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Sanders as Veep? New Poll Suggests He Might Be Clinton's Best Pick


Sanders as Veep? New Poll Suggests He Might Be Clinton's Best Pick

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Bernie Sanders would be a boon to the Democratic ticket if he appears as Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick, a new Monmouth University poll finds.


Another insane idea from the know-nothing liberal bubble.


Didn't Wall Street threaten to pull funding from the Democrats if Warren was the VP nominee ?

Wall Street would feel even less warm and fuzzy toward the Democrats if Sanders were the VP nominee.


Not a chance. First she would never pick Bernie she hates him for the huge inconvenience he has caused her in getting her crown.
Bernie wouldn't accept anyway as it would be a way to silence him or Warren.
There is no one that can help Hillary but the Republicans who are now saying they will vote for her. And rightly so, as she shares their values more than Trump. Actually he is to her left on several very important issues.
She has damaged the Democratic party with her election tampering and illegal activities which she shows no remorse for. Hopefully the FBI will do their jobs and just indict her so the country can see who she really is.
Never Hillary


Clinton should go for the other Bernie:

How about a Clinton-Madoff pairing?
Then we could have at least a little honesty on the Clinton Democratic Party ticket.


Would it work? would Bernie want a VP job? Last time I looked VP's were at best ceremonial roles. Also consider how poles apart he is with her on issues, it just can't work.


It's so nice to see somebody even the slightest bit mainstream catching up to reality. Sanders is Hillary Clinton's best chance to win. Now Hill, do you want the job or don't you?


No...No..no...and No


Not so much "honesty" as "truth in advertising".


I think that Bernie Sanders would accept, with conditions. It's not just about the prestige, it's about putting a stamp on the reforms.

Possibly more important is Hillary Clinton's health. She has had two strokes and then one "Concussion", which sounds so much better than a third stroke but it's the same clots in the same blood vessels. Ms. Clinton can't stop gaining weight because it's a side effect of the blood thinner meds. However, weight can become morbid in and of itself.


From the Clinton perspective it would get that irksome Bernie out of the Senate where he can actually be effective, and instead banish him to the Siberia that is
Number One Observatory Circle.


Still waiting of course to see if Clinton is the official Dem nominee, but to consider Sanders (or anyone else who holds an elected office) I'd be looking at who will be their replacement - is there a strong, electable progressive to run in their place.

But I'll likely be voting 3rd party anyway unless Clinton dramatically and believably moves way left.


I forgot about those health issues. Hmmmmm.....Bernie could outlive her and become President if she died in her term.....IF he were VP which I have a lot of doubts about her choosing him... I agree, too, Bernie might accept, if offered, WITH CONDITIONS.


Bernie or no Bernie, I will not vote for this woman!


I'm replying here because this is intended for Common Dreams staff to consider.

Images are important, and indeed they can make points from an editorial standpoint of choosing a particular image, and then to publish that image.

If it were say, explained that this is how Clinton likely views Sanders as a potential VP candidate, then that would make sense.

But if the purpose is simply to depict Senator Sanders, this image, the way it was heavily post processed absolutely does not effectively do so.

I suggest CD not publish this image, unless such use has some apparent editorial use according to the overall progressive editorial bent of CD, according to it's proclaimed mission.


It's never been Bernie who makes decisions according to the polls (which necessarily miss his biggest bloc, the unpollable cell-only younger generations).


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Does she still get paid $300K for speeches where she passes out ?

Wall Street will never allow Sanders to be Speaker of the House (second in POTUS succession) OR VP (first in POTUS succession).


Not a chance...Senator Sanders has too much integrity and remember that he saw how she operated while in the Senate. Booker from NJ (African-American vote), Kain from VA (White southern vote), or Castro (Hispanic vote) would be Clinton-like choices...all are moderately progressive and thus would be more readily embraced by the elitist left power brokers. Bernie is a true progressive (Democratic Socialist); has too much integrity; and his power to bring forth change remains as a US Senator or as President (YES!) (the VP job is virtually powerless unless he/she needs to break a Senate vote deadlock.) Clinton may try to tab him to keep him hamstrung and in check. Warren and Franken, like Sanders wield more power as a Senators. I cannot envision Clinton & Sanders or Clinton & Franken as they (Sanders and Franken) are too progressive, truth-telling, and powerful in their own right!

Besides, I do not consider a poll of 833 "registered voters" producing credible or reliable information. It's akin to the FDA accepting research from drug companies using several hundred (under a thousand) subjects in the studies and concluding that the drug being tested is safe for mass distribution.


I don't think this is too far off topic but has anyone seen the video of the NY State Democratic Committee meeting on July 21? Sanders' delegates were ignored when they tried to follow Robers Rules of Order. A young woman delegate was hit by a Clinton delegate twice.

The Clinton camp has nothing but contempt for Bernie supporters.