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Sanders Calls for 'Total' Overhaul of Democratic Party as DNC Chair Perez Begins Flush-Out


Sanders Calls for 'Total' Overhaul of Democratic Party as DNC Chair Perez Begins Flush-Out

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Democratic National Committee's newly-installed chair, Tom Perez, has asked for the resignations of all the organization's staffers—a reorganizations Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says is "absolutely" needed.


Yeah, "flush" is entirely appropriate. After foisting the HRC nomination on us through dirty machine crony politics rather than common sense and wisdom supporting Bernie Sanders, the DP/DNC HRC establishment needs to be flushed and a total reform and re-dedication to progressive "left" American issues and candidatesmust be issue number one to (hopefully) regain sane control/progress for our nation in the coming mid-term elections - for our people (99%), a common sustainable environment, and the entire world, before we all descend further into the trump regime's political hell! Flush the DINO Dems and corporate, banker, wall street, war-machine whores!


A complete housecleaning is in order.


Go Bernie. He's tough and determined and full of great ideas, they would do well to listen to him. I fear many of the old blue dogs won't but hell, he'll just primary them. Love this guy.


It will all mean nothing if Perez simply replaces them all with a bunch of the same old corporate Dems.


So lemme see if I understand what this article is saying:

Perez called for all the staffers' resignations. This move was supposedly exactly what Sanders called for. But it is also typical to ask for all the staffers' resignations when there is a transition of the DNC chair. So is this overhaul unusual or not?

What Bernie actually said about an overhaul was that it meant that "instead of becoming dependent and being dependent on big money interests for campaign contributions, it has got to become a grassroots party." This would appear, by every indication, to be absolutely off the table. The Democrats will give themselves a makeover to attract more small donations but they won't take one cent less from big money interests. So what is the overhaul?

Well, they have a transition team. A team that will decide who stays and who goes and how the party will be structured in the future. Wow... that sounds exciting! I wonder who's on that team:


Clearly it appears that the Democrats have enlisted Bernie as a spokesperson, because no actual Democrats have any credibility with the public anymore.


I have a computer program called a: CRAP CLEANER. That is what is needed for the corrupt, fake opposition, called the democratic party!


This "overhaul" had better be for real. or they can just shoot their other foot so that both of them will match. How can we be certain that this overhaul is real and not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors?


The so-called "overhaul" is just window-dressing.

This is to convince the party faithful and not so faithful that they've changed. Don't believe it, not for one moment. Losing everything did nothing to convince democratic leaders and politicians of anything -- no skin off their backs.


The problem I have is that when there is a real house cleaning, it has to happen from the outside. If it was someone Sanders was backing and if that person was progressive, they would be reforming it more from the outside, outside the hacks that have been running the party in recent decades. Instead, the person doing the cleaning is part of that crew, was chosen by that crew, and has said that he will continue to take corporate money and is meeting with big money donors soon. Replacing someone like Ben Nelson with a younger version of Hillary Clinton isn’t the type of change needed and the DNC’s largest donors aren’t going to allow for any real progressive overhaul. I could be wrong though in the end, not likely, so we’ll see.


Yes; hopelessness feel so good!


I'm note sure what your expectations are. Anybody that joins the Democratic party is by nature not an outsider - and like ANY organization all the way down to a bridge club, you have to join the organization and pay your dues both literally and figuratively, before you are going to have any say in anything.

And I really don't understand this way the critical-left's psychological need-driven mythology of Perez as a corporate stooge. He never worked for a corporation, nor was he ever a politician. His entire background has been as a civil servant attorney fighting for civil, labor, and consumer rights at the state and federal level. I guess even Francis Perkins would be considered a corporate stooge by you-all here.


Did someone say Perez is a corporate stooge? His politics are similar to Keith Ellison's. He's a liberal.

But that begs the question of why he was recruited to run against Ellison. It wasn't about politics, but it might have been about unquestioned loyalty. Or maybe it was just a slap in the face to an emboldened left wing of the party.


It's hard to take you seriously. First off, stop with your broad brush bullshit comments. Respond to what I actually said versus what you would prefer to argue against. The fact of the matter is that he was chosen by Obama and backed by the Clinton faction within the Democratic Party when it became obvious the Ellison was going to win. If you want to pretend that there are no implications for such a thing, go ahead, be naive intentionally, but Obama intervened to push Perez to run for the chair of the DNC for a reason. He's aware of the same thing I am, and we now know that Perez too was working to undermine Sanders during the primaries on behalf of the horrible candidate that rotten party chose to run against Trump.

Regarding your comment about being part of the DNC means you aren't an outsider: you should think about the implication if you are in favor of reforming the Democratic Party. People on the left, and working people in general, are already leaving the party and the party is now more unpopular than the freaking Republicans nationally, and Trump himself. That is a wonderful feat, I gotta say. Couple that with the fact that the Democrats are on a decades long decline, are getting killed nationally by a deeply unpopular right wing party with unpopular ideas and have all but announced that they will not radically change course policy wise. The system itself is hated by a good portion of the country and if your argument is true, we shouldn't bother to operate within the Democratic Party, since it and the system seems intent on proving that reform is impossible.

My original point, which you (per usual) ignored in favor of your own straw man, was that reform will not happen by the people that need reforming. He was chosen by the unpopular failures that don't want to change anything, and you're intentionally naive when you argue that doesn't matter. If only you spent a fraction as much time attacking people in charge of the DNC, the Clinton crew, the people with actual power as you did people that post here. Then again, challenging people more powerful than yourself takes guts, which people like yourself lack.



And Sanders supported the "dirty machine crony" HRC - party over principle, every time ... and then there's

Sanders - " ...that is what we need, a rainbow coalition - but it has to be done outside the Dem. Party"
oops the video "is unavailable' - hmm, wonder why .... it used to say "this video does not exist' and before that there was - a video, from which this quote was taken ....


Well, if something like the DP is hopeless, 'tis best to call it as it is ...


Well, golly gee wiz, shucks, you've done it! Identified the real evil in our national politics, Bernie Sanders the enemy of all that is good and just - all Bernie, all the time. How would ordinary people ever know the truth without such laser-like perception you alone provide! Even idiots can't match your perceptions!
With all the evil and corruption in our nation you focus on and warn us of the real evil in Bernard Sanders, that DP shill, liar, and tool for the 1%! Dung-head! Like a 12 year old impressed with their own importance and self-lauded wisdom......


Then you need to just get out of the way and allow real real organizers and real organizations to fix things.


Of course I want to reform the Democratic Party and yes, I would have preferred that Sanders be the candidate in the last election.

The selection of Clinton, was at least arguably, a more winning strategy based on a reading of history - and it almost worked except for the electoral college and a few very close states. I don't know where you live, but a majority of the poeple in those key rust-belt states that Trump won believed that "the liberals and foreigners are destroying America" and had Sanders gotten the nomination, he would have been accused of "being even more liberal than Hillary, and will raise your taxes, and destroy the economy with global warming nonsense - while letting even more Mexicans and terrorists in", and that would have been that. Sanders would have gone the same way as McGovern and Dukakis.