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Sanders: Corbyn Surge in UK Shows World Rising Up Against Austerity, Inequality


Sanders: Corbyn Surge in UK Shows World Rising Up Against Austerity, Inequality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to the results of the U.K. election, which commentators have already deemed a "political upset" for the ages and a stunning backfire for Prime Minister Theresa May, Sen.


could not be happier and seeing the young faces makes it even better. they are coming forward to fight for their lives and the planet! Congratulations to Corbyn and to Bernie for continuing to wage the battle thru Our Revolution.


“People in the U.K., the U.S. and elsewhere want governments that represent all the people, not just the 1%,” Sanders said

Change the poison pill of “governments that represent all the people” to “governments by all the people” to get off the oligarchy’s merry go round.

Direct Democracy


And where is the D-Party establishment? In Wall street’s pocket, as usual:


It has always bugged me but Sanders has said the exact same thing since the start of his campaign “,…not just the 1%”. Do we need a government that represents the 1%? Doesn’t the majority of DC do just that and look where we are. That “just” always seemed to me a signaling phrase to TPTB that he’s not gonna bring the whole pyramid crashing down.


Good peasants and sheeple remain loyal to their masters … sorry, but they both lost.


As a burned former Bernie supporter, I cannot help cringing each time I see his name in the news, followed by a wistful sigh, wondering what might have been . . . if only.

Results similar to those in the U.K will only be achieved in the U.S. by a new, truly progressive political party completely independent of and in stark contrast to the duopoly currently dominating our system.

As Mr. Corbyn said, “Politics has changed.” We need to see and embrace such a change also . . . outside our stifling box.


ya got that Hillary? Things could have been very different today had you stepped aside and allowed Bernie his rightful place in the primary. We are where we are today due to your (Hillary) inability to beat Trump. Fer chrissakes Trump was the faux-populist in the last election! Sanders was the real deal.


It would be wonderful if the people of the US could also join together against Austerity politics and not each other. We are all fighting the same battle~ the need for a government “by the people for the people” and not run by 2 parties that serve the same masters who use the same election fraud methods to achieve their goals. Those are the protests we need to see in huge numbers. But our Media Propaganda Machine will try its darnest to never let that happen.


Fascism. Take THAT!


Great link. The Clinton white supremacists hard at work again. If you look at the names involved, Cheryl Mills, Robby Mook, etc are certifiable criminals who violated U.S. law and the United Staes Constitution on behalf of the criminal Red Queen. Comey clearly has the dirt on them too. He may use it up the road to save his own keister after he uses up his short-term political capital nailing Trump (the lowest hanging fruit there ever was). Lottsa corrupt and criminal heads to hunt in the Duopoly if it serves your purposes. Maybe sometime we can get around to actual organizing.


Senator Sanders, globalization is also known as nearly unbridled capitalism. I hope you know this.


Congratulations to the U.K. Maybe someday the U.S. will follow suit. Doubt it though.


Agree …

“No major left-wing politician had been so often accused of being unelectable—not even Sanders,” wrote the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel. "

But he chose party over principle and refused to take his principles to the polls - Corbyn did not refuse, Stein did not - Corbyn was rewarded, Stein was not … Brit progs apparently have more gumption - they are not deterred by a press screaming "can’t win …


We are wehere we are because we failed to support the best candidate on the ballot - Stein …


The protest we need to se in large numbers is at the polls - and the media can’t stop that - any more than it could bury Corbyn …


It’s beginning. Maintaining the momentum, talking, participating, changing our minds and our priorities are all part of what the future needs us to do. I suspected the negative press Corbyn was receiving, even from the mucky-mucks of his own party, were indications he was the real goods.

Talking about education, housing, refusing to sell military crap to Saudi Arabia…all those things a good government would be focusing on…resonates with real people. What disturbs me however, is how partial even good MSM sources are…and how they do corporate bidding without even having to think about it…

Even when the thanks they get is to be called ‘fake news’…a title they partly deserve, as long as they continue to act as if democratic socialism is a nasty phrase that has to be redacted from their coverage of politics.


Thank you for both of those links… Perfect.


join DraftBernie.org


Result of the British election got me thinking. Conservatives are seriously diminished in numbers, this apparently contrary to almost all British commentator expectations. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any President at this early a point in measurement of a President’s approval ratings. A similar result is true of the French Socialists whose elected majority swerved to austerity upon gaining a majority. Much the same is also true of public disapproval of austerity in Germany,. Populace of Eastern European countries have turned to the right in response to austerity policies. Manifest is a pattern so obviously opposed to the policy of austerity, that continued adherence to this policy almost throughout the Western world indicates a dangerous abandonment of the very idea democratic representation.