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Sanders Delivers Message to Lawmakers Who Claim US Can't Afford Green New Deal: Climate Catastrophe Is 'Much More Expensive'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/13/sanders-delivers-message-lawmakers-who-claim-us-cant-afford-green-new-deal-climate


Now, there are people out there in Washington, my colleagues in the Senate, they say the Green New Deal is too expensive. We can’t afford it."

Correct Bernie, never a peep out of your colleagues in the Senate or the House about we cannot afford the egregious $740 billion dollar military budget, which is a Frankenstein Monster and is why I call Amerika a military dictatorship.

The Green New Deal to your corrupt colleagues saying it is too expensive… means they want to keep their old,green deal of $$$$$$$$$$!


Thank you Bernie for speaking the truth when the truth is sometimes hard to find. Bernie Sanders the finest politician in our country, day after day he stands for US the American people. Any one who criticises this man needs to put reality into the proper perspective. Vote for Joe or we are all going to go down. Peace


Amen to “Bernie Sanders is the finest politician in our country”…I have been a supporter of Bernie for a decade now… and am so disgusted with the DNC/Party Elites for that long as well…“Not me…US”


And what Sanders also does not mention is that his friend Joe Biden is also opposed to the Green New Deal.


I am still waiting for Bernie to say something that I neither understand nor with which I agree. Damn, I am patient.

Hi Terry49:
Sadly Trump is even worse in this area: opening the Arctic Reserve ares to oil, gas and mining. hiring people who are destroying the EPA, although sadly enough, quite a few Dems and Biden are not saying much that is hopeful.
America’s treatment of creatures is horrible. I read that that passenger pigeons once blackened the sky with their flights. Those birds no longer exist. America, has killed so many species with such little thought , and it seems like Jimmy Carter with his solar panels on the rooftop was the last president to consider that if Nature is destroyed, then so is the nation and the planet.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of building presidential libraries----if retiring president picked a tree, a plant, a bird, an insect, animal, and a flower to save.


The “alternative” is business as usual, until we are all swept over the cliff as zombie crony exploitation blows up in our faces. Our knuckle-dragging leaders are very dim bulbs–a moment’s contemplation of the McConnell entity should convince anyone. “Lawmakers” are irrelevant and malevolent; we need to physically oust all but the Squad and start over…it’s more than obvious. But, Americans are far too childish…and, otherwise involved, trying to survive, or amusing themselves with silly toys.


“Climate Catastrophe Is 'Much More Expensive”’

This is only true for the 99%, the 1%, not so much, and they are the only group that matters in this country, right?
The 1% thinks they will hide in their expensive underground bunkers, with their paid security forces, and wait until the majority of the 99% has been extinguished in the calamity.
Hear me well you rich f**ks, we know where your bunkers are, and you can’t hire enough security to protect yourselves, you will be pulled out and… well you get the idea. We will take you with us!


Add the military budget to the cost of fossil fuel company subsidies and tax breaks and one can see that we, the public, are paying top dollar for climate catastrophe. We’re number one!


Excellent point! I find it hard to believe so many well meaning and usually perspicacious and street smart progressives cannot see Bernie has been conning then ever since 2016 when he sold out to the DNC and in my opinion, helped to elect Trump. And now the epitome of hypocrisy…BERNIE BACKS BIDEN!


The DNC anointing Clinton as the 2016 candidate indeed paved Trump’s path to the White House.

Meanwhile frackin Joe fracks on.


So, you wouldn’t be suggesting that if California was being incinerated by say napalm bombs by a foreign country instead of the arid conditions being created by too big to fail energy companies via the burning of fossil fuels, that suddenly congress would find all the money and more needed to address the problem would you?


I tend to self-censor my more militant posts, but I’m on your page here. Anyone interested in a concise overview of the neoliberal course of events leading us to where we are today might try Noam Chomsky’s 2017 book, “Requiem for the American Dream.” He makes it very clear that the 1% are more than happy to kill all of the rest of us to continue amassing wealth. It is a war, whether we want to call it that or not. And, we’re still losing, just as we’ve been losing since Reagan was elected. Someday, maybe, we’ll fight back?


What should Bernie have done in order to have not “sold out to the DNC” and “helped to elect Trump”? Bernie was cheated out of the nomination by the DNC. He campaigned for Hillary against Trump.

How exactly is Bernie being hypocritical in supporting Biden over Trump? What should he be doing in order to remain in your good graces?


Agree. The term “war” gets used loosely here in the US (drug war, war on poverty, etc.), but in this case the situation calls for it’s use.


I echo Swagman’s comment “What should he be doing in order to remain in your good graces?” How many alternatives are there at this point?


The only green the politicians from both parties care about is the dollars that flow to them from the corporations. But then if one is being somewhat honest, Bernie does not care about what he speaks on. There is no way he can keep aligning with the do nothing Democrats and actually care about the future. But there will be no shortage of those defending Bernie as he leads us all to slaughter at the hands of the neo-liberal Democrats and his good friends like Clinton and Biden.


It’s not difficult to see that the overwhelming majority, not all, of the 1% are truly sociopaths and psychopaths in disguise. What Americans stopped on the street and asked if they would allow a psychopath to dictate their lives would answer yes? drumpfer’s perhaps. And yet that’s where we are because America has been sold this lie, this false promise, by the psychopaths and their supporters, that the American Dream, capitalism wall street style is the ticket to what has become their miserable lives.


Bernie should have remained an Independent and fought to form a true third party. The Democrats hate his guts, yet like a victim of domestic violence he keeps on hanging out with the party that continually beats him up. All you need to know about Bernie is that he kept saying in 2016 and 2020 that he would support the Democrat nominee no matter who it was. A true progressive would never support such a thing. He is nothing but a sheepdog herding those with some progressive values to their death. If he had any real substance to what he says he believes in, he would have spoken loudly out against the Democrats and told his supporters to vote third party, which may have forced the Democrats to actually move a bit to the left. But he didn’t and many of us know what a fraud is truly is when it comes down to what needs to happen in the US regarding electoral politics. Anyone who still believes the Democrats can be reformed are actually stupider than Trump supporters.