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Sanders Campaign’s Commitment To Victory Irritates Media, Offends Clinton Campaign


Sanders Campaign’s Commitment To Victory Irritates Media, Offends Clinton Campaign

Kevin Gosztola

Once again, for the umpteenth time in the Democratic presidential primary, there is a dominant narrative in the establishment news media that it is over for Bernie Sanders. News outlets have crunched the numbers, again, and after the loss to Hillary Clinton in New York, conventional wisdom is Sanders cannot win.

"Sanders went from a protest candidate in the Democratic primary to a contender for the nomination. His campaign believed it could win. It still believes it can win."


It should be noted that Clinton didn't win the state of New York; she won in NYC (which reportedly suffered from Arizona-like levels of voter disenfranchisement) Buffalo, and Rochester. The entire rest of the state voted for Bernie.


Keep on running as an independent Bernie!

See (and sign hopefully) the petition here:


The (un)Democratic Primary: Why We Need a New Party of the 99%


Talk about the tail wagging the dog. The voters of the city of New
York alone (The rest of NY state favors Sanders.) should not decide for the
citizens of the whole country, and rob them of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
to accomplish something meaningful for our common future.

And what is at stake in that future? Climatic change is everywhere
evident. Fossil fuel dependency under Hillary will continue, because she took
the producers’ money. Conflict in the Middle East spill over into Europe and
threatens our civil liberties at home. The future under Hillary is more of the
same, because she relies on neo-con money and clout. Panama Papers type of tax
dodging shifts the burden onto the common man. Hillary will not stop that,
because she helped the banks set up the conditions. Student debt burden
deprives us of bright minds and youthful energy. Hillary will not stop that,
because the banks paid her. The list goes on and on.

At heart, the defining issue should not be simply centrist-left versus
progressive, nor female versus male, nor even the checkered history of barely
legal acts, such as private server for classified materials, enabling the illegal
Honduran coup, quid pro quo Clinton Family Trust funds, obscene fees for
speeches to Wall Street, etc.. And decidedly, her selection should not be based
on fear of the lofty heights of worthwhile goals, for we Americans are not
descended from fearful men.

No, at heart it is character, or lack thereof. It is the reason we
hesitate to install Windows 10 , why we walk away from a car deal, why we tune
out a talk show. Our common sense tells us there is hidden danger there, foreboding
a relationship we will live to regret. A Clinton Oval Office is precisely that
risky relationship.


Thank you for appreciating my commentary.

I won't suggest Bernie has much of a chance of winning Maryland, but I will tell you this is what I think Sanders campaign is aiming for next week on April 26. They want to win this percentage of pledged delegates:

Connecticut 56%
Delaware 46%
Maryland 45%
Pennsylvania 58%
Rhode Island 57%

All of those targets seem reasonable except for maybe Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly, that is terrain, especially with the fracking issue, that Sanders should be able to turn into a favorable outcome. But being down double-digits in polls (or single-digits in their internal polls) has to have them working tirelessly to come up with a way to put together a surge. They need a good poll to show Pennsylvania voters it is a much closer contest.


As far as home states go, New York went 58% for Hillary and was significantly contested. In Vermont, Sanders picked up all the pledged delegates.


I can't answer your question, but I feel the same frustration. Clinton embodies what is wrong with our country in so many ways. The talking out of both sides of her mouth, the support for dictatorships around the world that perpetuate the inequality and injustice in the world, are the major themes, or skills of her resume. I have said it before. Anyone one that wants to be president as badly as Clinton, should not be!


The establishment is furious that Bernie is pulling back the curtain.


Hillary Clinton treats it as a project of her life. She has been running for U.S. president since she was enrolled in a university in her early twenties. Especially after meeting Bill, most everything she has done was calculated to help position her for this moment. In 2008, she failed. She spent the last eight years positioning herself for the presidency again.

There is a clear sense of entitlement. It's "My Turn" vs. "Feel The Bern." Some Democrats get that issues should matter more than giving someone the White House because they say it's their time. Unfortunately, some of the most loyal parts of the Democratic base still have a great affinity for her.


No idea how this one goes, but my poli sci colleagues that are Americanists will be studying the Sanders campaign for years to come. It's been nothing short of brilliant. Obviously Clinton being one of the least attractive primary candidates of the modern era helped, but still...


Bernie has had so may obstacles thrown at him from the DNC/Clinton machine it's a wonder he has made it this far. The nerve of them (media) coming out like he is dead in the water and only Hillary can beat Trump. They actually said that even though the polls say he's stronger against Trump. He will be able to attract Republican voters that don't like Trump but they hate Hillary. Not to mention this Democratic party-Wasserman-Shultz thinks if they can get Bernie out all his supporters will vote for Hillary. NOT
They are so arrogant and so blind to what the people want they don't get that we will not blindly follow along with their plans to coronate her. She has so much blood on her hands there is no way I could vote for her.
Bernie needs to stay in the race to the convention and if he can attract superdelegates there it's within his rights and the law.


You nailed it. I will vote for Hillary if she is the nomanee only if she releases the speeches unedited and they are pleas for the people not the banks. We need to bring back what Bernie and the Pope call moral politics.


This is a racist and narrow-minded comment.

In this article, Mr. Gosztola goes into great detail about how the influential mass media does a virtual HIT job on Sanders.

It's not due to Black voters that Sanders didn't win a few states.

As has been explained, the Southern States never vote Democratic anyway, so those wins for Mrs. Clinton are immaterial.

New York was problematic mostly due to inhibiting Independents from voting, and wiping out over 125,000 eligible voters from the rolls.

Add in the media's mass minded messaging that Sanders should toss in the towel; that he CAN'T win... and the power to manufacture consent for the presumptive Democratic candidate gains support.

Blaming Black citizens is a LOW ball.


Thank you I signed. I've been looking for a way to say exactly that. We need him to change the party rules and allow for a real Democracy, which is not just two parties.


The also said she won like 60% of Wall Street people. No surprises there.


Great article. Thank you.


copying my post from another thread, this article discusses the exit polls in NY that appear to have been fudged to match the final vote.


Wicklund's statement might have been wrong, but I'm not so sure it was racist (even though reading it made me cringe a bit just b/c clearly it could easily be interpreted that way). I'm sure Wicklund will weigh in and defend himself. I find his comments measured and heartfelt. Unfortunately, the southern states, while certainly immaterial in the general election, are not so in the primary. They garnered her quite a few delegates.


If Clinton truly had the election wrapped up would she give a shit if Bernie kept running? Of course not. She could simply ignore him and prepare for the general election. It's b/c he does have a chance at an upset that her campaign and the media would like us all to shut up and vote for who we are supposed to be voting for.


If somehow the polls in July, show that HRC would lose to Trump and Bernie would bury Trump, then Bernie it seems to me, would have a good chance with some of the super delegates switching to him; however, some of the super delegates are so corrupt they would rather lose to Trump than back Bernie!