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Sanders Demands Drug and Insurance Industries Explain the Hundreds of Millions They Seem Willing to Spend to Defeat Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/10/sanders-demands-drug-and-insurance-industries-explain-hundreds-millions-they-seem


They should also be forced to explain who the bribe and how they do it in detail.


Probably because they haven’t figured away around it yet. Why isn’t anyone asking the elephant in the room? Drug, Insurance, Healthcare.


I hope that letter gets LOTS of co-signers. I am one.


That and pass NAFTA 2.0 … forgot about that didn’t you? Big PHARMA will make billions from NAFTA 2.0. As for insurance industries, it is not about ‘insurance’, it is about protecting Medicare Advantage Plans … a multi-billion dollar corrupt annual sop.


I have stated my reservation son Mr Sanders in the past. One being he is NOT a Socialist and the other questioning why he remains within the Democratic party and why he supported Ms Clinton in her run after the DNC worked to ensure his campaign failed.

That said he the only candidate for President in the USA that I can see being capable of getting this done. He is sincere and has long lobbied for this long before it became “cool to do so” and he is not afraid of standing up to the Corporations and monied interests working to see his vision never comes to pass.

I really do not see any other Canadidate for President in the USA being able to get this done. They will compromise to the point that a watered down version introduced which by design will fail. The proposed system can not work if it compromised.

Here In Canada Tommy Douglas was advised to “compromise” when he introduced his plan. He refused to do so and stuck to his guns. I see Sanders as doing much the same.


Good for Bernie for asking the right questions, and now at the right time.

What he said should become a topic of discussion. Those companies are interested ONLY in profits and so they must oppose a change that would harm their companies. They do not care about the welfare of the public


Reading that letter - the sweet smell of truth and social accountability. Ahhhhhh…fresh.


Spending money to protect profits should not be surprising. It’s what corporations do.

I don’t watch cable tv any more since they stopped mentioning Bernie.


Bernie identifies himself as a democratic Socialist not a “socialist,” per se.

That said, making citizens the soles owners of their healthcare delivery system is a decidedly socialist approach.

And while I can’t forgive and forget Bernie’s support for Hillary, he made his pact with the DNC devil and stuck with it – in the process, he exposed just how unbeholden to voters the DNC is. In the 2020 cycle, the DNC is going to get a hard lesson in how little bullshit election chicanery the younger and more progressive part of the d-party base is willing to put up with. As such, Trump looks like a shoe in for another term.

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