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Sanders 'Confident' $15 Minimum Wage Possible Through Senate Reconciliation

The consensus here seems to be that that is largely where we ARE heading. If the jobs aren’t low paying now, they are headed that way.
I over stated the doctors visit because I didn’t know exactly where to put it.
I know that back then I could set up a pay back schedule without having insurance. Same with dentists. Pretty hard doing that today.
As far as low paying, entry level jobs, sure they are designed for people who may be able to get by on them.


Henry Ford increased the pay of his workers significantly when he started the Ford Motor Company . He claimed that if he paid them more they would be able to better afford the cars he made.

Here is the great difference. In those days it was very hard to get consumer credit from a bank to buy something like a Car. if people wanted a Car they tended to spend money they had saved. What happened through the late 60s is banks started making loans for consumer items and this was coupled with the issue of the thing called a credit card. Now those same Car companies did not have to pay as high a wage as they they felt the person buying the Car could go into debt instead. Those same Automobile manufacturers found this method so much more profitable they opened up their own credit departments.


Yes, the self-employed, contract, or gig worker is expected to set aside a full 15% of earnings over the course of the year, to be able to pay the full share at tax time of their Social Security and Medicare deductions from income. The “self-employment tax” is what they call it. This is on top of the regular income tax we are also expected to pay.

Regular employees pay half that much, only 7.5%, and it is automatically deducted from their paychecks throughout the year while the employer pays the other 7.5%. The gig, contract, or self-employed worker is expected to pay the whole 15% all at once out of pocket.


So the minimum wage(MW) is actually 7.5% higher than what is shown on the check. When the MW increases to $15, the employer will pay not only the wage increase, but an additional 7.5% of that increase to the government.

BOTH parties are rotten to the core. They both serve the same masters. Two wings on the same capitalist bird…


“Hopes that the US will finally increase the federal minimum wage for the first time in nearly 12 years face a seemingly unlikely opponent: a Democrat senator from one of the poorest states in the union - Joe Manchin of West Virginia”

“Unlikely opponent” - well that’s just BS as Manchin is a GOP tool and right-wing “conservative” corporate tool - just what does being “conservative” meant to these mental scum?

Unfortunately the Biden admin, shows weakness and lack of resolve/commitment needed to actually fight and defeat the terrorist GOP and its insane orange contingent of malignant deranged nutters - fight tooth and nail, remove, unseat, threaten politically and coerce the likes of Manchin and other un-Dem players and agents-provocateur to actually serve the Common Good rather than oligarchy, corporate thieves, and war-machine!


Pigs at the Trough every freakin one!


While Bernie is rightly advocating raising the minimum wage through reconciliation, Biden is now siding with Manchin by raising “doubts” about whether this should be handled through the reconciliation process. And so, we again see the true colors of the establishment democrats. Make no mistake, if Biden fought for this increase in the minimum wage as hard as republicans fight for their agenda, this would happen, no doubt about it, it would happen. But Bernie is getting another knife in the back from Biden, so much so, that he looks like a fucking porcupine with all of the quills sticking out of him. There’s one party, the corporate party, in total control. Here’s a good video from The Hill’s Rising on the state of the Biden waffle: ~https://youtu.be/NFNUvS7UioE


The bill calls for it, after reaching $15, to rise at the same rate as the rise in the median hourly wage…which, historically, has been greater than inflation.


I learned something, thanks.

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Bernie needs all 50 Dems for reconciliation. I just don’t see that happening.