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Sanders' Bill Takes Aim at Big Pharma, Threatens Executives Who Lied About Dangers of Opioids with Jail Time


Sanders' Bill Takes Aim at Big Pharma, Threatens Executives Who Lied About Dangers of Opioids with Jail Time

Julia Conley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump attempts to place blame for the enduring opioid addiction crisis on immigrants, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced Tuesday that he would introduce legislation to take aim at those who drug policy experts agree are truly behind the epidemic that kills tens of thousands of Americans per year—pharmaceutical companies and executives.


From the article:

“…while some of these companies have made billions each year in profits, not one of them has been held fully accountable for its role in an epidemic that is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year.”

You know who gets “held fully accountable?” The young woman who overstays her student visa; the guy standing next to some “black bloc” provocateur when a brick is thrown; the small business that underreports its cash income, and the kid who jumps a subway turnstile.

Above a certain level, “fully accountable” means, at worst, a public mea culpa, after which it’s business as usual. I’m still waiting to see “fully accountable” apply to Henry Kissinger, Bush 41 & 43, Cheney/Rumsfeld, Nancy Pelosi, ExxonMobil and BP, Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon, the entire tobacco industry, etc., etc. ad nauseam.


Given Sanders’ track record of getting his legislation passed t think it safe to assume that this bill as virtually no chance of becoming law but it does give the issue some publicity which is probably the main point. While the pharmaceutical industry produces many important drugs that play major roles in health care there have been an awful lot of instances of less than honest marketing. The FDA is kept busy trying to reign in these companies where the only thing that seems to matter to the marketing departments is meeting sales targets.


Well, my attitude about Sanders has changed. I was pissed at him supporting Clinton and not fighting hard enough after the stolen primary BUT…the man CONTINUES to do so much for “We the People” that I am taking off my self-donned “asshole hat” and putting on my Bernie hat again. (My contrition)

I have, also, said many times that I would not support him if he ran as a “D” again but I have reconsidered that as well. I want this guy to lead the country or we end up with more corporate-owned assholes!

I expect lots of nay-sayers to this post and that is O.K. I just needed to type these remarks for my own sanity. DUMPF and KILLERY “types” can no longer be “the only choices”!!!


I cheer his efforts. I am addicted to oxycodone and it’s no fun. Been trying to withdraw the drug from my life and it is very hard. It does work on chronic pain but the costs to my soul are beyond value. I’m in a sort of jail, why not them?


I’m with you… there is no better choice … unless Nina Turner runs

i’m afraid the corporate dems will sabotage anybody in the Sanders wing


There is also an unmentioned back door to the corporate packing lines. Fortunate that the IRS records can trace back from the production figures.

Production and packing line electricity bills divided by opioid pills produced tells how many addictive pills have been made, Sales records have the number of pills sold. Any difference between production and sales went out the back door of the factory and onto the streets.

High paid execs that systematically facilitate addiction and death should be locked up for the rest of their miserable lives.


That is the standard talking point against Sanders, but in fact his record is outstanding. He gets progressive things passed as Ammendments.


Ditton, as an addict and alcoholic I would just like to say that YOU CAN STOP! It does take patience, persistence, and the ability to forgive yourself if you fall down. I am sending a cyber hug and LOTS of best wishes to you>>>>>


The culpability of big-pharma execs - industry pushing psych drugs on kids that have been shown to INDUCE violent behaviors, and the links between school and other mass murders/shootings should see those execs prosecuted for those crimes as well as opiod drugs also pushed for profits regardless of the consequences to others!

The increase in “legal” psych drugs pushed on kids to inflate their bottom line has led to many deaths/murders they should be held accountable for and complicit to! The timeline between increased prescribed use of such violence-inducing drugs and school killings has been shown to coincide!


Ditton, been there done that. I have chronic pain also and currently use MSContin (two 60 mg. tabs daily) which really isn’t much better but at one time I had a doctor that was prescribing me four 80 mg. OxyContin per day plus two of the 30 mg. immediate release oxycodone every four hours for breakthrough pain. Yep, I would run out several days each month before refills were due and would get so sick from withdrawal I wished I would die and felt like I was going to. I got off by using buprenorphen but it wasn’t that great at relieving pain so I’m trying to use morphine as kind of a compromise. Anyway, if you can find a doc who will prescribe you buprenorphen (much better than Suboxone bcz Suboxone is a combination on buprenorpen and naloxone…then naloxone made me feel like crap) for awhile until you can get your tolerance down then try something like morphine and keep your dosage as low as possible you will find you you have pain relief and won’t get violently sick if you are forced to stop suddenly. Another route I’m currently trying is ketamine infusions. Supposedly this actually heals the change chronic pain creates in your nervous system. They begin with one infusion per week and do this for six weeks then drop to one infusion every two weeks for twelve weeks after which all you need is a monthly booster. This is the latest treatment for chronic pain, major depression, anxiety, and bipolar. I’m on my sixth infusion and feel better both physically and psychologically than I have for years. Whatever path you choose I wish you the best of luck. Chronic pain is the pits and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Take care my friend!!!


off with their heads!


Even affects billionaires!


One of my neighbors used to be the highest oxycodone user in the state. He’s kicked it completely by switching to medical marijuana; and, he’s very happy he did.

Interestingly, the medical marijuana that works best for pain isn’t necessarily the highest in THC content; so, if it’s available to you, you might want to look around. A lot of medical marijuana patients get it in the form of a butter that they don’t have to smoke. Some even make their own butter. If you search on marijuana butter, you’ll find lots of recipes.


High in CBD is what you want. In oil form, it’s legal in almost every state. Don’t know if it will help Ditton, but it’s worth a try.


You’re just full of surprises, and I mean that in a good way.


The death penalty would be too kind.


Yeah, that’s about 95% of the stuff Lrx posts.


Getting people addicted to your product = importancia número uno in success as a capitalist businessperson…


Isn’t it sad that Sanders is the only candidate decent in that party. Anyway, elections are all rigged before you even vote. http://www.gregpalast.com/ Everyone see the movie Trump stole it came out before the election. google it .

Legalization of marijuana would save taxpayers alot of $$ .

Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning. Similarly, more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to tobacco smoking. By comparison, marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause death by overdose.