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Sanders Campaign Argues Green Group Betrayed Own Metrics To Back Clinton



They will regret backing her should she take the White House. Sanders is correct, she is not planet friendly or Eco-friendly. She likes fracking and pipelines. This is another sellout to one they believe is "electable" but she is not one of them, or gives a sh** about them. She owes Big Oil big-time and we all know he they feel about the planet. Sanders needs to draw blood and go after her full out and stop pandering to her. He needs to take back his endorsement of her if he loses the nomination and stand by it.


The LCV has become a Hillary Clinton front group.


Whow... It's really not that bad.


"We are enthusiastically endorsing her because she’s a proven leader,"

Translation: She's establisment material...


Translation: Because HRC has already been selected as the next POTUS, just like Obama and Bush were!


Its SILO TIME!!!! The fact that the transnational investment houses determine much of the dynamics of the oil companies, Hillary Clinton's task would appear to be to keep these in separate silos.

Kings or Pawns The Silo Sessions



WJC>>1988 DNC Nomination Speech>>1992 POTUS Win

BHO>>2004 DNC Keynote Speech*>>2008 POTUS Win

They take us for fools, now don't they...

(*Tea Party participants will substitute "Kenyan Speech".)


Too bad when Bernie wins what will the LVC say? Go Bernie!


Hopefully many current LCV members will now realize that their membership dues are best invested in some other, more genuine, environmental organization. I read an article once about the proliferation of environmental organization in name only, excessively mainstreamized and eager to get in bed with corporate supporters. I guess we all now know that LCV is one of them. I see this as a sort of good development, as it opens our eyes to who (one of) the fakers are.


LCV "will regret backing her" (Clinton) ONLY if their endorsement results in reducing LCV's revenue.

Being a 501 (c)(4) and super PAC, LCV's first priority is its own revenue, In view of the metrics LCV applied in choosing an exceptionally early endorsement of Clinton, they really don't care what she does if and when she gets elected as long as LCV's revenue stream is not negatively impacted.


"Their formula says no inflation" because GOP candidate Gerald Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter both lost elections (in 1976 and 1980 respectively) due in large part to each being blamed for high inflation during their terms.

During the Ronny Raygun Regime bipartisan revision of the formula for formulating the consumer price index (CPI) assured that neither party ever got blamed for high inflation again. Being weighted in favor of things we don't need and weighted against essentials during the past three decades, a CPI that serially understates the rate of inflation has driven wages and earned benefits down in addition to giving the Federal reserve cover to keep interest rates too low, the major driver causing the 2002-2007 housing bubble and 2008 crash.

Notice how when pundits discuss the CPI they often add a "not including the volatile food and energy sectors" qualifier, as if we can eat and heat our houses with the ever cheaper electronic hardware that they heavily weight in the CPI ?


Welcome to the "seem to be" presidency. It was just a few short weeks ago that Clinton would not come out in opposition to the XL pipeline. She waited until after fast track was passed to oppose TTP. She does not support a new Glass-Steagal Act. Her answers on questions regarding Social Security are masterpieces of legerdemain. She is the "seem to be " lady, a conjurer, and flim flam woman. I read somewhere that she already has her "short list" of possible running mates, I'm sure the vetting has begun.

It is not negative to contrast Ms. Clinton's record with what she is seeming to say in this campaign. Bernie must point out that the differences between he and Hillary are real, and make a difference, if he doesn't she will get away with being the "seem to be" candidate, a candidate for all good things, sugar and spice and everything nice.


LCV has a kind of conservative record as far as environmental groups go anyway. Kind of like Clinton. They are not cutting edge. More follower than leader. So not a surprise here. Not sure why they feel the need to endorse so early - the LCV leadership is probably positioning for jobs in a Clinton White House.


First it was the Working Families Party of New York endorsing Cuomo. Then the AFT endorsing Clinton and angering its rank and file members. Now the League of Conservation Voters.

The rot has truly settled in on the American left.


Clinton conditioned her "opposition" to TPP by saying that it no longer met the gold standard that she had expected it to when she was working on it. She gave herself cover to support TPP again if an inconsequential tweak is made that miraculously pushes TPP back over the gold standard line.


Exactly. I see this election cycle as a referendum on the Democratic party and supporters of progressive policy. We will know who the fakers are for sure....


That and "we believe she's going to win"..


And our minions are scouring the DC real estate websites for bargains...


One big reason for Team Hillary getting beaucoup endorsements: the legendary Clinton grudge.

If Hillary does get the nomination and is then elected president groups and people that didn't show proper obeisance will be shut out.