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Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Which


Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Which

Jon Queally, staff writer

At a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blasted as large a hole in the newly-released Republican budget as he could muster, declaring it an attack on low- and middle-income Americans, a fiesta of deregulation and subsidies for Wall Street and Big Business, and a plan to further enrich the nation's wealthiest and most powerful while ignoring the perils of climate change and the interwoven crises of inequality, personal debt, and unemployment that is ravaging the health of the economy and destroying the dreams and prosperity of millions.


“At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, the Republicans apparently believe that the richest people in America need to be made even richer,” said Sanders, ranking member of the committe (sic). “It is apparently not good enough that 99 percent of all new income today is going to the top 1 percent. That’s apparently not enough.”

Jesse Jackson made the same remarks during the Reagan administration.



This is worth reading in tandem with Isiah Poole’s column from yesterday - and taking a peek at the Keiser Report for today. Institutionalized racism expands beyond race with criminalization in cross-racial creep. Sound familiar? Consider the modes of “criminalization”- student debt? mortgage fraud? demonizing of Social Security? the list goes on… in a long bulldozing for legislating “criminalization”.

Now - just to expand the scope - add to that the profile of the ‘economic powerhouse’ of Brazil. Very important in this context is to look up Operation Lava Jato. 47 federal representatives are being investigated for fraud, money laundering and a litany of crimes that have been funded through ‘bundling’ a la latifundio hegemony via “privatization”. “National Security” is breast-beating drum being hammered. The fruit of this to favor transnational GMO, chemical, mining, agribusiness with a proposed amendment to the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 (after the popular ousting of the US backed military dictatorship seeking to either massacre or “assimilate” indigenous peoples) - to eliminate the recognition of indigenous lands of these original inhabitants.
Why? Because people are beginning to recognize - especially with the uproar about fracking - that the entire history of the ongoing model of major industry is a colonizing model that needs to be relegated to the dust bin of failed models.
nature as inert “resource” -> Racism -> Classism -> “clash of civilizations” -> …(…) etcetcetc

Co-ops, community, education, keep the PUBLIC in Republic and actively work for inclusion, not exclusion.



When Bernie talks is the hall deserted in this fake democracy? Is anybody even listening to him?

If you’re concerned about budgets, what about the faulty, Gold-Plated F-35’s that we don’t need, Bernie? That your state gouges us on? No fighter airplane is worth 100 million dollars! B-747’s used to be 50 million.

On the eve of environmental collapse and off the hottest year in 1200 years according to tree ring and sediment records, Mr. Sanders needs to make a Green Revolution his top priority. Where’s the call for Solar and Wind Bernie? Build Roads and spew diesel fumes? You’ve got to be kidding me! The hell with roads. This is the future we are supposed to be heading into. Get rid of the wasteful private automobile in favor of efficient mass transport like rail. I think we need somebody fresh, who hasn’t been part of this abortion of a government.

We are not going to get off the couch to vote for another Obama, Bernie.


I wonder too if Bernie was just standing there in the house with nothing but crickets in the shadows for an audience. do these republicans who propose this budget have a conscience? What is their response? Obviously, the dems just don’t figure in anymore. I hope CD follows up with an article on the Rs’ response to this speech. I’m willing to bet that the only response we’d get from these Rs is just reiteration of their line of propoganda without directly addressing any these points that Sanders had brought up. That wouldn’t be a dialog but rather avoiding a discussion while maintaining political posturing.


I doubt that the republicans will respond to Sanders. Why should they?



Indeed, I can’t imagine the Rs wanting to pull their heads out of those oh-so-cozy orifices that they currently have them firmly lodged into. That would be like admitting that there’s a world out there demanding attention. Willful ignorance in order to maintain political posturing is what I call it. Cowards.


One of the best responses I’ve heard.


The microcosm of Congress: James Carville, a Democrat and his wife Mary, a Republican arguing politics from both sides of the aisle and then going to bed together!

Bernie is nothing but a SACRIFICIAL LAMB, for the fake opposition. The best way to control the political opposition is to be in bed with it!


That pretty much makes him nothing but an older version of Obama …


True, except he cannot play the race card.


If anyone is looking for “perfection” in U.S. politics, you are not going to find it. However, despite what some have pointed out as Bernie’s hypocrisy on certain issues, this does not nullify all of the points he made in this presentation.

Too bad most of the U.S. electorate either doesn’t give a damn or is incapable of comprehension.


Agreed. Sanders is one of the better ones, even if he isn’t perfect.

Part of the problem is that the Dems can’t even point out that the military that people “support” when it comes to spending is just an armed branch of the government they think is too big or wasting their taxes.

And kudos for your username, I’m a fellow Morris Berman fan. :smile:


Normally this could destroy the replugant party. The middle and lower class way outnumber the rich 1 percent. Unfortunately there’s a good portion of replubicans voters that vote against there own interest. Partly because of wedge issues and hate. The hate of Gay, blacks, and woman. All the while claiming there Christian values. The news media is either afraid or accomplishes. The deck is stacked. There is only one way to stop this evil…but I’m afraid that we haven’t reach that point yet…but it’s coming. Occupy wallstreet at a massive scale. The replubicans must be dismantled as a viable political party


I have much stronger views about the waste our military and associated functions have become. I’d like to see the DoD and related budgets cut by 75% or more. Most people have no clue about what is really going on and the MIC has attained the same celebrity status in their eyes as many of our other entertainment sectors have.

Thanks for the compliment – let’s hear it for Dr. Berman and those of us who “get it”.


Hmm…is this the same Bernie Sanders who voted last year to cut food stamps for the poor (oh, but he had a good excuse), and just loves to fund the F35 boondoggle and the racist state of Israel? Why yes, I do believe so!

Google hypocrisy and you’ll see a picture of Bernie Sanders. What a sleezeball.


What is new? The class struggle is REAL?


He was strongly against the building of the F-35…google it and learn. Once inevitable to be built, however, he fought to have it based in his state…two different things


I salute any legislator who has the audacity to state the that our current socioeconomic system has dramatically worsened overall conditions in the US. Just since the Reagan admin., the overall quality of life in the US has plunged, from #1 down to #43. This isn’t due to “natural forces,” but to our policies, as seen in the budget priorities of both the Republicans and the Democrats. To my knowledge, the “People’s Budget” is no better, as it also addresses our poverty crisis in terms of trickle-down economics.

I’m less concerned about low-income Americans than I am about no-income Americans. It’s possible that Sen. Sanders isn’t aware of our poverty crisis, and the reality of our “surplus population.” Please think: The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, and ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We’ve created a surplus of job-ready people who have no means of providing for themselves, and we’ve spent years ignoring the increasingly brutal conditions to which they are subjected. This overall agenda has resulted in the steady deterioration of the US, to the degree that we can no longer adequately compete in the modern world market. We’re sinking.


Oh, I get it. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. I’m against all kinds of stuff. But if I can make a buck on it for my constituents, what the hell! Might as well share the war wealth!

The guy is a hypocrite, plain and simple.