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Sanders Draws Massive Crowds as Progressives Prepare to Fight Trump


Sanders Draws Massive Crowds as Progressives Prepare to Fight Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

The election of a right-wing, repressive government led by President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-dominated Congress has the American left searching for ways to mount a resistance and regain ground in future elections.

Many have found an answer in progressive figures such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), it seems, as crowds of young people are once again gathering to hear the senator speak.


Bernie will be a wonderful leader to continue the revolution. Too bad some of you voted for Stein. Where is she now? Anyway, please stop being a facebood activist, and continue to be involved with organizations that fight for what is right.


Too bad we didn't have the chance to vote for Bernie is what I think you meant to say.

Nonetheless, I agree, as I always have in this election cycle, that no one is more worthy of leading Democrats and the progressive movement than Bernie Sanders.


mealouts - the first part of your comment is not very useful. On election day, Stein was running and on the ballot and Bernie was not. Both are terrific progressives, so why the divisiveness?

As for continuing to be involved, absolutely! .


There is going to be a helluva lot of civil disobedience in many forms of resistance as well as work building the alternative.


GO BERNIE!!!....I have never left your side in spirit! GOOD shall triumph over evil for that is the true nature of all life.


Hillary lost because she was incompetent and corrupt. Stop blaming others for her faults. We'll never get out of this unless people take responsibility for their mistakes.


"One of the most valuable lessons of Sanders' campaign was that it proved to the Democratic Party that a Presidential Candidate doesn't just win support by moving to the left, but can actually capture the imagination of increasingly disillusioned voters left behind by both major parties."

That was a lesson they learned in real time, as they used every device in their arsenal, to extinguish any hope of it spreading any further than it already had.


Everybody. That means that any "Berners" who have not yet shed their Dem ego thing, (You must do so.) Also, everybody means we "Greens", who are in or not in the Green Party, must drop the "Party" exclusivity thing and co-operate with the newly realized, ego-less Berners. They in turn, must extend invitations of a no-bickering co-operation to join other (non-corporate) groups, Movements, Unions and Parties and just plain folks just tuning in, together. (Listening, Bernie? Jill?). We need co-operation from all hands on deck of our sinking Mother Earth.


Right on ! I totally agree. Too many democrats are corporatists and middle of the road.


Absolutely without putting labels on each other and only being "activists" on the internet.


Hillary is exactly what's wrong with the party. Now, I hope that she just lives her life and goes away. And to Chelsea we don't care about you either.


Shame on the old women who voted for Hillary in the primaries, but what's done is done. Having someone in DC ( Bernie) who wants to lead a revolution, and who already has is fantastic. I have admired and been with Sanders for decades.


Good point. Anyway, that part is in the past. As friends continue to say: We all need to stick together for the sake of the planet, and everything we have stood and fought for for decades. Personally, I think all citizens who are able should participate in community service sponsored by progressive organizations. The more community minded we are, the less authoritarism will succeed.


Bernie, will stand with as will Elizabeth Warren and other Progressives. For all the good it will do now. Drumpf and his fascists have no respect at all for Constitutional or democratic norms. If history has shown us anything about these kinds of people being psychopaths frees them from any pangs of conscience for their actions.


Jill Stein is still working hard to raise awareness about the Green Party. She is not a celebrity, like Bernie,
she is not an elected official and her honest commitment to further progressive causes has not translated into high recognition. I hope Jill will be embraced by Bernie's Revolution as she would be a tremendous asset. I proudly cast my vote for her and I would do it again.


Hillary lost because she was incompetent and corrupt. And Trump won because.......? Sorry, there are no excuses for even backhanded support of Trump.


That is such a good point. The rate of global heating puts a stop watch on everything we do; there's just no time for the usual in-fighting.


I agree, and we need to stick together.


This must be hard to process....Hillary lost to a complete loser. Get it? She was the worst possible choice for the DNC to foist on the Party. There is no denying it any longer. She lost because she was bad news.