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Sanders, Clinton Face Off as Nevada Caucus Begins


Sanders, Clinton Face Off as Nevada Caucus Begins

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The latest Democratic presidential caucus is underway in Nevada, a critical state for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who recent polls have shown are neck-and-neck there and nationwide.

The Los Angeles Times is providing live updates from the ground. Follow results on Twitter with the hashtag #NVcaucus.


People vrs. "dark" money! Go Bernie Sanders! The corporate branding of "We The People", as "consumers", rather than working people is incredulous!


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You are right about corporations getting people to think of the themselves as consumers. They should think of themselves as citizens. If you are lucky enough to live in a democracy then as a citizen it is your responsibility to keep up with what the government is doing as well as you can so you can make responsible decisions when you vote or otherwise interact with the government. Too many people do not take their responsibility as a citizen seriously enough and labeling them as consumers is surely part of the reason why. Working people I think generally refers to blue collar workers so I don't think it is a general enough term. Even the CEO of Goldman Sachs works. He just gets paid many times more than most of us.


The moment is now if there ever was - time to at least try with all our strength and hearts to overthrow the evil and corruption big-money and those that control vast wealth have done to our nation, our people and our world - to also overthrow all those that have served vast wealth rather than the people they swore to protect and serve!

On one side is the aristocracy of wealth and those who cravenly or joyfully serve it, on the other side all the millions of people used as de facto slaves, wage and interest slaves, to the uber-wealthy - the champion of the "little people" is Bernie Sanders! We will carry the day in Nevada!

"Anyone who praises Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments and abilities, her understanding of world affairs, and her diplomatic acumen is right up there with the fools, dupes and suckers who take Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or any of the less colorful bozos in the Republican goon show seriously."

"The whole world now knows too that Hillary and the never-to-be indicted war criminal Henry Kissinger belong to a mutual admiration society. No surprise there! They probably beguile each other with regime-change banter, the pillow talk of the truly debased."


I've been trying to follow the Nevada Caucus today, but I can't stand the Clintonistas who are dominating MSNBC coverage and I won't watch FOX, which is probably more about South Carolina anyway.

We ended up back on the PGA tour.

Maybe I'll check out CNN, but I expect it to be just as bad as MSNBC.


Yes, it was just as bad.


More dirty tricks a la Hillary:



Go Bernie! maybe eventually HRC will get sick and tired of LOSING!


Listening to The Young Turks is like listening to a funeral dirge. I really thought Bernie could win Nevada, and so it goes.


Wall Street brings it home for Hillary. American people defeated again by legions of dimwit traitors in our midst, waddling to polling places to pull levers for neoliberal DLC scumbags.

This is the end for Bernie. South Carolina will go for the War Witch and Super Tuesday is a barrage of Southern cracker states where the word socialist is the nastiest slur you can call someone.

If voting could change anything, it'd be illegal.


This is sad. The Democratic establishment controlled things, convincing people that Clinton is a good candidate.

If this does set things up so she wins the nomination, then the Democratic Party has doomed itself.

In 2017 we'll have a Republican Congress and a Republican White House.


On the bright side, once the Republicans again control it all the Democrats can go back to where they're most comfortable: pretending to be an opposition party.


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"just leave well enough alone" - Nevada dems.


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In the likely event she gets the nomination, I'll either sit the election out or mark my ballot for Trump.

At least he's honest about who he is and what he supports and I'd rather vote for the real deal than the repackaged model.


Jill Stein isn't honest?


71% of seniors vote Clinton in NV? My guess is older folks are more wedded to the tube and msm, and thus get propagandized more..