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Sanders Closing in Nationally as Michigan, Mississippi Head to Polls


Sanders Closing in Nationally as Michigan, Mississippi Head to Polls

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders shriveled to single digits on Tuesday, denoting a tight race as voters in Michigan and Mississippi headed to the polls for the Democratic primaries.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Sanders within seven points of the frontrunner, with 42 to 49 percent, marking the smallest margin yet between the pair in this particular poll.


Listening to NPR do everything in their power to make it seem like it is a closer race against Trump than it is. Although he is the front runner like Hillary is, they don't like Trump but they do like Hillary. According to them the race is over with Hillary the de facto winner while they try their damnedest to not say that same thing about Trump.

Meanwhile they can't help but comment on how the public seems to want change whether they are republicans or democrats. Trump and Bernie represent the rebellion against the status quo but the game is rigged on both sides it seems.

America will suffer from that rigging of the game and if we end up with his royal presidency Trump... Make that suffer twice as much than with Hillary ( who is accomplished at remaining a politician but was not very competent as one). She will not be able to govern with the support of a resentful population which is the likely result of her rigging the game.

America would be a better country if we could elect Bernie. Maybe a more peaceful and happier one too.


I hope you are wrong but ........
The election is certainly rigged as the Republican own the voting machines.
Hilary doesn't care about a resentful population - her constituency is wall st.
If Bernie should through some miracle win he will have a tough battle against congress and senate.
The collapse of the US dollar is imminent and that is the elephant in the room no one seems to talk about.
The cards are already falling.


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The oligarchy is trying to bum's rush Hillary into the White House so they can continue riding the imperial gravy train. Sure, the populace will feel furiously disenfranchised as the status quo is cemented into place by the media and Wall Street, but TPTB are confident the have the weaponry -guns, propaganda, surveillance- to easily put down any attempted revolt or overthrow.

Americans are simply their herd of captive human prey now. The hyenas and wolves in Washington are annoyed at this tawdry indulgence of the unwashed masses, eager to get back to playing the Great Game. As Hillary said, she's ready for this perfunctory ceremony of pretending to appeal to the hoi polloi to be over so she can disappear into her elected bubble of prestige and power and get back to the serious business of theft and murder on behalf of empire and capital.


Sure, the corporate media are all in the tank for Hillary, but if they complete this massive disenfranchisement the War Witch is going to have a hard time finding voters come November. The DNC can rig their own primaries, but they can't rig the general election.

Hillary's little claque of lobbyists, hangers-on, media muppets and apparichiks are going to be ignored by the young Sanders voters as well as everyone else who sees Hillary for what she is. They'll stay home and exchange jokes about her losing on twitter.

She is going to get crushed by a furiously-motivated Republican base.


We must build the Sanders Jedi Force for radical change - the Whole-Earth Force for the Common Good to defeat common greed and evil, and lead the people out of slavery to victory......Victory Over Horseshit!


Looking at Bernie Sanders and his home state of Vermont, something worth adding to the narrative is structural models being pursued there. VERY INTERESTING !
Public Banking, Public Water: Who's in Control?

Laura Flanders interviews Gwendolyn Hallsmith and Rep. Lawrence


Excellent, and in depth.


It's amazing...some media outlets were making it sound like Hillary is so far ahead of Bernie, he should just drop out...they make it seem as if she has so many delegates it was impossible for Bernie after tonight's primaries. Amazing, the amount of pro-Hillary stuff out there, and the Sanders, who? stuff as well.


When your entire platform is girdled to the current milquetoast President and your selling the status quo in an obvious change election; well, watch out for buses when crossing the street. Hillary has dipped below the 50% level among Dems and that means, in lay person's terms, it sucks to be her in a contentious general election. She can't win even with all the black women's vote. Do the math and Hillary is losing the general, while these primaries go on, and forward to a July showdown. Her faded worn slip is showing, more and more, which probably explains all the pantsuits :wink: Every new state must be torture to her handlers, the DNC/DLC, the MSM and Wall Street. She's going to end up wasting more money, per vote, than even Jeb Bush did. Her campaign slogan will end up being, " Vote for Hillary. Seldom right but never in doubt. " Go, Bernie Go!!!! ( " I just tell the truth and they think it's hell ". ) Damn straight on that count, too, Sen. Sanders.


As far as the machines that is way in the future (this is not the America you and I were born into but an alternative universe America where elections are openly rigged and the public blatantly manipulated... Our debates were run by the League of Women Voters ).

I am talking about the rigging of public opinion by the press. What the heck happened to us? I think that you can drain the life and spirit out of anything if you keep at it long enough. They make it that only the elites rule and we are led to where they think we should go. That will come back on this country with a vengeance someday. They kill respect for institutions so what do they expect will happen then? Forget comments about soldiers and the hyperbole about martial law... And then ask what do they expect will happen then? It should b asked.


"Sanders Closing in Nationally as Michigan, Mississippi Head to Polls"

You'd never know it from the corporate media.


Undoubtably but what astounds me more is the way the press has followed suit and have openly participated in the rigging too. That kind of shocks me more. The press is often the respository of a nation's spirit and its verve. A controlled press brings about a despirited populace. A kind of cynicism that breeds apathy and resentment. Like a nation after a coup, things are not the same as when people feel they can control their lives.

Our oligarchy is killing the American spirit slowly but surely.


5,000,000 individual contributions averaging $27 dollars apiece! "To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people!"


However because it is a rigged game, this campaign of the people, by the people and for the people may turn out to be an election of the oligarchy, by the oligarchy and for the oligarchy instead.

Fellow Americans it really looks like our democracy is undergoing a coup - a corporate coup oligarchy. Citizens United, media consolidation, data mining total surveillance and paperless voting machines... Once we old folks kick the bucket, no one will actually remember that things weren't always that way.

Sorry kiddies... We f'd up.


Maybe Bernie can close this gap, where a statistician finds:

This model clearly shows that as the size of the precinct increases Clinton and Rubio gain a larger share of the votes while Sanders, Trump and Cruz lose votes. This is NOT a random fluke, this is a consistent pattern with machine counted votes. While in OK, this trend was not enough to change who won the election, it may have had an impact on the number of delegates each received.



TYT are doing an obit.


You mean like A New Earth Army kind of thing? Cloudbursting, Sparkly-Eyes techniques n stuff?


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