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Sanders Campaign Calls on Biden—and All 2020 Democrats—to Reject Any Help From Shadowy Super PACs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/24/sanders-campaign-calls-biden-and-all-2020-democrats-reject-any-help-shadowy-super

That’s like asking the 1% to share their profits with the homeless; pay a fair share of taxes; make products ONLY in the u.s…

OR…expecting Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” bullshit to stop alcohol and drug addiction!

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Bernie no doubt means right, but is Bernie really that naive?

Bernie is not naive.
I think he’s making a point (and the distinction between him and the others) by poking his finger the ByDone’s eye - and the others. ByDone simply CAN’T make that pledge because he dosen’t have the support for it - and Bernie does!
Politics !


As long as Biden has the super delegates and the black primary voting block supporting him, he has no worries about money.
Besides, Haim Saban will pick up any check ol Joe runs up.

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. . . and 'cause he’s already sold out to the korporate Fat Cats and their wholly-owned subsidiaries — the DNC and MSM.


True and this

No, he’s campaigning and making a point.


Good point.

Biden’s biggest worry is Biden. He peaked the day he announced.

He’s polling among all black voters at roughly 40% (Bernie is at to 20%,BTW). But much of Biden’s lead among black voters is premised on his being the candidate black voters perceive as most likely to beat Trump. In that regard, Biden is slipping. And if he gets trounced in the three early primaries preceding S. Carolina (Iowa, NH, Nev) – and it looks like he will – that perception will slip further.

And let’s face it. He’s a gaffe machine.


Sorry to rain on your parade Pete, but Biden already has most of the SUPER CORRUPT DELEGATES IN HIS HIP POCKET!

The blacks in South Carolina need to wake the fuck up…STAT!
Need Killer Mike, Nina, and some others to trip down there and get their attention!

The day he had his first fund raiser with the 1%
Bernie, Because I still Give A Damn

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Probably True, but I’d bet they are hedging their bets in case totally blow up

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Whenever I’ve read about S. Carolina’s Dimocratic primary I like a good laugh. So, I listen to the song Easy Money, written by Rickie Lee Jones. Lowell George does a great version of it, as well. Try it.
Or, just read through the lyrics. Old Joe is even mentioned.

Did you see this poll in S. Carolina? Biden is tanking, his previous lead cut in half:


Older, churchgoing, fairly conservative black folks.
That’s Byedone’s constituency. But lots of undecideds.

And his support among black voters keeps trending down. Biden is indeed bye-done.

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