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Sanders Calls on 2020 Candidates to Pledge Opposition to 'Unfair' Trade Deals That Put Corporate Interests Ahead of US Workers

Sanders Calls on 2020 Candidates to Pledge Opposition to 'Unfair' Trade Deals That Put Corporate Interests Ahead of US Workers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders is challenging all of his competitors in the 2020 presidential race—especially Donald Trump—to scrap "unfair trade deals" and pursue policies designed to protect U.S. jobs and ensure living wages for American workers.

That is the one glaring difference between Bernie and Tulsi: Bernie is afraid to disparage the corrupt, Democratic, Party. Even after being screwed at the 2016 convention, by Hillary and after he sold out to her even though in my view, Bernie would have buried Trump in 2016.


‘Mostly this is directed to President Trump’. Ironically, it was President Trump that nixed the secret Obama TPP deal that would be run by a gang of multinational corporations …

Bern, if you want to win back some of Clinton’s deplorables, it will be necessary to actually rub elbows with them and don’t get drunk before noon.

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I’m not too crazy about any call for “all candidates” to take a position. A candidate should put out their policy stances and let the others expound on theirs instead of urging others to say what is popular only to change their stance once in office. How many of these candidates do we really trust to fight for Medicare-4-All versus trying some half-assed ACA type male ruminant scatology? Trade agreements that do not have labor, environmentalists, and small business representatives with seats at the table should be rejected. Trade agreements shouldn’t just provide a living wages and benefits for 'murikans but for all workers within signatory countries. Carbon taxes, based on transport distances, should be included to make “made locally” competitive. Give voice to “mom and pop” businesses that will suffer under the onslaught of global corporations. Companies should only be able to transfer profits within signatory countries not to some haven to avoid taxation. Bernie seems to have forgotten the socialist roots of his youth.

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I am sure the new front runner uncle joe will sign on to that and oh yeah he’s suddenly a total union man… just got the endorsement from the firefighters union in new york.

i can’t stand this shit anymore … there is no way out of this establishment neo liberal clap trap. I have to leave this country in the near future.

In France they are rioting on may day. The us has been so thoroughly eviscerated of any class consciousness nothing is ever going to change. Things will just keep getting worse for the vast majority or working people.

thank you … rant finished

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I’m in. I’ve already told my son that if the Democrats ‘steal’ the nomination from what would most likely be Bernie Sanders, as they did in 2016 (anyone being honest with themselves knows this), and nominate Joe Biden or another centrist and corporatist, then we are getting the Hell out of here. I realize that human beings are a faulty creature, but USians are absolutely some of the faultiest and you are right; I can’t take it anymore.

both parties are fully corporate owned … where should we go? hell canada is allot nicer than the US …if you go visit niagra falls they say to stay on the canadian side.