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Sanders Campaign Strikes Back at 'Mudslinger' for Attack on New Ad


Sanders Campaign Strikes Back at 'Mudslinger' for Attack on New Ad

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A spokesperson for the Bernie Sanders campaign on Thursday struck back at a political operative who founded a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton and who suggested "black lives don't matter much" to the Vermont senator, saying the former secretary of state "should be ashamed of her association with" him.


Looks to me like HRC is in a mudslinging, panic mode. And folks, I do not think Bernie has seen anything yet!


Political whore hires political whore. Same old same old.


....and self-destruction mode, once again.


This beak-nosed prick, Brock, is proof positive of the Clintons' incestuous relationship with the right-wing.

They're one and the same.

How Hillary supporters can be blinded and dazzled by her money, her thirst for power, and her right-wing "ethics" is the big question.


I think the Clinton camp knew a long time ago that Sanders would have a solid civil rights record that would be hard to overcome. So they attempted to counter it by smearing Bernie earlier on in the campaign by that sneak attack on Bernie by those two women who claimed that they were from Black Lives Matter. Those two women were from their own group and obviously we're unconcerned about someone who has fought for civil right for decades. Why was that? Later the two women had a private meeting with Clinton instead of disrupting her in front of the cameras when she was speaking in public. Was that the set up that it looked like? It sure was a dirty trick which benefited Clinton. Bernie has a civil rights record but where is Clinton's? That question is never asked nor commented on. What is Clinton's civil rights record? That is why it was a set up. She never had one. Moreover, why is it that reporters still keep talking as if Bernie has a civil rights image problem? It is a rigged game!


Yeah, above all things, you can expect Hilliary rotten Clinton to play dirty! That is the reason why even though I would hope to be wrong!, I give Bernie little chance of getting the Democratic nomination for POTUS.


Issues aside, the Hillary Clinton campaign is profoundly incompetent. The only explanation for David Brock and the words that escape his lips is that he's a Sanders' plant. And Bill? He campaigns in New Hampshire; Bernie goes up 10 points. He campaigns in Iowa; Bernie goes up 15 points. Now he's been dispatched to Nevada; awaiting polls. What are they after with him? The white male serial philanderer vote?

Yesterday, while Bernie releases an evocative video with scenes from the heart of the heart of the country, Hillary releases one that looks like the dark vision of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. He ropes in Simon and Garfunkel; she brings in a Hollywood siren wearing a tight sweater skirt. This is Iowa, you know, jello with those little carrot pieces.

The extent to which the Clinton campaign is oblivious to the pulse of mid-america America is stunning and entirely unexpected given all the 'ground game' hoopla the media was spouting off about.


Only in Washington, D.C. can someone with the background of David Brock undergo a metamorphosis on such a grand scale and be taken seriously. It's the equivalent of Bill McKibben campaigning for Sen. James Inhofe. Actually, I thought more of David Brock when he was just a large bug. At least then he hung out in the dark, or under a rock, and ate crap. Now it seems the Clinton's want him dishing it out.


Without a doubt and HRC will NEVER assume responsibility for any of the mudslinging that is coming. She will leave the approval to WJC or even the daughter. And we all know that ads funded by SuperPacs are particularly vile. As for the likes of David Brock...this rat follows the cheese with no particular allegiance to the provider. I saw the interview that the photo was excerpted from and Brock's supercilious, condescending and imperious demeanor was obnoxious. He went to the Karl Rove and Grover Norquist School of Interviews, which is apparently required for all Repugnicants in: Congress; state houses and senates; as governors; constructionist members of SCOTUS (Scalia, Roberts, i.e.); and occupiers of Cabinet seats (Arne Duncan, late Secy of Education and Ashton B (for Bombs Away) Carter - Secy of Defense come to mind along with several others).


I laughed out loud when I read your comment. "The white male serial philanderer vote" was particularly funny. Also liked the "jello with those little carrot pieces." Still laughing. Thank you and GO BERNIE, GO!


How can it be missed? A photographic re-run of 2008 with Bernie Sanders in the role of Barack Obama. How far will Clinton apologists go this time before they're quieted? I guess not before the Dems have their nominee. I'm getting ready to tune out because the ugliness depresses the hell outa me.


Interesting theory about the BLM women. Hadn't occurred to me, but it doesn't sound out of the question at this stage (which the Clintons would have been anticipating). How, I'd like to know, does Hillary get a pass from so much of the African American community? What's that based on? The myth of Bill as the First Black President? How much great stuff did he do for African Americans during his term? I mean other than blasting a huge hole in social welfare as we knew it?


Did you also give Obama a small chance of getting the nomination in 2008? I'll go with my own intuition about things, thanks. :slightly_smiling:


Exactly. Clinton's advisors would have tried to preempt Sanders with the black community because they sensed her weakness and the black vote is an important part of the dem electorate. That episode neatly ambushed Sanders rising media presence. Too necessary and too convenient to be a coincidence. It looks like a typical dirty tricks set up considering how those women had a private no press 'sit down' with Clinton. Pretty cynical manipulatiion if you ask me.


In regards to BLM and Mr. Coates: go tell your troubles and demand reparations from Gov. Synder in Michigan or that sick bunch of Republicans in N. Carolina. Really, dudes? Stand in line and " Water Boy " Synder will get you a bunch because you'll be there through the hot Michigan summer. The voting lines will be long in the fall in N. Carolina, too. Bring plenty of water with you there, as well. Remember Pres. Obama carried both of these states in 2008. Do you think he would have if you'd demanded he state his position on being " radical " enough to demand reparations. Get real! Or, try your luck with Mr, Trump!


This speaks volumes on how Hillary views the average person's intelligence, or lack there of.



Hillary has to win things like primaries and caucuses first.

You read like you're counting Hillary wins a bit too early. It's what Camp H. did thru the fall of 2015.


You also have to factor in that the episode created a focal point for the media to latch on to. The whole thing appeared to be a feed to the media to counter Sanders rapid rise in popularity. In effect it gave the media a negative hook to run with and they are still running with it.


I understand your concern about Bernie's chances, and you have every right to voice it...but can't we refrain from repeating statements such as that like a mantra? I know this was not your intention, but every time doubt such as that is expressed, it continues to spread doubt which could have an impact on people who are still on the fence. Maybe I'm crazy, but I truly believe that it is up to US to INFORM Sanders' vision for this country and it is up to US to get him elected. If we want change we must demand it as a unified people.