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Sanders Calls on 'Do-Nothing' Senate to Approve $2,000 Monthly Checks, Cancel Rent, and Expand Medicare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/sanders-calls-do-nothing-senate-approve-2000-monthly-checks-cancel-rent-and-expand


I’m sure that once Mitch McConnell receives that “strongly worded” petition, he’ll hop into action.

Q: “Can you tell me where to find Trumpville?”

A: “It’s the freeway overpass just past McConnelltown.”


The US Senate–every bit as much as the Electoral College–is an anti-democratic anachronism that needs to be abolished. That one man can obstruct the will of a third of a billion citizens is absurd on its face.


And those bastards get six years.
Yet they still spend most of their kissing donor ass.




Thanks for your insight, Fred.


Biden remains the corporate-fascist shill – ready to serve the GOP/Elites –

Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, Perez need to be ousted - along with Koch Bros and their
money – and other large corporations who have taken over the party.

Schumer has steadily worked with McConnell to fill our courts with right wing fascist judges.

Where is Pelosi/DP campaign for MEDICARE4ALL — or the ERA – ???

Where is Pelosi/DP standing by to end ELECTORAL COLLEGE – or for RANKED VOTING – ?

Where is Pelosi/DP doing anything but trying to stop the return to FDR/NEW DEAL?


Normally referred to as a dictatorship.


Interesting. I don’t see Biden, Schumer or Pelosi mentioned anywhere as supporting any of this.


If only he had more of a fighting spirit . . .


Jaded –

"If only he had more of a fighting spirit . . ."

From what I’ve seen, Bernie Sanders has more than enough fighting spirit –

2016 was of course stole from Bernie and his supporters by DP Establishment -
corporate-fascists we have yet to really end their service for Elites –

We don’t really know what happened in 2016 before he was forced to support
Hillary – but he looked bruised – and the story was that he had been threatened
with threats to Jane being beaten.
But there seemed to be a few men visiting his home and pushing their way in –
and then continuing push and threats.

He continued on working for this revolution in the Dem Party - and, sadly, if there is
any lack of a fighting spirit, it has been among those who want revolution but who are
not working for it. Yet, there has been a wonderful response to his leadership in the
many who have volunteered to take back the Senate and hold the House.
Additionally, Bernie Sanders has brought us wonderful liberal candidates like AOC –
and many others and continues to bring them to our attention for our support – and
in new organizations, as well, for our support.

Bernie Sanders continues to be pretty much the only one nagging the MIC and working
to cut their budgets – and insanities." They get 70 cents of every $ we send to Washington.
How much more in secret budgets we don’t know about – ?

We also know that the 2020 primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders –
And that there is strong DP Establishment support for Biden and corporate-fascism.

a heart attack? Did he even have any history of a heart condition?
And why not simply a diet to clear his arteries – Olive oil and fresh raw vegetables will do it – !!
Yet, in the myths and lies of our current system of medicine, he got a stent.

Was it an attempt on his life? We don’t know – but Bernie Sanders continues on working
for liberty and freedom for us all – and he needs the help of us all.

If only Pelosi were as active as Bernie Sanders on the liberal side – !!!


Bernie Sanders is making clear that the OPPORTUNITY to overturn corporate-fascism,
Elite/Patriarchy – and TAKE BACK THE SENATE is NOW –

This opportunity given to us by our BANKRUPT PRESIDENT and his failures which brought
us the first “SHUT DOWN” and now taking us backwards into a new SHUT DOWN –

"The United States—with just 4 percent of the world’s population—accounts for 25% of the world’s coronavirus cases and deaths. And the Republican Senate is doing nothing."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders

Last Thursday, the Senate departed the nation’s capital for a two-week recess without taking any action on Covid-19 relief—even amid dire warnings that [millions of additional workers]could lose their jobs if Congress doesn’t urgently approve aid to state and local governments.

The Senate is not expected to return to session until July 20, just 11 days before the [$600 weekly boost in unemployment benefits]0) is set to expire.


Here we are in the early fighting of Kissingers fast war of using a mutating virus and the senators leave town. They suspend their work because about 34 need to go home and campaign for re-election. Gee, we citizens are important. Imagine that! (sarcasm)

There will be no additional dollars going into unemployment, medical, or food assistance.
The republicans are placing their wins on a severe October surprise.
Maybe choose Mitt Romney as prez candidate to replace and infirm Trumpoid.


There needs to be a law requiring the Senate Majority leader, whether a Dem or a Repub or any other party, to bring ALL legislation passed by the House for a vote on the floor. No one in congress should have this much power.


Almost as if they are happy with the results of this virus – ???


As of last week, DC democrats regarding the C-19 ‘incident’ are not doing anything in messaging, educating, publicizing affordable options, etc.
They are darn lazy, sitting on their hands and think they come out winners in November because they will say they are innocent and it is all Trump and McConnell’s fault.

From the federal budget and treasury debt (bonds issued) perspective, we should not get worried or excited. Any more assistance will be to banks, wall street and big corporations who are probably issuing bonds galore and purchasing stock shares back with the proceeds because Federal Reserve will back their play.

Me, I would have let quite a few fail into bankruptcy. Just like we will have families in dire straights.


A two week recess in the middle of an exploding pandemic with millions of Americans out of work, hmm. Ah, but mcconnell reconvened to appoint an extreme right wing judge recently. Priorities!

It would seem the only crises mcconell is concerned with in the not too distant future is how to fatten the already obese pentagon budget, figuring out new ways to give additional virus relief taxpayer dollars to those who don’t need it, and possibly losing the senate in November. Otherwise, no worries. It’s time for Kentucky to take this poor excuse for a human being out with the trash.

And once again, Bernie shows the mainstream donkeys how it should be done. Biden should be first in line to back his proposal. But then Biden has to be careful about pissing off the Wall Street end of the party. American capitalism is a false promise. ~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM&feature=youtu.be


I only wish Bernie had never agreed to run as a Democrat, rather remaining as a reasonably corrupt-free Independent.

I believe we would have seen a completely different end result in the candidates still in contention.


Why would you Phred?

Standard Election year propaganda and lies ?

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