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Sanders Calls for 50-State Strategy to 'Revitalize American Democracycy'


Sanders Calls for 50-State Strategy to 'Revitalize American Democracycy'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Bemoaning a failing democratic process that leaves too many people left out and un-represented, Bernie Sanders on Thursday said his campaign would continue to bring disenfranchised people into the political process and said the Democratic Party as a whole must forge a 50-state strategy in order to restore civic vibrancy and fuel meaningful outcomes on the key issues people care about in every community nationwide.

"We need to plant the flag of progressive politics in every state in this country." —Bernie Sanders


No disrespect to Bernie, but I'm pretty sure the party reached their conclusion somewhere in the late 80s-early 90s. We lost.


Part of the 50 state strategy should be getting enough signatures in every state to put Bernie's name on the ballot in every state as an independent presidential candidate.


Kind of a strange statement for someone who has been running against Democrats in Vermont for years. If he is so concerned about the Democratic Party why did wait until he was 73 years old to run as a Democrat.


No disrespect to Mr. Sanders either, all that's nice talk, but I'm thinking at this point we're really somewhere between the middle and the end of this particular run for revolution.


Do you think he would have been in any of the national debates running as an independent?
He learned from Jill Stein and Ralph Nader, both were completely shut out of the debates.
The DNC and the RNC have complete control of the debates, they will make sure nobody except a democrat or republican is in the debates.
Jill Stein, even though she was on most of the state ballots running in the Green Party was actually put in handcuffs to keep her away from trying to be included in one of the debates.


1: Sanders isn't Stein (which by and large, no one had heard of) and 2: Sanders had huge primary numbers that Nader didn't. Now, 3: If Sanders has such a following of support, I expect that if someone whispered in the ear of TPTB that the debates simply won't happen unless he's in them then problem solved. Let them draw their own conclusions as to what was inferred.


Effectively too late for Bernie to get on every state ballot as an independent this cycle. The establishment doesn't want third parties to make the ballot, that's why it's so hard. I'm hearing rumors that even the Green Party won't be on the ballot in every state, that only the Libertarians made every state ballot as third party. No, we need to defeat Hillary in order to make them lose control of the party, so the people can take it back. Until the good guys can take over one of the major parties, we won't be able to change the system to be open and fair.


The DNC has cheated you Bernie. You owe Democrats no allegiance. They are too big, too corrupt and must be broken up. Whatever party you go to, if its Greens, Progressive Democrats, Independent, or you name it and we will follow. We will not vote for Hillary. I would rather take my chances with Trump.


I'm extremely glad he ran as a Democrat. As an Independent, no one would be talking about him. The Dem's and the media succeeded in killing his candidacy. My wish now is for him to spend the rest of his political years forming an new party as I don't believe the Democrats can be reformed.


We need a 3rd party, crowd funded by the people only. Start with one issue, get the money out of politics, then everything else will fall into place.


I'm beginning to think the same. A vote for Clinton IS voting Republican.


Any concept of "moving the Democratic Party to the left", however one phrases it is, I'm afraid, a fool's errand. The Dems are part of the apparatus of elite rule. As such, demanding they make a "choice" makes as much sense as demanding that ExxonMobil must decide whether to make money while destroying the environment or become a non-profit. It makes as much sense as a bunch of chickens running into a den of foxes to persuade them to be vegetarians! There is no choice to make, and it's not about ideas. Politics is about the clash of interests, and power. Not ideas.

We must work to make sure Bernie gets every single vote possible. And in the event he is cheated out of the nomination which seems likely, we need a Plan B. More on that at a later time.

P.S. Anybody with doubts about this should go to the National Endowment for Democracy website and scroll down the list of directors. This is a ruling class institution, implementing policies around the world as determined by the interests of American business and the ideology of the neocons. Dems, Repubs and AFLCIO traitors are equally represented, and they get along with no friction whatever. In fact, from the "About" page, they brag about it: "From its beginning, NED has remained steadfastly bipartisan. Created jointly by Republicans and Democrats, NED is governed by a board balanced between both parties and enjoys Congressional support across the political spectrum." Nuff said?


The fifty state strategy needs to be progressive meaning either Berniecrats or Green Party members. We need to get a Green party member or Berniecrat running against all offices in all states. Young folks, middle age folks, folks of color need to pick up and run for office. If we want to re-shape this country and flush the corruption out of it, we need to be standing there fighting against it. It is not a one man show as Bernie has said. It is a movement. That means us. We need to take the next steps.


Sheepdog, sheepdog,

This could only be the banned Jonny James/John Treda. Unlike you, Bernie Sanders cares about America which is why he spent his whole life in poverty sticking up for the little guy. Who am I going to trust? A statesman who finally got our progressive issues into the national spotlight or some bitter paid troll in a boiler room who keeps changing his screen name and using multiple sock puppets?


Boy, do I love this guy. If he could get the Democratic Party to change their spots this drastically, I'd enthusiastically become a card carrying member. There's only one way, though, that this change could happen if he were not at the helm, and that is for the Party and its Mistress of Oligarchy to lose and continue losing till they purge themselves of their fetid habits and adopt his ideas.


We've needed that for decades. Now more than ever!


He just told you and everyone else that his agenda is reforming/saving/expanding the Democratic Party. People need to knock off their Green/Independent fantasies about Sanders. He's been a closet Democrat for decades and now he's out and proud.

The Democratic Party is beyond reform, of course, as many people who have wasted their lives trying in vain to do so will tell you. Basically, this movement Sanders created is headed for that "graveyard of social movements" known as the Democratic Party.

Ever had the feeling you've been cheated?


Yep, I'm not voting for HRC just because Bernie says so. If all that is left for Bernie is bringing in the lost sheep so the good shepherdess HRC can lead them to the slaughter, then it's time to pack it in. If it comes down to HRC or The Donald I have to go with Trump.


Seems to be a lot of people here saying that if Bernie doesn't get the nomination, they will vote for Trump.
As a progressive, I could never vote for someone who says that this country doesn't spent enough money on the military.
My vote will go to someone like Jill Stein who says the same things I believe in. Sure she will not win, but in my lifetime, I have voted for every so called progressive from McGovern in 1972 to Jill Stein last time.
I have never once voted for a winner in the presidential elections, but I always sleep well knowing that I have voted for who I believe in and never the lesser of two evils.
I hope Bernie somehow wins, and if he does decide to run as an independent, I will vote for him, but I will never vote for Clinton or Trump.