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Sanders Assures Supporters Nationwide: 'We're Going All the Way to California'


Sanders Assures Supporters Nationwide: 'We're Going All the Way to California'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Confronted on multiple weekend news shows over his campaign strategy going forward, Bernie Sanders assured his supporters in no uncertain terms on Sunday that the race for the Democratic nomination is not yet over and that every voter in upcoming state contests will have a chance to have their voice counted ahead of the party's national convention this summer.


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The question is whether he is going all the way to Washington DC on June 14. That is the last primary, not California, New Jersey, etc on June 7. The DC primary has 46 delegates at stake which is not a negligible number in a close race.


Hillary is permanent war. Trump is not. That's good enough for me.

Bernie or bust!


Both interviews attempted to frame the question as a defeat for Bernie... and that would he would help Hillary but never would Hillary help Bernie. Okay they are mainstream media but notably they never ask that big question of what about the independent voters and whether they should have a say in who gets to be president. The question will be asked to be sure after the nomination race or even after the presidential race is over but right now the fix is in and the mainstream media doesn't want to rock the boat on Hillary.

If the amount of votes from independents were factored in then Bernie would most likely win but sadly Bernie doesn't stress that enough nor cite those polls except indirectly. He is in the dem primary race and independents are not the issue but nevertheless perception is paramount and it behooves Bernie's campaign to stress that in a general election that a large majority of those independent votes would go to him. Also they only barely touched on that Bernie supporters may not vote for Hillary. They hinted at it having been a rigged game but Bernie never goes there for some reason. Sometimes it looks to me that Bernie excuses dirty pool from Hillary too frequently for his own good and avoids throwing the hard punches at her while she doesn't mind throwing them back at him.

The media ought to be concerned at the backlash from Americans. The media can frame the issue as it being angry Bernie supporters but that is a bit of self deception on the part of the media. People are not stupid and they will not forget. When people return to the high cost of health bills and college tuition again after the election they will not forget what they could have had. The difficulty in their being able to vote and all the rest has also left deep seated doubts especially among the young. Characteristically you often hear commentators explaining away the rigged game process with the phrase >>> 'That's the rules!' As if having a rule makes unfairness okay? The young will not forget this election when the times get tough. All this talk of the 1% will not simply wash away or be forgotten. People wanted their democracy and had Hillary won fair and square then they would have accepted that but it hasn't been fair and square.

Toss a coin? Pick a card? Is that a joke? All the other irregularities and voter suppression and then the media blithely skips over it all and says Hillary won so many states? A coin toss win? Subtract those six coin tosses and those pick a card wins and Hillary would be losing big time. But hey, Hillary supposedly won six coin tosses in a row. All of them in fact. How many delegates did that give her? Nobody asks that. Odd that.


Increasingly looks like a very, very close nomination victory for one of these two. Close enough to force cabinet position deals.

And while media personalities ask carefully phrased questions (fed to their earpieces from the director's booth) to characterize Bernie as the weaker choice, I see signs that revolution is beginning, that democracy is awakening. We want the leader of the revolution in the bully pulpit, yes, but even if we don't succeed, our so-called progressive caucus members no longer need play a waiting game. After this campaign, they'd better shout Bernie's memes to the rooftops because that's all the revolution will stand for in 2018 and 2020.


The fascist Koch's preference should scare liberals away from HRC but sadly having a crazy extremist or a monomaniac on the repuglican ticket seems tailor made to push voters toward HRC., the classic lesser of two evils.


Charles Koch is correct, Hillary is better for the Republicans and the big money people than the present Republican candidates. She is not so good for ordinary working people. If the Democratic Party pushes her in as their candidate, I don't think their are enough Democrats who will vote for her to get her elected. They will wind up with another Hubert Humphrey candidate. The Democratic National Convention could also wind up like replay of the 1968 Convention.


I found the following statement…
"Tad Devine, a senior Sanders advisor, told NPR Saturday. "If we think we have to, you know, take a different way or reevaluate, you know, we'll do it then. But right now, we think the best path beyond is the one we laid out months ago."
…published here…
…just short of treasonous.
If it can be confirmed, that he truly said that, he should be fired!


Better question would have been to HRC..."What would it take to bring your supporters over to Sanders?"


The DNC is so terrified of losing power to Sanders that they're willing to do anything to shove Hillary into the White House. If they're successful you can expect a Republican sweep of the House and Senate races in 2018.

The more people are exposed to Hillary the more they hate her. If she's in the White House it could sink the Democratic party for good.


Bravo Bernie! Bravo Sandernistas! We hear issues and common good and the environment and the 99% from Bernie. What he's stood for his entire career/life.

The last load of verbal rubbish I heard from HRC was pandering, evasion, sound-good words saying nothing - "forward, upward, together, jobs", etc - the usual mouthful of empty promise rah, rah BS, absent anything specific or any real issues for the 99% - what HRC has stood for her entire career/life.........


"We're going to take our campaign through California, through the D.C. primary," Sanders continued.

Well, judging from this quote from the article, I guess he does understand that DC is the last to vote.


I for one will no longer choose the lesser of two evils.


Remember that a large portion of Bernie's support is coming from independents.


The question never asked.


The Kochs like Hillary because she is Bi. She can and is happy to go both ways. She can please both the Dems and the Repubs.


If you look at the graph of 'Independent', it will become clear, that it is imperative, that Sanders does not lead us only to Philadelphia, but on through the federal election, even in case he loses the nomination, despite Hillary's legal problems and if necessary establishes a new party, which will suck the life blood right out of the Dem party and in 2020 has an excellent chance to beat the the nominee of the Trump demolished GOP as well as the Dem incumbent, be it Hillary or her running mate, advanced to the Presidency, because Clinton is in jail.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_S9JQIdVUk


But at least she will be barred from holding office. That is what the nation needs. As far as a pardon by Obama is concerned, he may not be able to do that.
He has received numerous emails with confidential information from Clinton's private server. He knew or should have known that by the heading of the emails.
Since Obama did nothing to change that, he may well be found complicit in the email affair.

Watch the video in my post above. Is is assembled by the TV network, which I detest the most, FOX. but in this case they did a very credible job in assembling the material. Probably to help the messed up GOP against Clinton. The video was done in February, when Bernie was still not even close, but will ultimately help Bernie and backfire on the GOP, because Bernie is the stronger candidate against them.


I've never doubted Sen. Sander's commitment to running through, and onto, the convention in July. I have wondered about the " hoodwinkery " since the Iowa caucuses, however. From Nevada, on to the latest farce in New York City, we've seen more than enough evidence that Hillary may not of stayed home and baked cookies. But, that doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't learning how to " cook the books ", and other dubious things she's revealed about her alliances, when Bernie's heat made the kitchen quite a bit warmer than she, and her DLC/DNC handlers, like it. To which I say, " just wait until your real enemies have four months to whittle away on your horrible political instincts; you're going to resemble a wooden folding chair with Trump's rear end on top of it. " This women has no political coattails right now and won't because she's been exposed as a Democratic fraud, and worse. Her husband, at least publicly, looks even worse. Take the Kochs at their word, here. That was a commercial waiting to be run in the general election, by some unknown Super Pac, against Hillary. With 60% negatives it appears the Dems are hell bent on hitching their wagons to a three-legged horse. The 1%ers always benefit from the political status quo. President OhBummer has proven it, time and again, In these last 8 years. After this upcoming election it appears they're going to continue to benefit. Sen. Sanders, and his supporters, still remain the only remedy to disrupt and stop this disaster. And, back to the future is no way to run a country in the 21st Century, anyway.