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Sanders Declines To Pander To Israel Lobby In Speech Prepared For AIPAC


Sanders Declines To Pander To Israel Lobby In Speech Prepared For AIPAC

Kevin Gosztola

At the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC) conference, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered a hawkish, right wing inflammatory speech that was met with raucous applause. On the other hand, her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who was denied the opportunity to address AIPAC remotely, gave a speech in Salt Lake City, Utah, which was pragmatic and sharply contrasted with Clinton’s speech.


Thanks, Bernie, for taking a reasonable stance .I am an advocate of BDS, but it means a lot to hear a US politician questioning the atrocious behavior of Israel. When Bernie is elected there will finally be a real chance for peace between Israel and Palestine.


I just watched “Democracy Now” and Mr. Sanders FAR more sincere and humane approach to the Palestinians is going to make it hard for this forum’s pro-Trump and/or anti-Sanders posters to come up with a NEW way to attempt to discredit him. (I’m talking to you: Alligartor Hardt, St. Jimmy, Flapdoodle and Tom Johnson, etc.):

Here’s a sample of their typical fare:



Exactly. If you dissemble Sanders’ speech directed to AIPAC, he calls for kinder, gentler permanent war in the region, with US supplying logistics and coordination and our allies supplying cannon-fodder and money. He’s been absolutely consistent about this throughout the campaign.

We see how well that “policy” is working out in Yemen. Or Iraq. Or Syria. Or Afghanistan. Or Somalia. Or Pakistan. Or Palestine."


This is fair-minded and deserves repeating:

“And, the fact is, whatever Israel’s “right to exist” might mean to right-wing politicians in Israel and pro-Israel politicians like Clinton, it certainly has a different meaning to Sanders. It means the people of Israel should not have to face terrorist attacks from Palestine, but that does not justify Israel’s occupation, its massive bombing campaigns, its blockade of Gaza, and its construction of settlements.”

But Flapdoodle, who’s previously posted as: Erroll, Aligatorhardt, and Nicholas wants Israel to have no existence whatsoever.

And the Trump supporters will have to walk back Trump’s homage to Israel:


Well, did Sanders vote for the resolution that condemned the Goldstone Report that revealed Netanyahu’s atrocities in Gaza? I believe he did. Furthermore, why does he not condemn the Israeli nuclear stockpile as a threat to Middle East peace, or the tendency of both Turkey and Saudi Arabia to support the terrorism against the Assad government? Is it because Bernie has supported regime change in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? And, he has supported the US supported regime change in Kiev and the US sanctions against Russia.

As to the Russians, they have the legal right to be in Syria because they were invited by Assad to defend it. Same with Iran. We, on the other hand, support AQ elements to overthrow him, namely al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham. Is Syria guilty of the crime of self-defense? Worse is Clinton, who would enforce a no-fly zone against Russia in Syria, which is nothing but nuclear brinkmanship over a regime whose destruction is her pet project, not a US national security issue.

But Bernie is dragging on her skirt-tails here as well, never condemning the coup d’etat in Kiev, or having the courage to tell voters that Crimea became part of Russia because it didn’t want to be part of the coup government it didn’t elect.


How do you know these posters are all the same - do you have inside info as to ISP addresses? How do you know? I think you owe it to all of us frankly to explain how you know - there are some serious implications here …


No shock that the anti-Sanders mob takes the most progressive politician in the race and screams 'not enough".

If you really support Palestinians you’d be supporting Sanders, the only major candidate not swearing fealty to Israel.

But no. You have to attack.

Which proves you’re either misrepresenting your position, an idiot, or both.


Jill Stein is more progressive than Sanders. Even idiots know that.


Okay, you know that.

Do you also know how much actual experience Stein has in office?


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OK - can see how CD would.could monitor it, but how does SR have that info, if she does?


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Yes, but only Trump and Stein lack any substantial experience in government. Stein has a great platform but zero experience, which is why I voted for Rocky Anderson instead of her last time around.

That being said, if Sanders isn’t on the ballot I intend to vote for Stein.