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Sanders Calls on Democrats to Embrace 8-Point Plan to End Police Brutality, Protect Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/sanders-calls-democrats-embrace-8-point-plan-end-police-brutality-protect


#9 Stop training of US police by Israelis.


Sorry Bernie, while those are all good points and certainly deserve to be considered and implemented for that matter it totally ignores the fundamental bedrock issues facing us. You were correct in your meandering wanderings for the nomination and the programs you advocated but why did you refuse to stand up and call out the DNC, Biden and the entire corrupt process in that attempt. It is the lack of those very programs - Medicare for All, UBI (while not your idea, still much needed in this age of vanishing jobs) free higher education and so forth. Without hope the tinder that are people barely surviving leads to exactly what we are seeing. Police brutality will never end when the middle class is being destroyed by the very lack of these programs. It is impossible for me to respect your ideas when you will not stand up and fight for those. Anything else is simply meaningless.


I agree countryrds. I find it utterly depressing and dispiriting that TPTB and Bernie have forced biden upon us at this point in history. The fact that the dems/DNC/their enablers pulled that off (ushering in biden, batting away Sanders and his supporters like pesky fruit flies) shows their enormous power.

I posted these quotes under the Hedges article and I believe they are worth another appearance below. While I do not believe Bernie is pathological, I believe the system he is shepherding us into supporting— is.

“Pathological liberals will keep denying the inherent violence of the system they voted for – or blame it solely on Trump – until it crushes them too. By the time they understand what’s happening, the march towards fascism may be too advanced to stop”

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from a Birmingham jail:

I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s greatest stumbling block in the strike toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice”

Must add one more quote:

“If you stick a knife in my back 9 inches and pull it out 6 inches, that’s not progress. If you pull it all the way out, that’s not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. They haven’t pulled the knife out; they won’t even admit that it’s there.”

-Malcolm X


If inequality is the root of racism, why is there no UBI to address that on this bill?

Why do politicians avoid talking about inequality and only lament racism?

Whatever happened to the Wealth Tax proposal?

It seems that politicians are afraid they will lose their corporate bribes if they dare to address inequality.

If representative government can only represent the ruling class, it has to go.

Direct democracy by smartphone , secured by encryption and blockchain is the answer.



All the things you mentioned were all taken off the table by GATS during the Clinton Administration. GATS is a treaty. So that makes it an international issue. They traded other countries IOUS for future jobs, in exchange we got more leverage to do things like make drugs more expensive. Millions of poor people in places like Africa and Asia sacrificed their lives during the AIDS epidemic for the current system, so we have to pay those countries elites the jobs they earned during that time, by adopting our system and rejecting sharing or regulating all things forever. . Yes, all this does smell a little funny, but show me where people have a property interest in their current employment, or country, in short, the soon to be former workers in America have no legal leg to stand on. The real looting will begin soon. On a mass scale.

This shows why rich people are rich and poor people poor, we’ve been badly outfoxed for being so trusting and not doing our due dilligence. When things seem too good to be true, they always are.

We need to catch up by cutting all our spending, quadrupling families up in houses, buying foods and cooking together and trying to save money. People in Asia live in rabbit hutches, cage homes they call them. They have learned to be really frugal. They are becoming popular now in San Francisco. One by one by two meters. No privacy, Somehow, we must survive. Tighten our belts another notch. We must help each other live.

The fact is, jobs in once public services are just not profitable areas for today’s investors, and altruism is not how you make a killing on Wall Street. Instead, selling drugs that are cheap to make for six figure sums is.

Buy or die is where its at in America today. Microlending, toll roads, pre-pay meters and cashless cities are the future.

Other countries are being invited in to do those jobs that Americans allegedly dont want anymore. , Their wages are so low that their firms will probably be able to make a lot given how little they pay their teachers, IT people, nurses and doctors, engineers, etc. After training our replacements we’ll be free to go.

The one area that will probably see growth is prison industry, we can expect that to be the area where a lot of Americans end up, one way or another. Healthcare in prison wont be free, because of GATS, but it will probably cost less than market rate because people can be paid a dollar a day. Or even nothing, read the Thirteenth Amendment.


National governments cant unfairly compete with banks, insurers, and other innovative financial services suppliers. It violates treaty rules, thats why. Otherwise, people would just vote to do things and they would.

I especially like the idea of a federal model policing program.

Isn’t it time for a real Department of Peace?

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Well, I guess an 8-point plan is better than a 3-point or a 5-point plan.

It’s definately better than no plan at all or speeches ladened with platitudes and false promises - Biden.

I dont pay too much heed to sanders anymore - his legacy is toast, but I can already hear the reparations crazy train getting louder from the dems.

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Therein is the rub. Ilhan Omar recently stated that she believed Tara Reades version of that sexual assault committed on Ms Reade by Joe Biden yet stated she would still support Biden for President.

If Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi is opposed to the changes Mr Sanders suggest and he continues to support them what is the point of these statements? They are just words.

What happened Minnesota when charges not initially laid against those cops should have made it very clear to Mr Sanders that “asking” for justice to be done is not enough. How is he going to FORCE these changes?



“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has asked the Congressional Black Caucus to lead the process of drafting a legislative response to the protests that have swept the country following the death of George Floyd, House Democrats are sorting through dozens of proposals to address policing issues, including excessive use of force and racial profiling.”

I think Nancy should go back to her two refrigerators and her artisanal ice cream and stop confusing the issue. Yes, most of these publicized victims of police brutality are black, but that is not what the protest is about. It’s not a racial problem, it is a police violence problem. Police are trained to treat civilians like the enemy in a war zone rather than using tactics to deescalate tense situations.

Sanders list does not for far enough, IMO. We need to take away all the military hardware that was already given to police departments across the country. That’s like banning the sale of AR-15’s but there are already millions on the street. I’m also curious why there was nothing about standardizing rules in regard to the use of body cameras, when they need to be turned on, how is the video is archived and for how long, and making sure that videos are available to be reviewed by the public in a timely manner. In addition there need to be penalties attached when these body camera standards are violated.

Finally, take away the less-lethal rubber bullets and the non-lethal Tasers. Less-lethal and non-lethal are still both lethal, so cut out the weasel words. In addition, a Taser is a torture device, giving the officer an opportunity to cause excruciating pain in their victims and sometimes death.


Recall those hundreds of police cars, motorcycles, and flag bearers that march down the city streets when an officer is killed?
Well, Minneapolis should have one of those honoring George Floyd.

Two minutes after I posted this CNN announced that there may be a police escort for George Floyd funeral procession.

If the Minnesota four are convicted I wonder if they will go the same prison as Cohen and Manafort.
If so they won’t be in there very long.

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Here are two more reforms to add. 1) Require that all damages that are paid as a result of police misconduct, as a result of a settlement or adjudication, to be paid from the police department budget and not the general funds. This also includes attorney fees incurred in defending any police employee or asserting any matter on their behalf. The law should also prohibit any government agency from reimbursing any police department for these damages or attorney fees. We’ll see how many police will go along with the game if they may get laid off as the result of another officer’s bad conduct. 2) The Department of Justice should prosecute every single police official that is involved in the killing of an innocent person under the civil rights laws, regardless if the DOJ thinks they can win. If they lose they lose. Every police person will know that if they are involved in a killing they will be prosecuted. End of story. The Obama/Holder duo prosecuted NO police under the civil rights laws. I guess they were looking forward again.


Bernie’s 8-point plan is better than Biden’s contribution to fix our police problem, which is to train police officers to shoot at people’s legs instead of killing them.

The Obama administration took the GWBush era program of sending military equipment to local police departments, and expanded it 2400%. Biden has to take some responsibility for that if he’s going to run on his part in the Obama administration.


Remember way back when people still cared what Bernie said? Then he told us to vote for Hillary and Joe, and ignore rampant corruption controlling the Democratic Party, and revealed himself to be no part of the solution to our governmental problems.

Thanks for helping some of us see the problems, but now you’re just wasting our time in getting pressing things fixed, Bernie.

Now’s the time for a Movement for a People’s Party.


A police escort for George Floyd’s funeral procession??
Over my dead body, if I was a family member, I would bar them from the funeral and wake if it was me.


where was this proposal --oh say-- after Garner–Ferguson-DAPL-Rodney King-Philando Castile and the thousands of others sacrificed on the alter of police brutality for the decades and decades they have been the knee on the necks of our population–when it takes a riot for the politicians to speak up–that is when you KNOW they are corrupted–that they have done so little for the majority of our people in this virus crisis simply illustrates what the main line politicals think about us–simply put---- they could care less if we live or die --as long as their property is safe

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Hi homer,

thank you for your responses.
I just noticed I was remiss in not citing Jonathon K. Cook for this quote:

Pathological liberals will keep denying the inherent violence of the system they voted for – or blame it solely on Trump – until it crushes them too. By the time they understand what’s happening, the march towards fascism may be too advanced to stop

I don’t participate in twitter but I enjoy his twitter feed in addition to his blog/articles:


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MFA would be the cheapest system----it is basic healthcare----what we really need is healthcare centers in every neighborhood------and we could start this today by putting healthcare centers in inner cities and also rural areas----start building a few at a time-----that burnt down police station could be a healthcare center------the idea is to build community and communication. Having REAL healthcare in this country would be transforming. Truman was calling for some kind of national health system------it is long over due-----and not doing REAL healthcare is killing this country.