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Sanders Calls DNC Chair Tom Perez's Endorsement of Cuomo in NY Primary a 'Mistake'


Sanders Calls DNC Chair Tom Perez's Endorsement of Cuomo in NY Primary a 'Mistake'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday criticized Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez over his endorsement of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.


Tom Perez is a mistake for Christ’s sake.

Who listens to Tom Perez?


Would Democrats listen to Sanders more if he called himself a Democrat instead of an independent? I really still can’t understand why he doesn’t call himself a Democrat when for all intents and purposes he is a Democrat. With Perez, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden endorsing Cuomo it seems clear that the Democratic establishment does not want to wind up with Cynthia Nixon as the Democratic candidate in the general election. So far I don’t think Elizabeth Warren has weighed in. Then she didn’t endorse anyone in the Democratic primary for president so maybe she is going to pass on this contest as well.


Bernie thinking the Democrats will ever do the right thing is a mistake.


Sanders does work closely with the Democratic Party but like many people around the country, he finds that party does not always represent his values. This is a basic problem with a two-party system such as the U.S. has always been. People who call themselves progressives or socialists do not feel comfortable with the center-right positions that the Democratic Party so often support, but still they find that of the two major parties, the Democrats come closer to their views.

This is the problem with dividing up the country between two giant parties. Those parties. It forces citizens to choose between two parties, both of which seem unsatisfactory. Incidentally this kind of two-party system is particularly easy for big money to corrupt.

One approach is to try to reform the Democratic Party so that they might offer a better choice of candidates. Another approach is to build a new party and urge people to ignore their worries and just vote for that other new party. This second solution is the approach of the Green Party and not surprisingly it is a solution that finds great favor among Republicans as well.

But what about addressing the real problem and that is the two-party system itself. What if we had several or even many political parties? Is that possible? Can it happen? Actually, I think it can.


Cuomo is the entrenched capitalist choice making it easy to bury the better choice.


The Constitution sets up the government for two major parties. The main reason I believe is that it takes a majority vote in the electoral college to win the presidency and if no candidate gets a majority then the House of Representatives decides on the winner.


Well that’s a hard-hitting comment by Sanders. Exactly why isn’t he out there hitting hard for Nixon instead of waiting. Why isn’t he delineating the obvious contractions between DLC/DNC Cuomo and true progressive Nixon? Why is is still dancing this dance? The answers are obvious.


The Constitution does not even mention political parties and in George Washington’s address on leaving office he urged the country not to form political parties (he called them “factions”). Moreover, the two-party system is fundamentally enforced by the use of plurality voting and the Constitution leaves selection of officials up to the discretion of the various states.


Oh by the way Dianne Feinstein won the California primary by far with a bunch of evidence votes were purged like what happened to you Bernie. Still think the Democratic party can be saved? Still think that they give an iota to what the hell you think or want? You think you can convince them otherwise? Fucking please. I know you are not intentionally sheep dogging but you got to get your glasses checked because the Democratic party is taking you for a ride off the side of a cliff.


Crazy talk. Feinstein is popular in this state—accept it. We have our grievances with her, but she wins and wins a lot. That said, she’ll be facing the state Senate pro tem in the upcoming election, a Democrat. He’ll give her a fight. It’s not over.


No matter what - she was going to ‘win’ the primary - at 43.8 to 11.3 for de Leon who she faces in the general she will be tough to beat but I will be moving my vote for Alison In the primary to de Leon (oh how RCV is n the general and ditch the primary would be easier).

I hope he has a chance if for no other reason than single payer which I want to see move forward in any way possible. I think he is more progressive on most matters.


If Perez endorses a candidate we know we shouldn’t support them. He has identified the bad guy for us—the faux Democrat (like Perez).

Nothing could be more clear than that.


I live in New York, left the unDemocratic party and will never return. I belong to No Party and will check into the Republican candidate for governor. I may vote for him, or I will vote for Nixon if she stays on the ballot on the WF line. The establishment’s endorsement of anyone means they will not get my vote, but wouldn’t vote for Cuomo under any circumstance.


Please consider voting Green as a protest. Each such vote sends the same “none of the above” message to the duopoly parties, but also helps get the Greens closer to permanent ballot access, public matching funds, and a seat on the “debate” stage.


DNC, Perez aren’t making “mistakes” …

They are engaging in policies which protect Elite power over the nation.

Cuomo is obviously an essential part of it – but so too is the entire Democratic Party.

When many of us stopped voting for the Democratic Party the large rock which hid fascism
from the public was overturned.

We are in a battle for our lives and our children’s lives – all Nature and the Planet.

If we can’t recognize the Democratic Party as the enemy, then we are just refusing to see
fascism before our very eyes.


Sanders has been a mayor and a Senator from a state, Vermont, in which he has run against Democrats.

His position as an independent is important, especially as the Democratic Party is such a mess. It would be unprincipled for him to give up his independent voice.


The Constitution says nothing about political parties.

There can be fifty or there can be none.

Originally, president and vice-president were selected independently of parties.

President John Adams was a Federalist and his Vice President Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican.


It’s one thing to eschew the fetid Democratic Party.

But voting for a Republican is a complete betrayal of the US working class and principled values.

Don’t do it.