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Sanders Calls Out 'Deficit Hawks' in Both Parties Who Hand Pentagon $738 Billion But Claim US Can't Afford Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/17/sanders-calls-out-deficit-hawks-both-parties-who-hand-pentagon-738-billion-claim-us


I don’t know what this fuss is all about. The Democrats demanded and got 12 days parental leave for government workers in exchange for the $738 billion in Pentagon pork. Sounds to me like the bipartisanship is working just the way it was designed to work…


While Bernie Sanders works for the people and against corrupt government and military spending, the fake-progressive who worked for the security state and more war (astonishingly given a very premature and undeserved Nobel) and betrayed progressive issues and candidates Obama snipes from the sidelines to continue his betrayals and service to the entrenched DINO sellout “third-way”, “centrist”, neo-liberal wing -the business as usual voices that state “nothing will change” under their tenure.

Obama is as corrupt and smarmy a politician as he always was, just using “progressive” issues to get elected - a mistake we must not allow again!

BERNIE Sanders 2020 for our lives and future! The true People’s President!


That’s a big improvement for Schumer - in the past, he’s fast-tracked McConnell’s judicial confirmations in exchange for only a few extra days of recess for the Senate and his caucus!


The term “bi-partisan” is used to con the rubes, and control elections - it means business as usual and domination by the duopoly …What we need is non-partisanship” - effort for the people and not the two-party sellout con.
Much like the so-called 'debates" taken by fraud and political power from the non-partisan League of Women Voters by a cabal of Dems and Repubs to control the process and make those “debates” a charade controlled by bought-and-paid-for corrupt news organizations and their idiot shallow talking heads.

"It has become clear to us (the League) that the candidates’ organizations (the D’s and R’s) aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance (and truth), spontaneity and honest answers to tough questions, The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public."

The public should (but will not) demand presidential debates be returned to non-partisan League and removed from control by the hyper-partisan and constipated Democratic and Republicon party organizations, that want the current fraud - charade 'debates" to continue making a mockery of the process! Those totally controlled “debates” are an insult to all voters with any shred of independence or wisdom!



The term “bi-partisan” is used by Blue Dog Dems to present a facade of “cooperation” and “uniting the country” while always giving away more than they get; that’s how they intend to achieve their goal of moving the nation steadily rightward to where both parties act as one agent for the corporations and their owners. You rarely hear Republicans use the term, except when demanding it from Democrats…


The relative irrelevance of Obama is kinda stunning.
In this instance, however, he did make a strong case for voting against ByeDone.

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funny thing - even though sanders speaks forcefully to the idea, it’s not remotely original…but, at this moment - in his hands, in relation to a movement - it has an explosive, galvanizing power…


Context people!! Who is the leader of Singapore?? Female by chance!!! This article is a serious overreading of his comments in Singapore and I would argue Obama’s comments might want to be put in better context of his Indonesia background and Climate Catastrophe https://www.wired.com/story/jakarta-is-sinking/

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Yes, the nation is flirting with bankruptcy. Greece came close to bankruptcy and then had vast unemployment. Argentina has been in Hades for several generations. Brazil used to have 1000% inflation year after year in the 1960s. Britain was the world’s leading power and they had deficit-related inflation in the 1920s, so military might doesn’t guarantee a strong currency.

Ever since Korea the U.S. has been waging a series of no-good dirty little wars. Vietnam was an example of nation-building by paying off the local heroin kingpins, which oddly enough doesn’t build much of a nation. Afghanistan was exactly the same idea and it still doesn’t work.


Yep, Obama must’ve been railing about the old white people who keep dominating Indonesian politics.

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Here’s the next topic that Bernie will need to address:


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Or ingratiating himself with Halim Yacob the female president of Singapore

So, we print up a bunch of monopoly money and spread it around, take things like a trillion and a half in tax cuts “and charge it,” or build a controversial wall.
Military or domestic, we (trump) makes the choices and everyone in congress sucks it up?
Plenty of so called money, we just spend it poorly. Some day though, the I.O.U.s will be called due by one or more players, and we will have to live on Baltic Ave. for ever more.

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Denounce all of the “Leave It For The Grandkids To Take Care Of” politicians, of both parties.

They have no place being in charge.

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Or playing up identity politics while conveniently not mentioning how badly black Americans fared under his administration. Yeah, I’m going with that.


That’s a pretty silly conclusion. When our IOUs come due, we just issue more of them…


Go Bernie, go. It is way past time to attack the biggest political sacred cow in this country and it goes far deeper than mere hypocrisy. This is corruption and the wholesale bribery of Congress. It’s proof that the empire is rotting from within. Any student of history can tell you that when an empire begins to spend a disproportianate amount of resources on its military and war, its days are numbered, though at this point, there may be no one left down the road to record this lunacy.


Perhaps it would help if solid alternatives to a war economy were being proposed, not just rail against that overspending.
A large part of our work force is alive and well because of this insidiousness, but are there reasonable alternatives? Just asking for ideas that match military spending for a replacement.
We know what happens when you try to close down a military base in Virginia, an ammo plant in Nebraska or decommission a ship.

Just remember Warren and the other pseudo-progressives who voted for this travesty, including all but a handful of House Democrats (Gabbard being one opponent). “The Squad” held firm on opposing it, but most of the “leadership” of the party went along. The Democrats deserve to have their heads handed to them if they cheat Bernie out of the nomination again, period. That will be the only way we ever get to a party that is truly run by and for real people.

Warren should absolutely not be Bernie’s running mate. Someone like Nina Turner should be. She would definitely put her native Ohio into play in November, which it was not last time.