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Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report


Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Drug-pushing, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies should be "investigated and prosecuted," declared Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in response to revelations that out-of-state drug wholesalers have been pouring highly-addictive and lethal opioids in to rural West Virginia towns, reaping profits while countless suffer.


This is just the new government initiative to "fix" Social Security and Obamacare.
No benefits need to be paid if you are dead, except for the generous $255 one-time death benefit.


Will this crank up the War on Drugs and Poor People of Color? How about people who are in dire need of opioids for pain, will they be able to get a doctor to prescribe these when he could be investigated by the Feds for doing so?

If people have adequate health care, their need for these drugs diminishes. Big Pharma is filling the demand while profiting from human misery.

A best way to control drug abuse is to end extreme income inequality.

Direct Online Democracy


Bernard Sanders continues to show his quality and commitment (regardless what some of poor judgment have said), while the Dem elite servants of Big-Pharma stay silent and continue their betrayals and diversions.
Obama's ACA (hardly affordable or universal) was negotiated/premeditated to lock-in drug and insurance industry, and corporate health care profits, not to bring universal health care to millions or reduce its obscene costs. Just because "co-pays" and the like are paid thru "insurance", the cost to the public for our capitalist brand of health care continues to smother families and individuals while the parasites gain vast wealth - millions still go begging.
It is said: "judge a nation on how the least among them are treated" - those who pass for leaders of both parties have failed that charge of decency miserably.
The future for justice, and a fair-shake for the 99% wage, interest, and insurance slaves belongs to the Sanders Wing of progressive values and issues - truth, honesty, and justice above all, not profits - fighting for the Common Good, not common greed. With massive support from all people of good conscience, it may yet come to pass!


And we're worried about what Trump will do. When you think about it, many things like drugs, are already corrupt, yet protected.
The EPA approves horribly damaging projects and do little these days to protect anything. The FDA rubber stamps chemicals in our food with no thought to us and we don't get to know where it comes from or if it's GMO.
Education is Common Core/charters. It's all already fucked. Seems like the last thing to go is the illusion of democracy and fake elections.


Greed is the deadliest drug


The US government has had the income tax statistics proving corporatist drug pushers are the main problem for many years — Number of pill making machines multiplied by output per machine.

Corporate drug pushers wear black suits just like politicians. They depreciate the pill machines and the number of hours in operation for maximum tax deductions exactly as the politicians are told to write the tax laws. It's all filed with the tax man.


Wait -- this is happening on the watch of the "old" government, not the "new".


"Drug-pushing, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies should be "investigated and prosecuted," declared Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in response to revelations that out-of-state drug wholesalers have been pouring highly-addictive and lethal opioids into rural West Virginia towns, reaping profits while countless suffer."

Wait -- "Drug-pushing, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies should be 'investigated and prosecuted'"?

Maybe get the results of the investigation before deciding whether there should be a prosecution?


Move along folks, nuthin ta see here folks, move along, just your free market adjusting itself.


China had its opium wars and today Corporate America is inflicting an opioid war against the working class in their own country--how about this for domestic terrorists who consider the working class people as nothing more than land fill? West Virginians need legalized marijuana and we collectively must support them. I have sympathy and some understanding of this and will be using medical pot myself.


Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.


We need to find an antidote to it quickly.


It's manufactured by our conscience and our courage

And I fear it's in short supply.


The DEA is waging a war against opioids without any regard to who is harmed. This article says that "unfettered shipments amount to 433 pain pills for every man, woman, and child in West Virginia", which sounds bad until you realize that that amount is less than a 4 month supply for chronic pain sufferers like me who take 4 pills per day. It's hard to tell from this article, but that amount sounds like it's based on what was shipped to West Virginia over a 6 year period. During a 6 year period, I would normally take 8,640 pills, or 4 pills per day for 6 years. That's not a lot. Some chronic pain sufferers have to take more than that just to function. The DEA is making it increasingly more difficult for us to obtain our prescriptions just because of the significantly smaller population that abuses them. There is no viable alternative at this time. For many, marijuana apparently works better, but it's still an illegal substance in the eyes of the federal government and there is no sign that the federal government is going to legalize it anytime soon. Those who depend on federal assistance to survive could discover that their benefits could be cut if they test positive for marijuana use. Using marijuana in States that have legalized it is still a huge risk for those who depend on federal benefits to exist...

Here's a video that I wish more people would watch:

The Slow Death of Compassion for the Chronically Ill


Several studies have shown that in states where medical marijuana is a legal alternative the rate of prescriptions for opiods plummets. It's safe, non-addictive, and can be extremely inexpensive.


Canada is currently flooded with fentanyl and carfentanyl from China, causing many deaths (many by Canadian standards anyway). Took a couple hundred years, but you could say they got their revenge. http://globalnews.ca/news/3072316/a-province-by-province-look-at-opioid-overdose-stats-including-fentanyl/


It is my understanding that the use of medical marijuana reduces, but does not eliminate, the need for opioid painkillers for most people. There are numerous benefits from reducing opioid use but I think it is not only unrealistic but harmful to see medical marijuana as completely eliminating opioids. What is needed is as many supports as possible for chronic pain patients -- medications, surgeries, physical therapies, psychological and financial supports all have a role to play.


This garbage has been going on since day one, where the hell has Bernie Sanders been??? Voting straight down the line with conservative democrats and conservative republicans that's where. FBS. I am personally sickened by these pretend liberals who act all outraged when this stuff is exposed all the while they knew this stuff was going on and never did anything about it.


Warren, Ellison, and (especially) Sanders all serve the same function:

To give voices to issues that the ruling "elites" will never allow to be changed.

The gullible public are pacified into inaction because feel that they have been heard, that their concerns are taken in account by those "in power"-- and thus will not question the illegitimacy of a system that will never, ever work in their favor. Since they won't question it, they won't ever do the hard (and often dangerous) work of dismantling it, so business continues as usual. (Yes, liberal snowflakes. I'm refering to you.)

These people-- Sanders, et al-- are either stooges, or more likely, knowing gatekeepers of an undemocratic, orligarchic, fascistic, and totalitarian system in which the masses are kept so infernally ignorant that it will take the worst of something like a Trump presidency to maybe wake them from their slumbers.

Which is why I believe that, potentially, the best thing that could have happened was that Trump was elected. If we don't see the hypocracy of this system now and do something fundamental about it (and Sanders' pandering is not what I'm talking about), we never will.