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Sanders Campaign Touts Fundraising Record Following NH Win


Sanders Campaign Touts Fundraising Record Following NH Win

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Bernie Sanders campaign has said it has broken its own fundraising record by bringing in more than $5 million just since the Vermont senator's landslide win over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

According to a statement posted Wednesday by the campaign,


I just googled "Bernie Sanders cartoons" over the past 24 hours. I discovered that the concept of Sanders being a serious candidate for the presidency almost doesn't exist among newspaper cartoonists in the U.S. They're all about Hillary.

Try it! Maybe it will bring in more donations.


I just received an email from the Sanders campaign. They are now closing in on $7 million!


Well let me tell you something: $5.2 million dollars is a weeks walking around money for the likes of the Hillary and JEB! campaigns. In the New Hampshire and Iowa contests, where retail politics count, people were able to "feel the Bern". By super Tuesday it will be the large advertising budgets, compliant secretaries of state (Remember Kathryn Harris in FL in the '80 election?!!), and those trusty Diebold adjustable voting machines (like in Ohio and other states where they were/are used to great effect) that will bring in the vote for JEB! and Witch Hillary.


The thing is, the establishment will not let Sanders win. Despite the fact that Sanders crushed her in NH, they got the same amount of delegates thanks to the superdelagate votes.


Good for Bernie, but how come no one mentions that even though Bernie trounced HRC by some 20 points in N.H. HRC got more delegates?


In 2008, some superdelegates who had pledged to Clinton, voted for Obama at the convention.

If there's a tidal wave of popular support for Sanders, and a concerted campaign directed at the superdelegates, their current pledges may not hold.


It has been mentioned, but it doesn't seem like very many Bernie supporters are worried about it.


Please reach out to your local Bernie network to start public letter campaigns to turn your local super-delegates. Also, pertaining to this article, remember to tell others in your social network that you donated (to any cause). As a fundraiser, I know this helps your issues!


Raising that amount in small contributions in that amount of time is one mean feat! I tried for hours Tuesday night to donate--it became a sort of game. Would my contribution get through before determined donors crashed Bernie's website?

All I can say is kudos to Bernie's tech team for handling all that traffic and avoiding a crash and burn (excuse the pun). The site remained up and working through the bombardment, and I was able to donate easily the following morning.


Thank you for your reply. Too me, that is the elephant in the room.


I realize that, but this isn't 2008 and Sanders isn't Obama.