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Sanders Blasts Michigan Officials for Denying Undocumented People Clean Water

Sanders Blasts Michigan Officials for Denying Undocumented People Clean Water

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Senator Bernie Sanders blasted the state of Michigan after reports circulated that undocumented immigrants living in Flint, Michigan have been denied clean drinking water. "This is a humanitarian crisis," the presidential candidate declared.

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Corporitists vs humanists, who wins this election?

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Racism and bigotry are far too well represented in today’s politics - in the RepubliCon candidates representation of vast ignorance. Vulture capitalism and global corporate domination too well represented by corrupted DLC Dems past and present, corrupted by big-money and endless for-profit war. It is significant I think that only one candidate, Bernie Sanders, marched with Dr. King and the other great leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, and that displayed a moral compass that has not diminished over time…


I believe they should have both:
Clean Water
The Law: “The removal of an alien who is inadmissible because the individual does not possess valid entry documents or is inadmissible for fraud or misrepresentation of material fact (INA § 235(b)(1)(B)(iii)). The alien may be removed without a hearing before an immigration court.” pg 2, Box 1, right side.

If they are working in the US their employer needs to be arrested and fined:
The LAW: 8 U.S. Code § 1324a - Unlawful employment of aliens
It is Illegal to hire, or to recruit or refer for a fee, for employment in the United States an alien knowing the alien is an unauthorized alien (as defined in subsection (h)(3) of this section) with respect to such employment.

Bernie on Illegal Immigration:
“When you have 36% of Hispanic kids in this country who can’t find jobs and you bring a lot of unskilled workers in the country what do you think happens to that 36% of kids of today who are unemployed? 51% of African-American kids?” he said.

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It is horrendous to witness, that much of our establishment is rotten right down to its putrid core, starting from the Congress and, as we can now see, right down to the municipal level.

Nice looking tower, but the contents are not fit to water fields with, because they would contaminate future food supply. :scream:

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These are human beings - give them clean water – !!

And – exactly right – we need a humanist in the Oval Office –
We’ve had too many murderous “Commanders-in-Chief” occupying the White House.

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The foisting of NAFTA under Clinton intensified the already predatory legacy of robber barons in mining, oil, agribusiness and virtual enslavement of those dispossessed. Virtually forced to move to the manufacturing ‘plantation’ feudalism of the maquiladores, which US companies linked with mile-long trains to enforce the cheapening of life in virtual slave labor, it is no accident that that the land and water become toxic, that cities see a never ending rise in impoverishment and people become profoundly dehumanized.

The equally cynical foisting of the ‘emergency manager’, has been proven to have used the framing of “emergency” to elicit a public response of acceptance in expectation of treatment associated with the term of the caring of men and women who traditionally serve in areas like the ambulance and fire corps. How very mistaken. The ‘emergency manager’ is shaped by ‘disaster capitalism’ and enrichment by debt predation funneling down like a tornado from the financial derivatives insanity.


Does any reader here have the ability to forward this water link to Omar Odette, deacon of a Catholic church ?

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