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Sanders Blasts Cozy Clinton-DNC Scheme for Large-Dollar Donors


Sanders Blasts Cozy Clinton-DNC Scheme for Large-Dollar Donors

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

White House hopeful Bernie Sanders is raising "extremely serious concerns" about how the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign are spending the millions they've raised through the loophole mechanism known as a "joint fundraising committee."


" So, this is distressing, but it's probably to be expected." Jeff Weaver.

More shenanigans from HRC, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. For once I agree with Trump that the fix is in for both parties and I like Trump's nick name for HRC...crooked Hillary!


This charge is a bit hard to understand. The Sanders campaign signed the same agreement with the DNC but never used the agreement to raise money. The best guess seems to be is that Bernie is using this charge to help with his own fundraising efforts. But that's politics.


I'm sure many expected this and more. There is a lawsuit already charging voter roll purges in New York. 126,000. voters purged in Brooklyn. The fix is in for New York. The parties have exposed themselves in their panic and will never be able to un-ring that bell. They must be really afraid.
They parties are dead. They can never be trusted again and our elections will never be the same. Anyone that thought ole Hill would run a legal campaign must be shocked. Bernie's the only one with integrity. Sure couldn't vote for Hillary after watching this spectacle no matter who wins.


Unfortunately just how well known will this story become with the biased media that we have? We here on CD or on other progressive sites will read this as news but for most Americans they won't read this story at all. The truth may be out there but that doesn't mean people will get to read it.


This wicked woman must be prosecuted for all her criminal activities. She is unfit to run for any political office much less our presidency. Seems the rich are very nervous and trying to through everything into HRC campaign to get her elected by hook or by crook. I prey that the American people catch on quickly and send her where she belongs, the PRISON.


I don't trust those military types at all they might be suffering from bipolar disease and change direction on the fly.


What would be making the rich nervous would be the possibility of not having two acceptable to them neoLiberal candidates facing off for the Presidency. The sooner HRC can secure the nomination the sooner the rich can again peacefully enjoy their leisure secure in the knowledge that the unanticipated New Deal style challenge to their system is negated, at least for a few more years.


Shantiananda: a person on another blog resentedt I called Slickery Slickery....but I say:


Try this. Donald Trump Secretary of Infotainment. He could work a deal where, he (donald) would withdraw from the race in exchange for, regardless of who wins the presidency, the Lifetime Appointment Secretary of Infotainment ( or whatever fugginphrase the donald prefers) call him daddy's boy for all I care. The job has a Huge salary and lots of eager women. And of course donald has limited liability ie. none.


You have got to be kidding. Either you don't follow news, or you are willfully blind...everyone knows that Wasserman-Schultz, a good pal of Slickery's, and helped run her failed 2008 campaign, is bending backwards, upside down and inside out to make sure her mentor "wins"...talk about dirty politics...


Lrx: I wonder what the charge is from has-been "actress" Sharon Stone who said Bernie must have used acid. ...This is the level the Hillary Cultists, of which I suspect you may be one as I have seen your blogs before, are willing to go. Shame on you.


Lrx; P.S. if Bernie did not "use the agreement" to raise money = obviously, it is because, as it has turned out, he did not want big money donors....which is ALL that Slickery is interested in.


Thankfully, though, it seems the young people get their news on-line from multiple sources (including independent news) so at least they will know the truth. I think that's why they are so heavily voting for Bernie.


Hillary is like Lance Armstrong. You can just see it comin'.


I agree but I also think young people tend to weigh their options more than do than older generations do. Young folks haven't yet solidified their positions whereas older folks have and spend a lot more of their time trying to prove that the positions they hold are the correct ones. Young folks want to see who is correct while old folks want to prove that they are correct. So when Bernie set out his platform the young folks compared it to Hillary's. Older folks didn't bother to compare because they had already decided and didn't even consider changing their views. The young sensed the difference. Nothing would change with Hillary and we need change more than anything. The free college rang a bell too.

The future belongs to the young but it gets stolen by the old.


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I just got a mailer from "Hillary," under the auspices of the "Hillary Victory Fund." How can anyone seriously claim that something called the "Hillary Victory Fund" is not primarily and directly established for the purpose of gaining a victory for Hillary over Bernie Sanders?! This is in no way a fund for "Democrats" regardless of who they are!

The form letter I got begins, "This race to win the nomination is closer than ever, and we have a real fight on our hands. There are still a lot of votes in many states to be cast, and the Democratic nomination will come down to the wire. And we have a primary opponent who has recently outraged and outspent us, and there is no reason to think he won't again...." It goes on to say, "With your support we can win the Democratic nomination."

Then, laughably, the letter goes on to list all the things "we" can do if Hillary is nominated, including, "We can end secret, unaccountable money in politics that is corrupting our political system and drowning out the voices of individual Americans. As President, I will appoint Supreme Court justices who value the right to vote over the right of billionaires to buy elections. And I'll push for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United." Good God. The hypocrisy is blinding!