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Sanders: Democratic Leadership Making Big Mistake By Disrespecting His Supporters


Sanders: Democratic Leadership Making Big Mistake By Disrespecting His Supporters

Common Dreams staff

Following a raucous state Democratic Party convention in Nevada on Saturday that left both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters deeply divided over the establishment of rules and delegate voting, Sanders spoke out on what transpired for the first time on Tuesday and took party leaders to task for using their powers to prevent a "fair and transparent" process.


Hey, all you third world countries, I hope your learning something about how things work in a real Democracy.
We have the best Democracy money can buy.


Here's a short live coverage video at the Las Vegas Dem convention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNkwP4zL2DA


The Dem "leadership" establishment is a corrupt cabal of political liars. The contempt for democratic processes, fairness, and non-partisanship, is on full display by the DNC & Debbie W-S, the Brooklyn hack who deleted names claiming a mistake (funny how that seems to happen with regularity!). Nevada voting machine 5hr voting-line fiasco, and who knows what else. the Red Queen and her minions will say or do anything to win, regardless her potential for dividing voters and alienating independents and younger voters!
All down-ticket candidates will feel the heat when they lose because Hillary is so despised! Listen-up you super-delegates and all of those standing for election, better start thinking Bernie as candidate to save the day! Do you really support Hillary even if it means destroying the party, losing the presidency, scotus nomination, continued RepubliCon control of the Senate, and your own loss? THINK!
Bernie All The Way!


By the vote totals ( non-binding ) the delegates should of been apportioned 19-16. They were not. It was 20-15 in favor of Hillary Clinton. So, like I said before Iowa ( where there's similar tomfoolery going on ), caucuses are tricky things. But building consensus around uniform national primaries and general election law will take lots of time and a tightly constructed, clearly written and fool-proof Constitutional Amendment. Which must be then ratified. Just sayin'.


If the Clinton people think they can cajole, bully, shame, whatever we Sanders supporters into falling in line with Hillary, they've got a lot coming, and none of it any good for them. We've had enough. Newsflash: It's not just younger voters who've got your number. I'm a nearly 60 y/o boomer who has come to regret voting for Slick Willie twice, and will NEVER, EVER make that mistake with Shillary. This is nowhere near the Democratic Party we have been led to believe it is. It is a party by, of and for a bunch of rich bastards, just like the Republicans, maybe with a slightly less fascist core, but one that has nothing to offer the vast majority of average working Americans. Your tactics this campaign have made it starkly clear that you have nothing but contempt for us, and we have decided to have nothing but contempt for you. So go f#$k yourselves. We will never vote for her, we will instead vote third party en mass and watch her go down in flames in November. Then we will pick up the pieces of the party and rebuild it for The People. #NeverHillary.


Hillary and Bill are losing their way. They look wrung out and very tired. You can't prepare for this kind of fight, so you resort to hitting in the clinch, so to speak. And, hope the refs are on your side ( in this contest they clearly are ). Bernie looks a little merle haggard, himself. And, now it's on to Montana and the Dakotas. Sen. Sanders going to Pine Ridge was awesome. It would been great if he, and the MSM, would of gone to Rosebud, too. California is going to be very interesting, too. Has New Jersey ever been very interesting? Just wonderin'.


Mr. Sanders, with all due respect, the Democratic party has already made its choice loud and clear. That choice is not giving one iota about you, or your supporters (key among those Millenials like myself who she needs to beat Trump in the general), moving heaven and earth to get Queen Hillary coronated and, as per the Establishment's will, be (s)elected President of these United States.

As much as I don't like Trump, every day I see Bernie supporters on the Internet claim that they will vote for Trump if Hillary is the Dem nominee (likely at this stage of the game). We can argue if those people really supported Mr. Sanders in the first place all day but it would be best for Hillary and her surrogates not to blow off the threat of Bernie's base jumping the sinking Clinton ship and voting Trump. It's a real thing, especially when you consider the GOP has been itching to destroy her in the general election... whereas they would be irreparably thumped by Mr. Sanders. The 'socialist/communist/Maoist/Marxist' garbage can only go so far with regards to Mr. Sanders, and people will smell that BS and reject it right away.


Was it Dennis Hastert's favorite wrasslin' buddy? Could he have been a real rummy? Is he in the Deep State conference room right now preparing invasion scenarios of Syria and ????, just in case Trumpster Dumpster wins? OK-I give up.


Donkeys are stupid and stubborn, but the people who keep voting for them year after year expecting Democrats to forward a progressive agenda, are just a drag on citizens who want to take political action in the People's interest.


A former secretary of war.


Better get in the gym, set up the piece of meat and start training. It's going to be quite the title fight.


That's a canard foisted on people by Republican apparatchiks. Where's the polling showing that? Trump would have to pick Ralph Nader as VP, for that to happen. Bernie folks will go Green or Libertarian; vote down ticket only, possibly. Libertarians have a real shot at picking up votes from both parties, though. Because " who doesn't like to smoke dope and get laid "; legally, of course. Oregon has some Green Party cred, so they could be players here, and in other states, too. FYI- Politics is often times crooked as a dog's hide leg but the real action still takes place, for the most part, under the tail. " Is this a great country, or what? " Bill Blazejowski


No question about it, the party wants option #2.


Tell that to the LBGTQ-XYZ ( did I leave anyone out ) community. Tell that to people who will be receiving $15 bucks an hour and can smoke and grow their own, etc. etc. So, you're looking for some action are you? Hmmmmm... summer hasn't even started yet, either.


Perhaps we should speak with some of the nations which were victims of Clinton. Maybe they'd find the behavior of her campaign at the convention, or the media's afterwards, somewhat familiar.


After Kentucky and Oregon it's rallies in Cali, in San Jose and Vallejo on Wednesday streamed live. Bernie Rally is scheduled in Carson, CA, in a few minutes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI-2nySV6s8

Right NOW:
It's neck-n-neck in Kentucky with Bernie holding a majority of the lead swings, with 63% reporting.


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You only have to be Irish to know what people of British lineage are capable of. In the U.S. and the British Empire, as well. And, they certainly started the fire here, too. Tories are the scourge of the Western Hemisphere, historically. They can all pogue mahone. ( Meant for Enemy of War )


Incidentally, I just contributed for the first time in a couple months. This is the kind of message that motivates and for good reason. Please step up the intensity Bernie.