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Sanders Campaign Unveils 'Gold-Standard' Blueprint for Combating Sexual Harassment and Discrimination on 2020 Campaign

Sanders Campaign Unveils 'Gold-Standard' Blueprint for Combating Sexual Harassment and Discrimination on 2020 Campaign

Julia Conley, staff writer

Four months after meeting with former staffers to discuss their negative experiences while working on his 2016 presidential campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled new guidelines that his 2020 team will follow to combat inequality, discrimination, and sexual harassment.


Well, Bernie sealed his fate for sure now. Who is going to cover a candidate on corporate media who has scruples and is fair and honest AND wants to work for “We the People”? Sorry Bern…


The shock will be too much for them

GREAT! Maybe they will all croak and some progressives will take over the news!
(Guess I had one toke too many)

Maybe they will all croak

…did you turn them into frogs?

Feel the Bern

Only in my mind, Brother Phred, only in my mind…

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Bernie always raises the bar… Except for AG Barr. Nobody can pick that fat blob up.

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“In an effort to ensure an atmosphere marked by “safety, inclusion, and equity,” the document says that all staffers will be required to attend training meant to eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination from the campaign and that the team will be provided with an independent hotline number to call if they experience or witness misconduct.”

Sounds like every other corporate “anti harassment” policy out there meant to keep greedy lawyers away.

What should he have done?


It’s perfectly fine. But there’s nothing “gold standard” about it. Every corporate minion goes thru the same thing when they get hired. Just common sense stuff but in today’s world common sense seems to be lacking big time.

That being said, apparently the policy would have helped Bernie’s 2016 campaign stay out of trouble.

The politically correct Democrats will lose again to,the rapist in chief. Here we have Bill Clinton, smeared as a rapist and molester by the "vast right-wing conspiracy (which actually did exist and still does) but after 4 years and $70 million dollars Ken Starr’s investigation turned up only a consensual affair with Monica Lewinski. And in the White House a monster caught on microphone bragging about assaulting women under his power, who actually paid hush money to porn stars with whom he had sex. Jesus effing Christ.

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Out of what trouble? Were you suckered by the media meme that “some say” is a real person.

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It’s the media’s own double-standard. You are aware that the corporate media is wholly owned of, by and for the rich - not the rich or the educated. The media is their hammer and you are just a nail.

The ping pong scandal game in the media between Clinton and the right was designed to make the Clintons appear the “left” in opposition to the “right”. And the scan worked for about 40 years. Then along came Bernie Sanders …

The Biden campaign released their version. It reads, in full:

Watch grabby Uncle Joe like a hawk when he’s around females.

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I think the Clintons were targeted for extinction after Bill Clinton organized a large tax increase on the richest people in America in 1993, up to 39% on their dividends and capital gains. Al Franken wrote about the banker Richard Mellon Scaife initiating the orchestrated media destruction (character assassination) of the Clntons in his book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them”. The corporate media, and the mostly white Jewish men who own almost all of it, are interested in making money and promoting Zionism. Clinton ran afoul of that group when he raised their taxes.

The fact this (Biden’s “grabby” proclivity) is an issue to you and not the fact that Biden , a wholly owned subsidiary of the bankers, made it harder for working class Americans to declare bankruptcy shows how well the right wing propaganda machine is working.

Good to see a campaign that recognizes a problem and works procatively to fix it.

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If I were making the sexual harassment speech I would say: “Take a moment to make eye contact with others here. This is about respect. Men, I want you to respect your fellow workers as if they were your moms, dads, brothers and sisters. Ladies the same. They will become your friends if they aren’t already. We are setting a standard of “Zero Tolerance”.
If that is unacceptable to you please don’t show up at our next meeting.”

…it’s the “Gold Standard for the 2020 Campaign”. Any of the others doing it yet?

Did you miss the part where this article and comment thread was about sexual harassment, Ed?