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Sanders, Democrats Raise Alarm Over Brazil's Jailing of Lula and Right-Wing 'Assault on Democracy and Human Rights'


Sanders, Democrats Raise Alarm Over Brazil's Jailing of Lula and Right-Wing 'Assault on Democracy and Human Rights'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a letter to Brazilian Ambassador Sergio Silva do Amaral, 29 members of Congress on Thursday voiced their concerns about "an intensifying assault on democracy and human rights in Brazil," particularly the incarceration of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the assassination of Rio de Janeiro city councilor Marielle Franco.


Globalized Corporate corruption has become the 21st century militarized coup and killing machine. Guns are rarely needed - only against the most impoverished amongst us - which, watch out, you and I are next.

The Sao Marco Mariana tailing dam collapse

Operation Car wash

And never, ever turn your back on Jair Bosonaro

while on the indigenous side, struggles with assassinations, ecological and political odds of horrendous proportions, people rally and unify (scroll down for English and stunning photography) in the struggle of lifetimes to save the knowledge, the biomes and all of us.

The extreme poor in Rio’s Favelas are displaying thebrilliance of human capacity against military police killing left and right.

These are my teachers. Pitch in, do your part. Start small and adapt, grow strong and love!


The Dims better watch out on this one. Even they can’t claim the Rooskies were responsible the jailing of Lula. Besides, he’s an actual socialist who often works in coalition with communists and supports leftist movements throughout the Americas.

The good old exceptional Big Brother of the Americas and its bipartisan foreign policy have driven the jailing of Lula. Places to start looking are the OAS, the IMF, the US embassy, NED, AID and any of the plethora of US National Security State Agencies.


The Democrats say the Russians were involved in rigging the 2016 election to help Trump win. Trump says the Russians will help the Democrats in the 2018 elections. The USA was responsible for helping Michel Temer win in Brazil & bringing Dilma Rousseff down & putting Rousseff & Da Silva in jail. I hope Temer goes to jail when he is no longer in office.


Sanders has grabbed an issue and tried to put democrats on the cutting edge well over a year too late.

Bernie Sanders turned down the chance to be a green socialist. He is a nice guy democrat.


What kind of world do we live in where crimes like this go unpunished?


Has it ever not been this way?


Really Bernie? Brazil? Trump and his billionaire boys club is running roughshod over our “democracy” and you’re talking about Brazil? Yo Bern, get a life!