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Sanders Bill Would Expand Medicare During Covid-19 Crisis Instead of Costlier Plan to Prop Up Private Insurers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/sanders-bill-would-expand-medicare-during-covid-19-crisis-instead-costlier-plan-prop


Too bad that the best Congress money can buy is owned by those insurance outfits that need propping up.

Being very expensive, COBRA is utilized by a very small percentage of eligible workers when economic conditions are good. An even smaller percentage of the tens of millions of newly unemployed will be able to afford COBRA.


It is becoming increasingly bizarre and disturbing to pause, stand back and actually take account of the instability generated by institutionalized venality. The shallowness of the jockeying and glib smarminess of so many in government who epitomize a bernaysian bastardization of the Janus myth is increasingly disturbing - its NOT something that will EVER become “normalized”. The role as representatives of the people has been sold out and rather than looking to past and future, these two-faced januses also sometimes have four faces - all on their own pivots like a slot machine.

Extrapolating from notions of mythos and pausing to consider the real meaning of the concept of the ‘sacred’, the nature of constant subtle change, when forced into a stasis in order for sick demi-gods to trash the planet so they get their yayas is the light at the end of the tunnel and its a high speed bulldozer.

To paraphrase what Kennedy said, posted here by many on occassion, and IMO needs to be repeated on a daily basis … Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. The latter would end up being boulders on the tracks and sand in the gears. And the beltway is too insensate to even imagine


This is a great idea! What do you think Joe? Joe?..Joe???


Biden, Pelosi Schumer hoyer - the 3rd Way will never go along with it.
Oh, and Mitch,…


Yeah, Bern “would” do it, except he can’t. He can say it, and make up some happy shit about doing it, but he can’t, because…Murica.


Agreed… and by supporting this stupid COBRA payment, they will be funneling more money to those important insurance companies and their CEOs in the 1%. Exactly according to the plan.


Nothing quite says “I’m an FDR Democrat” quite like using a pandemic to increase insurance company profits (COBRA) while leaving most newly unemployed without health care.

Thanks Nancy, I don’t know what we Democrats would do without you! But I sure would like to try.


Good ole Bernie. Continuing to propose solutions that the establishment will simply have to juke left and break right to ignore. What else can be proposed to cause the establishment the inconvenience of rolling their eyes at? Too bad you couldn’t have expended as much energy organizing worker strikes as you have making proposals that will go nowhere. You could have worked outside the system to bring the power of the workers to bear, but you chose instead to work inside the system and be ignored. How are those task forces coming along? Jeezusphukingkryst

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Too bad Bernie couldn’t be bothered to show up for a vote to protect user’s internet web browsing and search history from the prying eyes of the government. The vote failed by one vote.


What happened to the peaceful Bernie revolution? Not me, us. Looks like that has been changed to: NOT US…ME!

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We know what he thinks of it.

Perhaps more like “Not me. Them.”

He’s fully one of them now. He stopped being one of us.

It’s a great sadness for us all. We lost before our fight even started.

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Hopefully senators are docked pay for missed votes. Shaming does nothing.

I am not ringing my own bell, but I said much the same thing in 2016 after Bernie acquiesced and sold out to them. Bernie stopped being one of us in 2016 not 2020.


Yes, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are 2 sides of the same coin. They have FAR too much power to force their ideas on the House and Senate. Nancy’s time is finished. So is Mitch’s.

Bernie’s proposal makes sense and will cover all Americans. It’s not reliant on the health insurance industry. If COBRA is used to pay the astronomical cost of insurance, it won’t cover the deductibles nor the uncovered procedures that the insurance companies don’t cover. It makes no sense as a way to protect people during the Pandemic.

Actually, it makes no sense to have private health insurance that is paid for thru employers. We need a national health insurance that covers everyone. If the wealthy want private insurance, they should buy it separately, but they will still have the Universal healthcare as their base.


Where do you come up with the idea that Bernie is not working for us anymore? What do you think his proposed health coverage during the Pandemic is about? He has other powerful Senators and Representatives backing him on this.

Bernie has never stopped working for and with the people and the Unions. You surely know that working outside the system is a sure way to fail.


Thanks for your perspective, but from my perspective, Bernie has proven that trying to work inside the rotten and corrupt system is the sure way to fail…and that has been proven over and over again ad nauseam.

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Hi Shantianandsa:

But Bernie never said he could do it by himself. What the Progressives are doing is bringing these ideas AGAIN to the public—and if the public doesn’t get it—then what?
We don’t need to do much to get private insurance working. CUT the ridiculous salaries of the CEOs and other top people and we’re half way there!
But then, if we ever really were a democratic republic, ALL citizens would have health care from birth, and visitors and immigrants would be covered too.
I have no idea how this will all end-----but after the great plagues of Europe, there were fewer serfs— and that is when they gained more power. Maybe that will be what happens in the world----------with fewer workers-----workers gain more power-------and with socialism, people realize that there are too many peopel at the top , but who contribute very little, except to their own pockets. : )


I agree with you, but millions of us Bernie acolytes were not given the chance to fight for Bernie after Bernie acquiesced to the Wall Street Walker in 2016 and the Wall Street stooge in 2020.