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Sanders Demands Trump Rescind 'Truly Outrageous' Decision to Hand Gilead Exclusive Rights Over Possible Coronavirus Treatment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/25/sanders-demands-trump-rescind-truly-outrageous-decision-hand-gilead-exclusive-rights


So proud of Bernie’s consistent moral positioning on behalf of Us (Not Me, Us!) rather than U$. He has the gravitas to educate the public as to just how their tax dollars are being stolen by corporations through research subsidies that get privatized resulting in extortion of the public itself. Go Bernie, Go!
BERNIE 2020!


“Now is not the time for profiteering in the pharmaceutical industry…”
Come on, Bernie, it’s always time for profiteering! There’s money to be made in death, and the (legal) drug pushers will never pass up the opportunity.


You took the words right out of my mouth.
I only wish this was in an MSM publication, too.


I feel like we are being manipulated from every side. Fear is Mana to the ruling class…


The extortion has been going on for a long time.
Since the land grant university system was created by Lincoln? Just a wild guess. Private educational institutions create a large gray area. Different animal entirely, imo.
( The university ): By using a seemingly benevolent technology transfer the state’s were able to accomplish at least two things; create a private source of future funding ( endowment, foundation, trusts ) and, avoid the liability of lawsuits, should the technology or product create a catastrophic event. Which could, in theory, bankrupt the quilty state university and its owner. Or, at least drain it ( the state ) of the ability to support essential services needed by all the citizenry, young, infirm and old alike. A court judgment with nasty side effects, to be sure.
How about getting potentially a bigger slice of the profits for their efforts instead? The old win-win scenario for all parties?
Just wonderin’.
Bernie in 2020!


Here is another helpful pointer for the Democrats to help regain the Senate in November: They campaign on removing ALL patents on ALL drugs that taxpayers fund through the NIH and allow Big Pharma to revert back to their role as manufacturing plants.

If they refuse, the Green Party must step up.


No offense intended, but what Green Party, at this time?


Praise to Bernie and The Intercept.
Gilead is an evil corporation, with a history of price gouging and worse.
I’d like to see Bernie hit harder, on all issues, and show this country who really should be president. Check this out about Gilead…
"Gilead Sciences has deliberately carried on with testing Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir), its drug against Hepatitis C, in violation of international laws and without first obtaining its patients’ consent.

24 patients died in December 2015, during tests conducted by the Georgian laboratory of the US firm. However, Gilead Sciences has decided to continue the tests without informing its guinea pigs that some of their predecessors had died. This led to another 49 deaths. This is what the former Georgian Minister of National Security, Igor Guiorgadze has just revealed, with documents to back up his words.

The former US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, was the former Managing Director of Gilead Sciences and is still one of its major shareholders.
Igor Kirillov, the Head of the Russian Forces for radiological, chemical and biological, suspects that with the Sovaldi tests, the pharmaceutical firm is actually testing out illegal arms for the Pentagon.

The Russian Senator Igor Morozov considers that “the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons should require the United States to publish its data on developing chemical weapons and tests on human beings. If this issue cannot be resolved in the organization, it must immediately be submitted to the UN Security Council”.


Gilead? Really? This is getting beyond surreal.


Especially as wealthy DNC superdelegates escape NYC to insure exponentially increased profits for drug, medical, FIRE sectors as us old deplorables’ deaths o’ disparity, foreclosures and indentiture of survivors enable their portfolios to rebound from flipping homes, consolidating farms… and all the Trump snake-oil horders sell HIV, Lupus & arthritis meds increase opioid sales, boo-RAH! USA, USA!

Just THINK of all them sick old folks & little kids, with chronic pulmonary diseases, SCARY immune disorders and undergoing chemotherapy for novel cancers from FRACKING, supplying NYC’s “green” conversion to PA natural gas! Wonder if any of them have insurance for their “final expenses?”




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Hey, if you can’t make a profit from people dying in a pandemic why even bother getting out of bed?
Yeah ‘Merica!


Ready for a shock? This is not being reported on the Fox news website! Meanwhile, I’ve read that Trump’s approval numbers are as high as they’ve been during his presidency. We are so screwed.


Yet another great Bernie demand!

Too bad there’s no enforcement mechanism because so many lib/progs have already abandoned the Bernie Campaign to back the Senile Sexist who probably is not even going to make it to DimCon2020 becuz the corporate/oligrach-owned Dim (mis)leadership now considers him to be too embarrassing.

With a bunch of Dim Guvs looking “presidential” as they joyfully issue edicts and orders, there’s a whole new crop to replace him.



One can only wonder how many of the Trump team that decided to make this decision dashed out to buy Gilead stock before the announcement.


While Bernie continues his fight for the “little people” and honest government the trump regime and its enablers/co-conspirators focus on how to steal from the nationa ndpeople - from the entire planet Earth .

The criminals and cronys who were any part of this blatent theft must be rounded-up, imprisoned, and charged.

The time of heads on pikes should return for such miserable scum who direct, enable, manipulate or suggest directions that murder people for profits!

President Bernard Sanders shows his quality daily, while pretenders and shills hide and show their craven acceptance and complicity!


Not unless you fail to see what the ruling class of both parties have perpetuated against us for a very long time. And to suggest a different approach that benefits VOTERS for a change is a scary thing for lots of folks who have trusted their elected keepers as true saviors. Sad.


Bernie is the moral voice of the masses, when so many have succumbed to the fear of Duopoly politics.

He is a single voice in the winds of deception.

Only a true miracle can save us from ourselves now.



Gilead - clever choice of name, no? Ironies never cease to abound, now in retrograde cynicism

From the wiki page on ‘Gilead’

Arts, entertainment, and media

  • Gilead is the fictional home of Roland Deschain and Capital of the Barony of New Canaan, from Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower.
  • The Republic of Gilead is the theonomic nation which replaces the United States in Margaret Atwood’s dystopic novels, The Handmaid’s Tale published in 1985, and The Testaments, published 2019.
  • Gilead is mentioned in verse 15 of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1845 poem, The Raven.
  • Gilead is the first title of a multi-generational trilogy by Marilynne Robinson. The story is about fathers and sons and the spiritual battles that still rage at America’s heart. The title of the trilogy comes from the fictional setting of the town in the novel, Gilead, Iowa.
  • Charlotte Bronte refers to Gilead in her 1849 novel Shirley, Chapter XI , “…come Cary, never fear. We’ll find balm in Gilead.”
  • Playwright Lanford Wilson’s 1965 play Balm in Gilead takes its title from a quote in the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah, chapter 46, verse 11
  • Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer is Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot’s 1988 biography of her mother, Dr. Margaret Morgan Lawrence, who was one of the first black women to graduate from Cornell University and Columbia University Medical School.
  • Balm in Gilead is an album by American singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones, released in November 2009 on the Fantasy Records label.

On the company:

1990-1999: IPO

In 1990, Gilead entered into a collaborative research agreement with [Glaxo for the research and development of genetic code blockers, also known as Antisense. This collaboration was terminated in 1998, and Gilead’s antisense intellectual property portfolio was sold to [Ionis Pharmaceuticals]. Gilead debuted on the [NASDAQ] in January 1992. Its [initial public offering] raised $86.25 million in proceeds.

In June 1996, Gilead launched Vistide ([cidofovir] injection) for the treatment of [cytomegalovirus] (CMV) [retinitis]in patients with [AIDS. The company cooperated with [Pharmacia & Upjohn] to market the product outside the United States.

In January 1997, Donald Rumsfeld, a board member since 1988, was appointed Chairman,but left the Board in January 2001 when appointed [United States Secretary of Defense] at the start of [George W. Bush] first term as President.

In March 1999, Gilead acquired NeXstar Pharmaceuticals of [Boulder, Colorado]following two years of negotiations with the company. At the time, NeXstar’s annual sales of $130 million was three times Gilead’s sales. NeXstar’s two revenue-generating drugs were AmBisome, an injectable fungal treatment, and DaunoXome, an [oncology]drug taken by [HIV patients. Also in 1999, [Roche] announced first approval of [Tamiflu] oseltamivir for the treatment of [influenza] . Tamiflu was originally discovered by Gilead and licensed to Roche for late-phase development and marketing. Viread tenofovir achieved first approval in 2001 for the treatment of HIV.


In a time of high unemployment, as we are now facing, many may be enticed to apply…