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Sanders Calls Violent Arrest of Sandra Bland 'Totally Outrageous Police Behavior'


Sanders Calls Violent Arrest of Sandra Bland 'Totally Outrageous Police Behavior'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Just days after being challenged by Black Lives Matter activists to do a better job of addressing police violence against black women in the U.S., presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday released a statement in response to new footage of Sandra Bland's arrest which he called "totally outrageous."

The development, say observers, demonstrates the power of bold action and the potential impact of the growing racial justice movement.


Congratulations to the Black Lives Matter activists for effectively pushing Sanders to address the case of Sandra Bland!!! It makes great sense, of course, for Sanders’ campaign to say this, and it’s the right thing to do. This is a plus for Sanders, and for us all. Just like Tim DeChristopher said, this is the “value of protest.” It doesn’t always work out this way, especially when the costs of change to the powerful are much greater, but I’m very happy to see this.


All Right Bernie! So glad he responded eloquently and justly, after he saw the sickening video of Sandra’s arrest. I agree with TIm DeChristopher: There is the political and legislative side of how racism must be addressed, and there is, equally, the personal harm and unequal treatment that has so humiliated and enraged people of color, for so long. The women who disrupted the candidates’ speeches this week are stating their outrage and pain in a public forum, and it does need to be acknowledge and addressed by anyone who wants to be given credence as a candidate for this office. Her name was Sandra Bland, and she did not deserve the treatment and death that befell her.


Why only Bernie? Why do this to someone with a strong civil rights record like that doesn’t even count? It looks like a set up - a poorly thought out opportunistic photo op to grab the limelight but reckless at what else it would do. Do you protest people who support the police’s position or someone who has stood up for and spoke against all the other incidents and has been a long time …decades long supporter of civil rights?

Bernie’s opponents laughed to see this feeling rightly that they escaped the hit but Bernie took the whole brunt of it even though he didn’t deserve it.

Do you indiscriminately target a supporter of civil rights and make it look like he wasn’t a supporter of civil rights? Is that how it works?

Do Hillary and the Repubs get that free ride like as if they were the ones with Bernie’s excellent civil rights record? The NAACP gives Bernie a 97% positive rating for example.

What a sad commentary and unfortunate addition to this tragic story. But BLM did not serve Ms. Bland or their own cause by weakening the candidacy of a long time supporter of civil rights. They did harm in fact and people see them as extremists and reckless. Harm was done all around. Ms. Bland’s memory deserves better treatment than hurting the most progressive and strongest supporter of civil rights among the candidates.


Thank you, I’m drained, good luck.


Lol they are trying to diminish support for Bernie and nothing else. They don’t even want to vote for Hillary although I have a couple of firebrands on my case who do but at least I can respect their views because they aren’t being sneaky or snide about it. These anti-Bernie trolls have another agenda which has become obvious. The thing is that Hillary and the repubs are even worse.

Weird days ahead… I guess. This may turn out to be as big a ‘crux’ election as was Gore vs. Bush and look what happened there. Batten down the hatches because it looks like anything goes this time around.

Unfortunately our planet hangs in the balance.


America’s entire criminally unjust Criminal Justice System must be reformed, from the top down and the bottom up. It is an outrage and an insult to humanity.

It’s not just cops who routinely escalate to deadly force. It’s judges who act as bureaucrats, imposing penalties dictated by lawmakers bought and paid for by the Prison Industrial Complex. It’s the private prisons themselves. It’s the “broken window” policing mentality that locks up millions of non violent offenders. It’s being required to post bond when you have no money and there are better ways to ensure the arrestee shows up in court. It’s the routine use of torture in our prisons. And it’s the criminally insane War On Drugs.

And above all else it’s our collective eliminationist attitude that says we can solve social problems by punishing offenders, by locking them away, by separating the “others” from ourselves.


A better response. Sanders should send a statement to the protesters thanking them and stating what he intends to do to push police and prison reform.


I agree, and ending the U.S. war machine–which doesn’t just mean voting sometimes against wars but beginning to actually dismantle the machine, the wherewithal to perpetuate wars of domination, and to dismantle the U.S. economy’s reliance on this machine–is also clearly not part of his agenda, which calls into question how far any real restructuring of the U.S. economy he is interested in. But I’m still glad he’s saying something clear and correct here.


It was not “only Sanders” it was O’Malley as well, and the only reason it was not also Clinton is because Clinton was too scared to accept her invitation to Net Roots Nation.


A step in the right direction. Sanders could also go farther by stating that Bland’s killing is but one of many similar cases that point to deep-seated institutionalized racism that must be directly addressed.


I think he has done that. I think now it is time for the people who are directly affected to step up their game and contact Sanders for a sit down discussion of what, beyond talking about it needs to be done.
I have suggested using the FBI to investigate brutality accusations so that Police cannot count on being supported by people they work with. Someone else suggested independent commissions to accomplish the same goal.
Retraining to eliminate the tactics of ‘stop and frisk’ and away from ‘broken windows’ policing.
He took a step in the right direction. A small step which some might call empty rhetoric. It is ok to help him move further along and I hope you will do so.
Please keep in mind that he is busy with the demand of solving 2000 year old religious wars in the middle east too.
Congratulations for getting on the stage, I am glad that it has worked out well. I am also glad that Sanders tuned out to be someone who could look past the necessary rudeness of the tactic, and at the issue.


Perhaps but to every view point there are others: It is perfectly possible and probable that the BLM members who dared to interrupt Nets Roots Bernie and O’Malley did so because of their very “progressiveness” and in Bernie’s case his civil rights record. It’s perfectly possible and probable they KNEW Berine’s record in particular but wondering WHY and WHEN was he going to address racism in all its malevolent forms. If not him, the Wall street former Barry Goldwater Republican Hillary? The collection of racist GOP? Maybe they WANT to vote for Bernie or O’Malley. Many are also pushing him on Israel. Why not?


A quote from this article:“Bernie Sanders should also recognize that his long history of 20th century civil rights activism, which he defensively referenced, actually does not matter if he cannot unequivocally affirm the value of Black lives in the 21st century.”


There are actually two stories here. One is that of the actual arrest. Most grownups would not have challenged the cop, knowing it is not in their own best interests to do so. This was all caught on the dash cam, and it demands scrutiny and justice. The second story is that of Sandra Bland’s death. At this point, we know little beyond the fact that she was found hanged in her cell. There is much speculation about how this happened, but we don’t yet know the facts.

We really aren’t seeing a “racial justice” movement, since those who speak out for today’s black movement do so with blatant bigotry, stereotyping and condemnation of those who aren’t black. White people are judged for the color of their skin, not the content of their character, and are ordered to accept collective responsibility for every crime committed by white people throughout history – while ignoring the extreme brutality of people of every other race. Black bigotry is as ignorant as white bigotry.

Want to consider the notion of “justice”? If so, why not look at ourselves, right now, and what this generation has done to our “surplus population” – those who aren’t of current use to employers/many of the unemployable. We regard them as something less than people – more like pigeons or flies. We stripped them of the fundamental human rights (per the UDHR) of food and shelter. It has been virtual “open season” on our homeless poor (the great majority of whom are white) for years, as they’ve been beaten, even killed, by citizens and police alike. When this happens, there is no heavy media coverage, no liberal outrage, no concern whatsoever. I think both black and white America could learn a few things about the sorry state of American justice by learning about our poverty crisis.


I’m surprised that today’s liberals are so anti-Israel, and so quick to stereotype Jews. Israel is both the historic and modern homeland of the Jews. It is a tiny country, surrounded by vast oil-rich Arab nations, all of which are heavily militarized by China, Russia AND the US. Euro-Americans are traditionally bigoted against Jews, relying on (often bizarre) stereotypes passed down through the generations. That’s just the way it is. Now, it’s necessary to point out that Israel serves as a vital landing base for US troops fighting our periodic oil wars. US oil companies in the Mideast have significantly increased Arab hostilities toward the US. Our middle class demands abundant, affordable oil, and political careers require being able to provide it. This takes us back to Israel being a vital landing base for US troops. And it’s all Israel’s fault. How dare they choose to survive!

Now then, those who fret about the Arab “Palestinians” might want to consider getting active to return US lands to American Indians and, in the southwest, to Mexico.


If you have read any of my many previous posts you will find that:

  1. I am not a liberal. I am a socialist.
  2. I am PRO-Jew AND PRO-Palestinian
  3. I support a one state solution for both peoples.
  4. In the post you refer to I said “Israel” NOT Jews. Plenty Jews do not support the Israeli policies
  5. I am as vocal a critic of the USA where I live for their many crimes starting with those against First Nations- the “PalestinianS” of the US and against black folks.
  6. Have benen a supporter of both First Nations rights and Black People.


DHF simply rides their own hobby-horses, irrespective of what any article, thread or comment are about.


i am active to return US lands to indigenous peoples.


Hey, thanks for so blatantly exposing yourself! Appreciate knowing exactly where you stand!


I agree that it is up to the people to take the next steps in dealing with the issue of police violence, particularly toward people of color, and other issues. It’s up to the movement, not to Sanders. You highlight several good suggestions of place to act.