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Sanders Attacks Gorsuch as Supreme Court Standoff Hurtles Forward


Sanders Attacks Gorsuch as Supreme Court Standoff Hurtles Forward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The standoff over President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, deepened Tuesday with a "vicious take-down" on the Senate floor from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), threats from the top Senate Republican, and salvos from people-powered campaigns around the country.


Sanders only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Gorsuch, but well done.
As for

...Bennet has tarnished his reputation severely in many ways; including among others his support for fracking, pipelines and TPP , GMOs, and opposition to allowing of imported pharmaceuticals .... all coincident with his campaign donors. I expect/hope to see him primaried out; though admittedly his wealth and access to concentrated cash makes for a difficult challenge for anyone with progressive creds. He is the definition of Republican-Lite. And he could give 2 poops about what regular, working class constituents think


With such a low approval rating, the Trump administration should realize there is a good chance they will lose the next election. Do Republicans realize that the nuclear option would greatly benefit the coming Democratic Administration, or are they counting on voter suppression, redistricting, the Electoral College and Big Money to win it?

This is assuming that Democrats don't screw it up again by endorsing DINO candidates.

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What Deirdre? "vicious take-down" by Bernie. Poor words to describe his factual, point by point why Gorsuch would be bad for the American people.

Vicisous is hardly a word I would use to describe how Bernie speaks. I wish more dems would stand like Bernie does.

Very disappointed or I am missing something.


I think your speculation about Republicans are accurate. I also think they don't care about four weeks, let alone four years, from now.
The Apocalyptic forces inside the death cult are planning on more than prayer in 2020, too. Right Wing control of the levers of power; legislative, judicial and the police and security state, will be complete by then. Trump will have enriched his family and friends enough, he won't give a loose crap about the executive branch, either.
The continuing coup will; ta da, continue. Gorsuch is a piece and/or tool to achieve what's been in the works for two decades. He'll pray on his making the right case decisions, then pull the Corporate Jesus lever, every time, as he's been instructed. That's how it was planned, that's how it will work.


Good riddence to the phony 60 vote senate bullshit. Maybe now, after this latest embarrassment to self governance, we can all stop and take a five minute civics course and realize a few things that are making representative government impossible in the USA.
The US senate is the laughing stock of the democratic world. Where else could you find a government body made up of 100 supposedly equal representatives, some elected by millions of voters, while others enjoy the same power having only received a few thousand votes. And on top of that completely un level playing field, they require a 60 vote majority to pass rules, a standard that exists nowhere else in America.
We should not be electing a new king for life to the SCOTUS. We should be eliminating it. There is no less democratic institution in the western world than the SCOTUS. It's a relic from the feudal era that needs evicerated.
And of course the very idea that, in a democracy, the person with the least votes can actually win an election is preposterous.

People used to fear America. Then they laughed at us. Now they do the worst thing of all, they shake their heads and dissmiss us as lunatics.


Pretty accurate. However, many state have 3/5ths majority rules to raise a whole host of taxes, et al. The wealthy have been working on this for awhile, ya know. They're getting very good at it, too.:wink:


The oligarchy won't underestimate the power of the Internet. Its control will be essential to their New World Order.

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No kidding.


You forgot electronic vote fraud - something Jill Stein's aborted recounts may well have finally uncovered.


Deidre was quoting comment in "The Week" - an article in that right-wing Brit rag.......not her words..........


Yet again Sanders stands-out as the "People's President", speaking clearly, with wisdom and experience, countering the extremist pathology of the GOP and trump regime - if only.....................


After reading Bernie's words it is again apparent why the Media did, and does, its best to see that as few people get to hear him as possible, and when he does get to speak, it is usually in the presence of a Hostile Interrogator, and two or three Right Wing Spectrum Voices to hector him at every turn.

Eventually, enough people will realize that its US his detractors are harming.


Total and complete sanity from the man who should be president.


While I very much agree with Sen. Bernie Sanders on Gorsuch, sadly, the
same things can be said of the Democratic Party.

And no voter should think that Sanders is anything but an aberration in the DP.


Thank you --
but can only feel that anyone DP is willing to take on as a candidate will already
have been corrupted.


Democrats are not coming to terms with the many leaving the party.
Both parties are completely corrupt and have been for decades.
There is only one direction both parties are moving - corporate/fascism.


Snowden recommends encryption for security. We will all be looking for a VPN soon.

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And no politician will introduce a bill to get the money and revolving doors out of politics. They won't even mention it although it is how the system is rigged.

Slick used to say, "we won't disarm unilaterally".

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