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Sanders Campaign Committee Thanks Former Staffers for Letter on 'Incredibly Important' Issue of Sexual Harassment and Campaign Culture


Sanders Campaign Committee Thanks Former Staffers for Letter on 'Incredibly Important' Issue of Sexual Harassment and Campaign Culture

Jon Queally, staff writer

Is it a "bombshell"?

Is it the beginning of a cynical smear campaign by powerful forces opposed to a likely presidential run by Bernie Sanders?


So I take it that this is yet another example of Bernie being out in front again? I don’t think I’ve seen any such thing from others who may or may not run. I’ll start the drum beating early, Go Bernie Go.


Politics and campaigns are a contract and compact among the voters, the volunteers, the campaign staffers and the candidate’s organization. It’s like any business contract between employers and employees of a large entity such as Goldman Sachs, NBC or CBS News, for instance. And, it has to be run as such.
Is Sen. Sanders responsible for field workers in Iowa sexually harassing volunteers who are going door-to-door for him? Not unless he doesn’t stop it when he hears about it.
These Bernie supporters are doing him a big favor, here. Just like in any business arrangement you have to " kill all the snakes " in a transaction in order to move forward under a good faith, and good and honorable, agreement, that’s what is happening here with this semi-private letter.
Sort of like the DNC making sure the next campaign is played out on a perfectly level playing field for all potential. and real candidates.
No one should be able to cover up or sweep under the rug, bad behavior and illegal or unethical actions.


As long as the letter writers refuse to name names and specify incidents, this is the stuff of a smear. It’s not that I don’t believe it, it’s just that anybody can accuse anyone of anything at any time. In the era of social media, such accusations are taken as facts. It’s really best to start with facts and go from there.

I am by no means a Sanders supporter. I have many times said that his political role is to sheepdog progressives and leftists into yet another failed effort to reform the the Dim wing of the capitalist Duopoly. I have also said the the Dems and Bernie are essential to the consensus that maintains a capitalist military that occupies (and destroys) much of the biosphere.

None of that changes the fact that a smear campaign is a smear campaign and until/unless this becomes fact-based, it is very much that.


I absolutely agree! But why do so few progressives fail to see the truth of your excellent post?


In OWS, with a large full spectrum of support, there was a possibility of great systematic change. Thus state security forces under Barry crushed OWS.
Bernie had an opportunity to create a new paradigm with Jill Stein, with a huge chance of winning the presidency. Yet Sanders did not even acknowledge Stein’s gracious offer of the Presidential slot on the Green ticket. Sander’s purpose is to prop up the corporate party by preventing the young thinkers from embracing a third party and a new way. Also known as a judas goat.


I absolutely agree.


Undermining their own candidate was a stupid way to raise an important issue.


Just let it play out. Who looks worse, Sen. Sanders or the people who consistently take $$$ from the Weinsteins of the world and Big Corporate Pigs like Moonves, etc. The list is long and the Donors to the DNC can run, but they can’t hide.
Their wives may go high but it’s still going to be a fight with Corporate lackey pigs in the pockets of The Oiligarchies; like Beto and the Clintonistas who kiss the rings of creeps in $3000 suits.


A smear is intended to be public and to cause negative fall out.

In this case, I am not inclined to think so if, as it said, it wasn’t intended to be made public.


Unfortunately we don’t influence public opinion much.