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Sanders' Climate Revolution Would Cut 80% of Emissions by 2050



Go Bernie.


Have always liked and respected Sen. Bernie Sanders --
I won't be voting for him, however, because the party whose banner he is running under is completely corrupted by corporate money.
AND, he says he will support Hillary if she gets the nomination.

What we need to do immediately is to stop burning all fossil fuels --
that means electric cars -- California had excellent electric cars by 2000 which manufacturers CRUSHED by the thousands when the leases were up -- despite that the owners wanted to buy them and there was a long list of potential buyers lined up to purchase newly manufactured electric cars.

See: "Who Killed The Electric Car?" movie at your local library.

We also need to end the ENRON idea of a grid which enriches private individuals who control our natural resources and return to State and local community control over energy.

As most of us realize -- 2050 -- given the imminent danger we face from rising water levels isn't going to do much for us.

We need much more.

PS: -- Why are we not seeing any articles on Green Party or Jill Stein?
No one here is interested?


Ask yourself whether there is anyone else who would do what we need to avert a terrible future except Sanders? He does what he says and when it comes to climate change you know that no one else will. These.are tough choices and very much needed ones and you know that only Bernie will make them.

Will we take this last chance to avoid the worst of climate change when it is offered us? Can people on the left ever actually win an election?

Can we just this once support our guy to win instead of handing the election to the right and oligarchy money by default?

When the real chance to win appears here at the eleventh hour before the worst of climate change happens will we grasp that chance or throw it away?

One time...can the left win an election instead of not voting?


Please vote! It is obvious that anyone on the Democratic side is far better than anyone on the GOP side... I'm a HUGE Bernie supporter for many reasons, but if he does not beat Hillary we cannot afford to sulk and stay home... this change we all want may take longer than we like and we have to keep moving forward.... for me, if Bernie does not win the primary it becomes a 'one issue' election...THE SUPREME COURT... we cannot afford to have a Republi-can't picking, perhaps, three more Supreme Court Justices...it's as simple as that.


OK so you are throwing your vote away ensuring a Hillary canonization. I live in the real world. No one is perfect. Bernie Sanders 2016. He is almost perfect... As good as it gets.


I have only one comment. Bernie Sanders 2016.


Bernie means that even though he will not be here in 2050 he is concerned about the young people and future generations and I applaud that altruistic attitude by Bernie. But even though Bernie is sincere, I would argue he has absolutely no chance at being nominated to implement his climate revolution. And the fact that Bernie says he will support the Wall Street walker, means he is well aware of this and that statement completely impugns Bernie's political integrity.


What utter bull crap!!!!! Bernie Sanders has integrity and he is going to win the primary vote. Your negativity is an excuse to do nothing. I am voting and giving money to Bernie Sanders.


The largest consumer of fossil fuels by far is the US military, running wild across the globe unchecked since 2001. Sanders has loyally voted in favor of 99% of military spending measures and has stalwartly championed the petroleum guzzling, non-flying, F-35 jet, which is on its way to becoming the first trillion dollar weapon.

For Sanders to now talk about cutting greenhouse emissions is like hearing a gambling addict phoning from the casino advising me to stop wasting money on a daily lottery ticket.

Sanders is the Obama of 2016. The Milli-Vanilli of socialism. The New Coke of the 21st century.

But hey, it's fun to believe in magic.


GOP and Dems get paid by the same people. They run a Mutt & Jeff cop routine on us. GOP is the bad cop, acting like a dangerous lunatic. Dems are the 'good cop,' pretending to me merciful. With the cops, you are so afraid of the 'bad cop,' you sign a false confession to plea bargain for a shorter jail sentence because you fear something worse. Just like with the cops, the political Mutt & Jeff is designed to get you to accept an inherently bad deal.

You don't have to vote for either. You don't have to vote for anyone. It's a freaking scam, and TPTB is going to do what they want anyway, and it's going to bad. But at least you don't have to play along with their whole meta-scale psycho-drama.


Meanwhile for all your cynicism despite Bernie's long progressive record the only thing you come up with is a guaranteed failure. As if you'd win something by not voting or by voting for a token candidate?

You ignore all the good and offer no hope and no chance for better.

Bernie is not our hawkish former Sec of State or the oligarchic billionaire Trump but you don't care because you embrace giving up and losing everything. What gets me is that you want to share your love of defeat. Kinky!!!


Like your post wereflea --
given your concern for the planet --

IF Bernie had run as an independent, I would have voted for him --
Even, perhaps, had he not said that he would support Hillary, I might still think about it.

Meanwhile, I have made donations to him in hopes that he will get the nomination and that Hillary will not.

Also consider how much damage the Democratic administrations have done ...
which was unable to be done by Repug administrations --

Trade Agreements during Clinton's term --

And the new TPP trade agreement during Obama's term --

Obama: Damage to Social Security in cutting COLA's -- actually in eliminating them for two years completely. And moving decisions about COLA's and Social Security into Repug hands.

Obama: Right Wing Foxes in charge of every agency --

Obama: Overturning of off-shore drilling ban -- and eventually BP pollution of Gulf

Another Democratic administration could be fatally harmful --

We need to send the strongest message from the LEFT as LIBERALS that this corporate-fascism must end.


Suppose Trump or Clinton or similar gets in, and that we continue to increase the burning of hydro-carbons for another 4 or 8 or more years and the world's temperature rises as predicted by the scientists. Seems to me that with war, with disruptions to civilization caused by the increased temperatures and decimation of ecosystems, and with a likely economic and social collapse due to the instability of the current form of capitalist control, that an 80% cut of emissions by 2050 would also be likely be obtained by staying the course with Trump or Clinton or similar.

Be that as it may I hope that we will choose to avoid the consequences of climate change and will cut emissions by 80% well before 2050.


Like your spirit but I think you're going to have a great deal of trouble convincing any liberal to vote once again for the Democratic Party ... especially after Obama who seems to have done all he can to destroy and further corrupt the party.

I'd never recommend anyone stay home or not vote -- I'd always give them a vote they have to steal or destroy in one way or another -- and the hack-able computer voting machines continue to be an excellent way to steal American votes.

In order to sustain corporate-fascism, the right wing is going to have to set up a dictatorship --
because any bit of truth is a threat to their propaganda -- like a pebble hitting a mirror, it shatters their myths, lies.

It's insulting -- as you may not realize -- to suggest that anyone is "sulking" if Bernie doesn't get the nomination -- and I think that those who continue on with the Democratic Party are vastly underestimating the disdain for Hillary. Clintons were not only founding members of the DLC --
Democratic Leadership Committee -- it was funded by the Koch Bros. who remain largely in the mindset of the family's John Birch Society background and which is dedicated to destruction of a people's government, democracy, and all social programs.


Sounds like a formulaic rendition of an old tune. I respect your feelings but I ask you to deal with the reality that faces all of us. Oligarchy is becoming set in stone and democracy is actually disappearing.

Bernie did not vote for the Patriot Act which deserves respect. He refuses to accept oligarchy big pac money. He sponsors so much legislation for seniors, the poor and middle class etc.. He is the only one of the candidates to talk of disentangling us from the endless war.


He may not be perfect as a candidate but people vote to elect a president for everybody not just one acceptable only to them.

Bernie is best suited to lead us against oligarchy and climate.change and I believe he would do his best to stop the endless war too.


Agree -- Bernie is perfect --

But he has aligned himself with a Democratic Party which is far from perfect and corrupted by corporate money/elite money.

And we have seen that the Democrat administrations -- Clintons/Obama -- have done what the Repugs have been unable to do --

Putting the RW in charges of government agencies -- panels, etal

Clinton trade agreements --
Obama trade agreements --
Obama support for BP/off shore oil drilling
and New round of nuclear reactors --

Destruction to Social Security COLA's -- without which they become "cat food" money.

And much more, of course.



My guess is that Bernie will NOT get the nomination so I think this may be a moot point --
Corporations cannot afford to have Bernie in the White House.
I think many also underestimate the CIA hold and claim to the White House which certainly began by the time of GHWBush -- and don't think they are going to give up on that.

Obama also has some suspect connections to CIA.

Again -- I think too many are counting on Bernie voters moving to Hillary and I think they will find that they will not.


Be honest. Bernie is the independent and always has been. He needs to run as a dem to win a national election and that is that. It is a two party system as yet.

You talk about trade deals and pretend that Bernie voted along with the dems when actually he opposed them. Remind yourself who fights for seniors more than has Bernie?


After reading Sander's climate policy how could anyone still contend there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. The policy seems sounds. Obviously because of politics it would not be easy to implement. Can you get a carbon tax through Congress? How many states would go along with some of these things? About half the states have gone to court to stop Obama's plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. How could offshore oil drilling be banned. They would go nuts in Texas and Louisiana. How could fracking be banned? Wouldn't that mean more coal-burning in power plants? Many aspects of the plan would be difficult to get into law or implement but it is a good overview of the direction that we should be headed in.