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Sanders, Democrats Rip GOP Plan to 'Erode' Safety Net With $5 Trillion in Cuts


Sanders, Democrats Rip GOP Plan to 'Erode' Safety Net With $5 Trillion in Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The senators concluded the GOP budget is a "massive transfer of wealth from working families, the elderly, children, the sick, and the poor to the top one percent."


If you are an ordinary American, you need to be opposed to this GOP/Trump plan, even if you get a heoretical cut in your income tax ratet. Because you and the vast majority of Americans will be hurt (i.e., will actually lose money). That loss will be over the short term and even more in the long term (losses of a wide range of government services),

Ignore the claim that you won’t care what happens for rich people, if you get a tax cut. Those tax cuts for the wealthy will cost you dearly.

Let you senators and congress people know you will not vote for them if they support the Trump/McConnell/Ryan tax cut.


If America was a true democracy instead of a plutocratic, military dictatorship the GOP budget would be reversed: slash $5 trillion from defense spending and increase non-defense spending $91 billion in fiscal year 2018.


Let’s stop calling it a “transfer of wealth” from working families, the elderly, children, the sick, and the poor to the top one percent.

It’s grand theft perpetrated against each working family, elderly person, child, sick person, and poor person.


We are back to the 80s, “greed is good”


I am 66 years old. I have been disabled and living on SSDI for 25 years. If Medicare & Medicaid are cut I WILL DIE. It is as simple as that. I use 3 inhalers, their cost with the help I get is over 1000.00 a month. Almost what I get in SSDI/SS. Not only is it me but some 70 million of us get benefits from SS in one form or another. I paid into my insurance and every time a wacko repug opens their mouth I fear for my future. And so should you.


Why does my government want to kill me???


Just wrote McCain and asked him why. I hope you all do the same. Thanks


Slash, and burn $5 trillion in vital life sustaining programs, ugh. Hope springs eternal, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, I sure hope they get here soon! Think about it: Trump, and the whole crime scene in the District of Columbia is finished, fini. We finally get some bona-fide culture, the kids get educated- no DeVos corporate schools-, and great music lessons, too. Health care, housing, learning of interesting languages, new friendships, and so on. Sure people can point to how bad that idea is, the Russians are here; however, Do you honestly think that life for regular folks in Los Angeles, CA for example is better than life in St. Petersburg, Russia. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


It’s because you are not rich.


My heart goes out to you.

You and all of us are extorted by the cruel and capricious for-profit healthcare system, the companies, CEOs and physicians which get obscenely wealthy at the misfortune and suffering of people.

It’s criminal extortion – Your money or your life.

We need to tax out the profit motive.


I once was, didn’t like who or what I was and gave it all away. I wanted a clean soul not material things.


Oh how correct you are. I get charged 127.00 a doc visit, that’s 500.00 an hour cuz all I get is 15 min. My income breaks down to 1.07 per hour. I of course am not alone.


And I will bet you are very rich and retired- who are you kidding?


You gave it all away- aw come on- why did you do that? Wait a minute- you live on SSDI and you gave it all away? Something does not add up here.


These repugs want to make a serfdom of the whole USA with serfs and grunts doing there work. They will allow some upper middle class lower level grunts.

This budget is proof of aboe.


Stop shopping except for absolute necessities. Stop buying hi tech junk, new cars etc. They only reason they want illegal immigrants here is because they might work for pennies per day. Wall Street is not punished but a regular person is- and the animals as well… They only thing they have is money- a lot of them do not know how to blow their own noses- stop supporting their businesses, use clean or cleaner energy, and arrange tabling and volunteer events. The more scared they are- the more insane they get.


The photo accompanying this article is encouraging! It is about time that Democrats stand behind the hard working Sanders! Hopefully enough Dems will admit that Sanders is their most popular front runner and back him if he runs in 2020! If they intend to win this time!


Here we march again!
But their shenanigans do not only hurt the GOP in blue or swing states, but also right smack in the middle of their heartland.
Last Monday I received this email about special elections in Alabama.
QUOTE: Roy Moore thinks “Homosexual Conduct” should be illegal. And he wants to be a United States Senator!
But Democrat Doug Jones is TIED in the polls. We can really WIN! UNQUOTE

Well, the latest poll showed Jones still trailing Moore by 6%, but if we can come THIS close in Alabama…

That Is A-LA-BA-MA. Where Trump won by a margin of 27.7% over Clinton in 2016 and Jeff Sessions won that seat in 2014 with 97.25% of the vote. The other 2.75% were write-ins, evidently because nobody saw any point in opposing him.

…then everything is possible and we still have more than 2 months to work on it!

I have meanwhile found a couple of other polls, one of which has Jones trailing Moore by 5% and the other by 8%
But even if the actual election came in at minus 8% it would be a yuuuuge success for us, giving past voting results. However with hard work and the GOP helping with idiotic highly unpopular legislation, we could well lift Jones over the top, even in A-LA-BA-MA.

The Congress to be progressive is a realistic chance by 2019, but with more help by the GOP it could well turn into an excellent one.


I had to give it all away because you can only have so much in assets getting SSDI, my nephews&nieces got the lions share…I am not a materialistic being. If there is something you cannot live without it possess you, you do not possess it. If there is something I have that a person “needs” I will give it to them. It’s not want, it’s need. Add up?