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Sanders Demands Ryan, McConnell Come Clean on GOP Plan to Gut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security


Sanders Demands Ryan, McConnell Come Clean on GOP Plan to Gut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The bottom line is that the American people have a right to know exactly how you plan to pay for a $1.4 trillion increase in the deficit before, not after, tax legislation is signed into law," Sanders wrote in a letter to GOP leaders


When competing in the Democratic primary, Bernie posted a “How it gets funded” section on his website to cover his various proposals. He is the adult in the room. The unruly GOP needs a serious timeout.


The Silent Majority had better WTFU and stop being Silent.

The country is being stolen right in front of our eyes.


A tradition freed from unfailing commitment to truth becomes a tradition of empowered lies and domination. Wakey wakey. The ground is moving.


So, my question is why doesn’t Bernie come clean about national debt and deficits and how they don’t matter, Stephanie Kelton was his economic adviser during his presidential campaign and surly he knows what she is explaining in this video?
As Alan Greenspan puts it in the video, “there is nothing stopping the federal government from creating as much money as it wants and paying it to somebody”.

Please watch!

But Can We Afford It? Economic Priorities for the Next Administration - YouTube

But of course this raises a very interesting question if that is the case, why do we have federal income taxes, if the government can just create the money to pay the bills and does in fact everyday?


True, but I would argue it was stolen right in front of our eyes a long time ago, specifically…November, 1963.


Sanders keeps up the battle against the sadistic seditionists. Hillary who?


If this Greedy Old Party succeeds in cutting Medicare, Medicaide and Social Security, WE, AMERICA’S 99% CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO BECOME LAW!



Yes indeed. That was the beginning of the MIC’s assault on the United States and the rest of humanity.

Empires have only one direction to go.

We all have just one question to ask ourselves.

Are we ready to fight for our children’s right to live in a Peaceful World?

And, I’m not talking about with the military.


Yes, he is the adult in the room. My only extra wish is that he would magically become younger. He is 76 years old and going strong. I did vote for him for president in the 2016 primaries. He is the measure of just how bad Trump is.

A time out for the GOP. Well, I am getting to be an old timer myself, and I can remember our family tradition for our house. Dad had something we called the “board of education” or to be more succinct a paddle that was applied to kid butts. .Republicans need a spanking in 2018 and 2020. Republicans need to confront a Trump backlash in those elections.


I vote for Bernie in the primaries and wrote him in on the general. He is acting where others are along for the ride. He makes others look like the money grubbers they are. Sure wish we could clone him.


The classic “Pig-In-A-Poke” is SOP for the R’Con scammers! Secrecy and obfuscation with the tax-legislation “poke” being switched/revealed after co-conspirators, fools and/or sleeping idiots, allow, or are complicit to, the “tax reform” scam that is actually a theft from the poor, middle classes and critical civilian/societal needs to gift the uber wealthy, bankers, corporate pirates, war-machine even more wealth/advantages at the expense of the 99%, environmental and other critical protections, women’s issues, seniors, students, health care, education, etc, etc.

Bernie Sanders continues to loudly and strongly call BS on the R’Con crimes and scams while others are complicit and/or remain silent - silence equals complicity! Even if he doesn’t cover all the issues he is doing what needs to be done in his considered experience…

The classic scam was to show the sucker a fine young pig, then put it in a sack - the poke - then switch the poke for one with a cat inside for the mark to take home. The trump regime and the r’Con thieves will not reveal the truth or lay-out how and who they will screw until after it’s too late! “We can’t tell you, it’s a secret”…a Congress that works under such secrecy and self-interest is criminal and violating their oaths of office! - trump stands to save millions under this BS “reform” but claims " it’s not good for me, believe me" -he lies…what we have is not only a pig-in-a-poke scam, but political pigs stealing from our people and republic!

IMPEACH the conspirators/thieves!


They don’t dare be specific — that would (hopefully) cause a revolution.  Or at least the demise of the RePoop­lican Party in 2018.

The beginning?  Hardly.  A major milestone, perhaps – but certainly not the beginning.  The princes have been suppressing us peasants since the beginning of history; the rise of the American M.I.C. began with the railroad and steel barons following the Civil War, and speeded up significantly after WWII.


Fuck the legislature’s plans.
Medicare For All… now!


If the GOP does what they’re planning, they are declaring War on all of us!

F€k the Congress.
€k the So-called President.

We the People must declare War on them.


The Gilded Age: J P Morgan; Carnegie (steel) and his hatchet man, Frick; Rockefeller (Standard Oil), Vanderbilt, Mellon, James Fisk, Leland Stanford, etc in 19th century US. Their combined money making machine(s) set the stage for literally robbing the laborers while filling their coffers and causing repression, depressions, recessions, and environmental destruction that did not harm their fortunes in the least (or noticeably so). They owned/monopolized the railroads, the banks, mining, oil, shipping and later, airlines/airfreight, manufacturing and ruled with iron hands holding cutting whips. And the GOP with its chosen diabolical despot has managed to return our nation (while dismantling our democracy) to yet another very tarnished gilded age with one difference being that it reverberates around the world (along with the ongoing threat of nuclear devastation).


Ryan, McConnell and their goose-stepping henchmen in the House and Senate are so filthy that they would have to be scrubbed so hard that they would be left with no skin…they are literally “bad to the bone” after so many heady decades of ruthless power at their fingertips.


You are correct. Trump is indulging the rich and super rich to the maximum and needs a huge backlash against Republicans in 2018 and 2020. Our national debt is at over $20 trillion and all Trump can do is make it much worse by cutting back on tax income to run the government. Republicans should get a huge Trump backlash in the 2018 congressional elections and then against when Trump runs for re-election for a second term in 2020.


Only consolation is that in the long run of things these brutal bastards will get their comeuppance. There are no words to describe the savage viciousness of these elitist pricks. Let’s see: what we’re Liberty Valance’s last words someday to be turned back on them?


The corp Dems trot Bernie out to the cameras, but then gut him when he runs. They exploit him and us.