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Sanders Demands McConnell Allow Senate Vote to Raise 'Absurdly Low' Federal Minimum Wage to $15

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/sanders-demands-mcconnell-allow-senate-vote-raise-absurdly-low-federal-minimum-wage

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I can’t wait to hear what crazy excuses the right-wing senators dream up, and spew over the air waves. There must be a good reason to champion poverty wages for the underpaid. I don’t think so.

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The only thing we will hear from McConnell is laughter.

A little deception with the title, he asked, there was no demanding.

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Maybe if all of those supporting Sanders and raising the federal minimum wage chipped in a few bucks turtleman would sell out to a vote.

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Turtle Man isn’t the only Criminal who’s laughing. All of them are. That’s what Psychopaths with too much power do!

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Great!  The next step will be for the Multi-NaZional Korporations – like Muck-Donalds – to raise their prices to compensate, and us old farts on fixed pensions and way-under-the-cost-of-living Social Sec­urity “adjustments” will be paying $15 for a Big Muck.  I’ll back a Federal Minimum Wage Increase =ONLY= if Social Security payments are adjusted to the correct increases to compensate for
the rise in our COL for the past 40 or 50 years . . .

Meanwhile, every major American bank are divesting from currencies in favor of silver and gold in anticipation of the dollar’s long overdue collapse.

Actually, no need to worry about how this will affect you. Bernie is attempting to raise the Federal minimum wage, which affects Federal workers mostly. I’m not quite sure actually if this creates a ‘floor’ for the states as well. I need to go research that.

a) The minimum wage in Australia is over $15 and Big Mac meals cost about the same or less than here.
b) Hourly labor costs in the fast food industry run about 20% of total costs. A 50% raise from, say, $10 per hour to $15 would thus be a 10% rise in total costs. The business could thus raise prices by 10% (50 cents on a $5 meal) and continue to earn the same dollar profit…that is, if they think they could do that without seeing sales dropping too much, in which case, they would have to raise prices by less than 10% and have reduced profit margins.
c) Bernie has already introduced legislation (more than once) that would increase Social Security benefits by about $1,300 per year and, from there, increase cost of living adjustments at a faster rate (more reflective of actual spending of seniors).

No, his legislation does not affect just federal workers. A federal minimum wage is the lowest wage that any worker can be paid. If states have higher minimum wages than the federal minimum wage then they must be paid that higher wage in that state.

I plan to vote for Bernie either way — even if I have to write in “Bernie and 'Beth” for the third time (2012, 2016 and 2020).  But it’ll be hard for me to support the $15/hour minimum wage unless the above correction of Social Security benefits to what they should have been for several years is ac­complished.  Also, like many others, my main source of income is not Social Security but a fixed-
benefit pension WITHOUT an annual COL increase . . .