucks speeches because of " national security" which we all know really means her security!


Well, according to Politico, she cooed at, wooed, and soothed the poor little rich banksters that were gathered, promising that another Clinton presidency would be good for Big Banks and Wall Street.

We’ll just have to see if Ms. Progressive redacts her proprietary speeches, or if she releases the full transcripts.


Oh my goodness. Hillary is certain that there is nobody on earth other than Bernie Sanders who considers her part of the “e$tablishment?” Wow. That is spin gone into the land of the absurd–unless she actually believes it, in which case she proves how out of touch she is with the everyday people of the world!


One way an individual can do their part in “dealing with corruption in the political system”, is to refuse to pimp for politicians who have made it their profession to pimp for billionaires.

Just say no Lrx.


Jon, neither your article here nor Sanders has mentioned the most important qualifier (and ‘litmus test’) for any candidate who claims to be a true and principled ‘Progressive’ — which is, being totally committed to overturning EMPIRE!

Here’s a brief comment as to who is a ‘principled progressive’ against Empire, which I placed as a comment on today’s NYT regarding the Times’ question of whether either candidate is fully progressive — as Bernie could be if he fully stepped-up to igniting the Second American Revolution against Empire:

"A true progressive is against and will expose and confront Empire in all its cancerous forms of acting like a vicious and militarist “Empire abroad”, and imposing economic tyranny on the ‘subjects’ it deludes and oppresses with “tyranny at home”.

Or as the late great Jewish intellectual and anti-empire professor, Hannah Arendt, tried to warn the German people about devolving and slipping from democratic Republic into Empire in the 1930s, “Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”.

Bernie has done a great job educating and alerting the American people (like Paine and Revere did) about the ‘coming of Empire’ in its oppressive economic tyranny “at home”, but needs to recognize, publicly ‘call out’, and commit to non-violently confront the current ‘foreign policy’ (endorsed by Clinton) of our once proud country now “acting like a global Empire abroad” — which even the trusted “Greatest Generation” author, Tom Brokaw implied on “Meet the Press” when he said, “When Trump and Cruz talk about refugees and 3 year old orphans, what we’re really talking about is refugees and orphans caused by American foreign policy” — which stuck me akin to the truth that Walter Cronkite spoke in his TV special report on the Vietnam War, and which caused LBJ to reportedly say, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, we’ve lost the war”.

But Chuck Todd and the other so-called pundits at the round table sat mute after Brokaw’s comment."


To think (and claim) that Bernie sets the bar too high is absurd.
In Germany, as just ONE example, all that Bernie proposes has already happened. So how do they fare there (while our manufacturing sector is whining about job losses to China and other low wage countries)?

I have just read a German language article in Der Spiegel (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/fluechtlinge-kann-der-mittelstand-ihnen-arbeit-geben-a-1075189.html )
It is about a survey of Companies with 30 to 2000 employees. 62% have openings they cannot fill and 49% declare that they had to decline orders, because they could not find the workforce to fill them

This was part of an article which reports, that these companies actually appreciate the influx of all these refugees, because they would, at present figures, eventually provide a workforce of 340,000, compared to presently 300,000 unfilled positions
For those, who do not speak German, here is an outline of the stand of German manufacturing in English:

Where do all these manufacturing jobs come from? – From a well trained and educated workforce in a country, where (as in many other European countries) not ability to pay qualifies for higher education, but where academic prowess and aptitude for skills decide your career.

Isn’t that what Bernie is trying to achieve???
I say, that Bernie is the pragmatist and Hillary is a corporate stooge!
The Germans and all the other Europeans are not supermen. They just have better political systems. WE CAN DO THE SAME!


Well, she is rapidly shedding “fur”. Pretty soon she will be standing there bare skinned, with her greed and corruption for all to see!


Hillary has spent her entire adult life striving to get into The Establishment. In the U.S. that’s Wall St. and Pennsylvania Ave., obviously. She’s stepped on a lot of progressive ideas and people doing it, too. Which is how The Establishment works, right?. Now, Sen. Sanders is showing her that it isn’t easy getting out; sort of like being put in prison and executed by a Southern governor on the basis of false charges brought by corrupt cops and judges. For politically expedient reasons like getting the Democratic Presidential nomination by being tough on the mentally ill and disabled. Or, using medicinal marijuana to save you or your child’s life and being charged by state and federal authorities, and then convicted, with a felony that can’t ever be expunged. For politically expedient reasons like winning votes and campaign money from the prison-industrial complex. Every time Hillary may want to get out, of The Establishment, her past political expediency pulls her back in. It’s just another quagmire you and yours have created for themselves, and us unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton… But, not to worry, another smooth politician once said, " it is better to be wrong and win, than right and lose. " Now, you go tiger. Let’s hear you roar. You’re off to a good start if the last six days are any indication.:scream:

Hillary…have you had time to look into it yet ?