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Sanders, Clinton, and the Not-So-Simple Case of West Virginia


Sanders, Clinton, and the Not-So-Simple Case of West Virginia

Amy Davidson

When Bernie Sanders took the stage in Salem, Oregon, on Tuesday night, after winning the West Virginia primary—“a big, big victory” and “a tremendous victory,” he called it—he had a look on his face of pure delight. The crowd of a few thousand cheered almost every one of his lines; he threw back his head with a broad grin, and declared the town “ready for a political revolution.” To put it more precisely, they, and Sanders, did not sound ready for this campaign to stop.


One can feel Ms. Davidson straining to sound savvy and unbiased.

However, given how rigged the vote has been, I am suspicious of those writers who bypass--without challenge or question--all of the anomalies that give Mrs. Clinton the presumptive advantages.

It's as if the key ingredient to her "success" goes without question when it's the very antithesis of Democracy... and that means, a TRUE representation of the majority of the public's wishes.

She glides right over the super-delegate nonsense, or the skewed vote allowances in Arizona and Brooklyn, New York. She slides past the 40% of independents who favor Sanders over Clinton by wide margins and what it means that this sizable demographic has been deliberately left out of too many state elections.

Writers who attempt to sound glib while leaving out the most important components of any event, trend, or phenomena hardly win my trust.

Ms. Davidson obviously is IN the Hillary camp:

"To put it more precisely, they, and Sanders, did not sound ready for this campaign to stop. Hillary Clinton has won more pledged delegates than he has and, with the superdelegates who have promised to support her, she is closer than ever to securing the Democratic Presidential nomination. (West Virginia gives out delegates proportionally, so she got some, too.) It would take not only a Sanders surge but a Clinton crash for that to change. "


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I agree.

Also, just as the CIA was funded to allot grants to writers who penned novels, essays, and articles that fanned the flames of antagonism towards Russia, the reds, and communism... there are individuals paid to reinforce status quo memes and measures today. This young woman qualifies. I don't find her analyses insightful or incisive. And there's LOTS of competition for writing jobs, especially in New York. I've been there and experienced it firsthand.


Comparing Clinton's performance in West Virginia in 2008 and 2016 is totally irrelevant when you consider that the 2008 meltdown occurred in September, after the primaries. The world view of many working class Murkins changed dramatically at that time when jobs that I was advertising in September were getting zero applicants because the salary was too low, were then getting 100 to 150 applicants by the end of October, and most were willing to take a lower salary than the advertised..


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Perhaps due to the importation of Nazi masterminds after W.W. II (Project Paperclip furthering Allen Dulles' admiration of the Nazi top brass), the American media melded the most insidious of Edward Bernays' insights into the strategies of Goebbels and the German War State propagandists.

What's more powerful than propaganda that melds so seamlessly into the cultural narratives as to not be recognized as such?

BTW: That's one of the drivers behind my challenges to the oft-utilized "we" meme. By its nature, this language frame precludes dissent and assimilates all under one uniform umbrella... when that is hardly the case. It's the most politically correct grammatical device for literally eviscerating dissent along with any alternative narratives (and the policy changes these might otherwise necessitate).

Thank you for your comment.


I "liked" the article above because it gives us the opportunity to publicly discuss the injustice being foisted on us by both the DNC and the New Yorker under David Remnick. I was at the Sacramento Bernie rally which was one of the most impressive displays of American immigrant pride that I've ever been involved in. I think in a fair election, Bernie would easily win the state of California; and that would change everything...


I am listening to the corporate media say that the media has to hold Trump accountable on releasing his taxes------Where has the media been on the hypocrisy of Clinton releasing her wall street speeches? The reasoning Clinton gives is pathetic!

Any real political pundit would be questioning Clinton's viability with these two recent primary loses. The corporate media has anointed Clinton the winner and she still can't win primaries.

And I am so tired of hearing that the republican establishment can't support Trump because of his stand on Muslims. Republicans have been using racism to win elections for decades. The reason the establishment republicans have a hard time supporting Trump is his stand on TPP----and I think Trump would protect social security-----but I do think Trump might be vulnerable to advisers if elected. Clinton will use social security to negotiate with republicans.-------I will never understand why seniors are not supporting Sanders?