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Sanders Dominates Youth Vote and Regains Second Spot in New National 2020 Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/22/sanders-dominates-youth-vote-and-regains-second-spot-new-national-2020-poll


Only the most glaring swindle will keep Sanders from being the Dem nominee.


I agree. But I also expect Biden , or some other moderate to be selected


I don’t feel that this time. I hope I’m right…

That Bye-Done is still polling at #1 should show the non-accuracy of polls or the brain-death of many voters. I can’t decide which or both.


If any but Sanders wins the nomination , it a loss for the American people.

Our election is over and done with for the next while up in Canada. The US one will go on forever it seems.


Great, but look, polls are not always right - like in the last election, for example.

We have to go for Sanders with all we’ve got regardless.


Though I’ll be undecided for a while about who I actually want to be nominated, its inspiring to see Sanders so forceful after his health scare and so undeterred and consistent in advocating for good causes.
I still think its likely Sanders and Warren will at some point have to unite to stop Biden who still has a solid base of support from southern African-American primary voters - the same base that gave Clinton the nomination in 2016 by millions of votes


I wish that were true.

As it is, I think Sanders will have to decisively defeat the other candidates in the primaries in order to be the nominee. Otherwise, it won’t take a glaring swindle at all for the superdelegates to hand the nomination to someone else at a brokered convention. I suspect most typical Democratic primary voters, who are only a small minority of the Party, will absolutely not vote for Sanders, so his strategy requires bringing massive numbers of disaffected and new voters into the primaries in order to win.


Here’s one threat:

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Job one for Bernie: Staying on message about EIMFA and getting union members educated about it.

Job two: A coherent foreign policy that outlines a concrete plan for getting out of endless wars.


Good luck to Sanders. I still think he’s getting set up, but maybe the kids will come out and get his back.

warren’s the wildcard.: a neolib posing as a “progressive” is going to wreak havoc in the primaries. If she weren’t in this race, Sanders would probably win running away.


I think you’re right that the party has something tricky up their sleeve to deny Bernie the nomination again, probably having to do with not getting enough delegates to secure a first-ballot nomination and having the super-delegates choose Biden or Harris, who are both bought-and-paid-for establishment darlings. If that happens, I will spend the general election campaign trashing the nominee so they lose in November, and try and crash and burn the Democratic Party to the ground once and for all.


I’ll be right there–somewhere–with you doing the same thing! The time for silence and “taking it” must end

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Harris and Biden are both fading in the polls.

Biden is a gaffe or three and another bad fundraising quarter away from sayonara.
Harris is so also-ran, I predict she’ll drop out before Iowa.


Do you have a stat chart showing that? I’d read somewhere that it wasn’t true anymore.


I’m confused, Barry. Your first sentence/paragraph seems to show that you have decided (I hope) and your subconscious typed it! (-:

As for paragraph #2: I don’t see how they can “unite” as only one person can be nominated. There will have to come a time when they MUST call out their differences and beliefs and let the electorate hash it out on which best speaks for them.

When Bernie’s rise comes out of the support for Biden and the other so called “moderate” candidates that is good news for him. When his rise comes out of the support for Warren it is not quite as helpful. Here is my reasoning:
Typically the early primaries shake things up abruptly and things narrow down to just two candidates. This time though there may be a good chance that there will be three major candidates with a large number of delegates going into the convention (or maybe even four). If Bernie has the most delegates, but not the majority on the first ballot - he has the headwinds of the super delegates on the second ballot to face. Further, if his delegates are basically the only somewhat progressive force at the convention, he will not be in a position of strength. However, if his delegates and Warren’s delegates together make up a majority, then the nominee can come out of their bargaining - which is much more likely to avoid any kind of “moderate”.


That Biden is still not only in the race but the in the dubious #1 spot might be a clue to what is coming. There has to be a tidal wave of support for Bernie especially from unions and workers. Where I live primaries are “open” if only to the two business parties. I will vote for Bernie.


Thanks carlmarks, I too was unsure of barry’s post.

Is Winnie Wong on drugs? Taken out of context, that seems to me to be exactly what the pugs would say. It’s a bit condescending.