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Sanders Demands Trump Rescind 'Truly Outrageous' Decision to Hand Gilead Exclusive Rights Over Possible Coronavirus Treatment

Curious: Is/are the oligarchic media still not reporting on Bernie?

Looks like Gilead paid trolls signed up to promote “industry talking points” just as happened with Monsanto when they criticized here.

I count what is it 4 peoples who are so concerned about Gilead they had to sign up for an account just to proclaim what a great Company they are. Apparently no other issues on Common dreams are important to them. We have articles about environmental destruction to endless warfare, from the need for access to health care to the erosion of civil rights and liberties but these peoples only concern is Gilead getting a bum rap. Yeah right.

It looks like the lot came out of the same staff meeting with instructions to spread the word… When will you paid shills stop being so bloody obvious? You are not convincing anyone here.


Hogwash. WE have several companies in WA state now working also on a cure. No talk of screwing the populous, that seems to only be an immediate need of the elite. either way, screwing the sick is always frowned upon and normal folk know that.

You’re nothing but a shill for an evil, greedy corporation.

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I’m afraid that your Gilead paymasters have sent yet another little twit here to shill for a greedy corporation.
Nobody’s buying your lies, kid, so GFY.

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The death cult.

I created an account just do I could :heart: your comment.