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Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner Calls for All Democratic Candidates to Unite Against DNC Over #ClimateDebate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/sanders-campaign-co-chair-nina-turner-calls-all-democratic-candidates-unite-against

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Don’t wait until they find a way to screw Bernie next Summer to have a back-up plan. Help the Green Party get on every ballot and qualify for matching funds now (maybe it would keep the Democrat Party Corp. honest this time).


What the DNC are likely counting on is that most of their base will still be voting blue no matter who come 2020, as long as they appear to be slightly less corrupt than the other corporate war party.
Seems a fairly safe bet if history is any indication.


This is all playing out like a bad movie.
If you want a hint as to how the movie ends may I suggest you look down, towards Brazil. A brutal military junta placed in control of a nation by a small cartel of families that control the nations natural resources and the Courts. Their cities covered in the soot of burning forests, their waters, contaminated with sewage. The unclean masses living like animals, the few wealthy living opulently behind gates guarded by the military.
Does that scenario sound familiar? It should. It’s whats happening here in the USA. And all this playing out in the background of a world climate gone wild.
Take your pick, Mad Max, On The Beach, Soylent Green, WALL-E, The Forbin Project, Rollerball, The Road. We’re about to live out a compilation of all those, and more.


I’ve always loved that “blue no matter who” nonsense. Every time I hear someone blurt out that mindless little ditty I alway pose the same question, what would you do if a Mitt Romney ran for the democratic nomination, and won? What if the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon rose from the grave and won the nod? Would you vote for him? after all, they would be Blue.
Actually, that’s a bit of a trick question. Democrats have already voted for Richard Nixon and Mitt Romney. They just came in the form of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


Yuppers babycakes!
DNC and DCCC INCORPORATED! The foulest stench in town, the states and the nation reeking cross-border to every demos not recognized by the exclusionary state to extract what it is otherwise incompetent to create, develop and produce in any way shape or form.

Sorry for the rant, but these F()(#!$ have TOXIC as their middle name. Their flesh is rotting on the bone and they simply need to be laid to rest. Ideally together with their counterparts across the aisle. CLEAN HOUSE


Banner should read: ‘Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner Calls for All Democrats To Unite Against DNC’.

The DNC plan is not to eliminate debate. It is to constrain Bernie from getting his message out in a prime time event. Eliminate Bernie, eliminate threat to Wall Street Corporate Donors. The masters of the DNC.

As Donny Ducebag on MSNBC said (Paraphrased) ‘I’d vote for Trump before I would vote for someone like Sanders that represents a treat to the corporate establishment’.

The DNC election rigging has started early and will stay late.


I’m with you that we’re facing those challenges, at this time: the tip of the knife at our throat, it’s a matter of semantics whether the big fight has begun or is imminent.

Then there’s the social response to disaster, likely to be disastrous. The challenge facing anyone who still gives a damn in this context is reactionary hopelessness. Bowing our heads and resigning ourselves to what appears, from historical trends, inevitably burgeoning oppression – this is not the path of liberation. There has to be some chance of going another way. To argue otherwise is to serve oppression.

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. There’s a king-tide of ultimate hopelessness washing over many threads, lately – both realistic and reactionary.


Who are the real candidates for change and who are the corporate anti-climate frauds. Let’s see who responds. Love the sign “the future is not a single issue”.


Your basic what’s-going-on here (as in 2016, as ever) from Paul (on the) Street:

The reigning corporate Democrats would rather lose to the right, even to a proto-fascistic white nationalist and eco-exterminist right, than lose to the left, even to a mildly progressive social democratic and environmentalist left within their own party.

Notes on Inauthenticity in a Creeping Fascist Nuthouse


The “vote” of the DNC to reject a climate change debate is predictable arrogance from those who sold us out so many times before. The response from the usual sellouts and craven lap-dogs to this betrayal is also predictable, designed to maintain the status quo and not make waves to threaten business-as-usual or today’s hillary. The current shill for “stay the course” is foot-in-mouth joe biden who will be lucky to make it thru Iowa and any speaking appearance longer than a few minutes time.

“DNC member Symone D. Sanders, a senior advisor to Joe Biden argued during Thursday’s meeting that having a climate-focused debate would put the party in “dangerous territory” (WTF is that?) as she warned that it would open the door to every “faction” of the party wanting their own issue-specific debate.” - well, that is just absolute BS symone! The threats of climate change demands action and is a unique existential threat! The fact is wall st joe is just not up to the task in any way, either morally, intellectually, politically or on the issue -more like ronny raygun in his full-blown dementia years The DNC is tool to big-money and doesn’t give a shite about the “little people” and we must destroy them or make them irrelevant!


This is just like the ‘compromise’ on super delegates. We will reduce the number of SD’s and not allow them to vote on the first ballot at the convention, but only if there is a contested convention. Then they flood the field of candidates to make sure there is a contested convention to force that second vote and bring the supers into play. The D’s give in to the republics all the time, but when it is time to deal with the Progressives inside their own party, it’s all about crushing them till they give up. Well, we now have some D’s with a backbone who are standing up to the D leadership and saying enough already.


Or, how about this? Sanders and Gabbard abandon the sinking ship of the Democratic Party and join the Green party - and make it instantly “viable.”


The Green Party is an irrelevant factor in today’s America. If they wanted to be a force inside this country, they would register as Democrats and bring the Green Party agenda to the American people through primarying the hell out of corporate Dems. In today’s political mix, a third party WILL NOT GAIN POWER AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL. And barely at the state and local level. The Justice Democrats have done more in a single election cycle to break up the corporate/establishment hold on politics than the Green Party has done in its whole existence. I mean my god, Social Democrats are getting elected because they realize the route to power, for better or worse, is through the D Party.

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Okay, you’ve imbibed your fond fantasy for the day. Make sure you’re also getting some fiber, for breakfast.

Yes, I agree, it is a fantasy. (I know that too, I posted it to provoke a tiny bit of thought.) However, that fantasy is just as “viable” as reforming the Democratic Party - this fantasy occupies most of the air on this website…


You naughty polemicist you! (I thought the sentiment rather dreamy for TL.)

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Sauteed cauliflower and bell peppers, with garlic and eggs.

DNC perfidy and betrayals by both bill clinton and barack obama admns. to build any Democratic base or support new voters, workers, or progressives, is coming home to roost - as intended.
The DINO clinton/obama neoliberal wing sabotages progressives, our candidates, and our critical issues to serve status quo profits above all else and the war-police-state machine!

" Demonstrating, yet again, that the Democratic Party has learned none of the lessons of 2016 (except to sabotage more effectively), the DNC appears hellbent on preventing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a staunchly anti-war progressive, from taking her place on the debate stage."

“Rep. Gabbard has done far too well in her [previous debate appearances, and her national support is steadily growing. She’s fought for election integrity, single-payer healthcare, a (specific, credible) Green New Deal, press freedom, a livable minimum wage, an overhaul of our deeply racist criminal justice system, and an end to Washington’s regime-change wars.”

“Like Bernie Sanders in 2016, her candidacy must be sabotaged by our political-media establishment, lest an actual liberal have a chance at the presidency. Because, from the Democratic Party’s perspective, defeating Donald Trump has never been as important as quashing the progressive movement.” http://invitation2artivism.com/

“The Obama years have created a Democratic Party that’s essentially a smoking pile of rubble”
https://theintercept.com/2017/02/09/tom-perez-apologizes-for-telling-the-truth-showing-why-democrats-flaws-urgently-need-attention/ Feb 2017 essay


“Crystallization of a new order of civilization into an uncreative minority of powers that be leads to deterioration and ultimate collapse, despite the efforts of creative saviours”

  • (Arnold Toynbee, “A Study of History”)

Read that a long time ago - never forgot it ~

Nature’s way of renewal - collapse ~

“It’s a hard life, wherever you go” (Emmy Lou Harris)

For a nation of individualists, I find it odd that there is but one comment on Jackie Smith’s Human Rights from the Ground Up

Maybe this - not sure if it is a silver lining - or tragic ?

“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke…” -Vincent Van Gogh

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