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Sanders Encourages Struggle Against Establishment Politics To Continue


Sanders Encourages Struggle Against Establishment Politics To Continue

Kevin Gosztola

“The struggle continues,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders declared in a speech, which capped off his statewide campaign in California. He described the struggle broadly as one for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice.

Sanders also noted he has overwhelmingly won young people in the majority of the United States. Young people recognize they must shape the future, and they share the Sanders campaign’s vision for a government that works for lower class citizens instead of catering to the interests of corporations and the rich.


"If one believes in the Sanders campaign’s commitment to social, economic, racial, and environmental justice, there must be an end to two-party politics as usual. This requires the democratizing of elections. Make it possible for parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties to debate and easier for candidates from other parties to have ballot access so they may compete. Break the cycle and forgo support for the Democratic Party, which views any grassroots effort to transform the party into a populist party as a disease it must aggressively prevent from spreading."

AMEN! And it will also require a change in the voting system, to disable the mechanisms of fraud that have been used mightily in this primary.


Absolutely. At the grassroots level, citizens in every state should be auditing their voting systems. There should be public meetings, where citizens debate how to make the system more equitable and fair.


Exactly. Bernie is a leader of an uprising raising hell in the Democratic Party. It does not stop because Hillary claims the title of presidential nominee. She cannot silence or bring this rebellion to an end.


As usual, lots of keen insights from Kevin Gosztola.

This particular observation bears repeating:

"The response of establishment pundits and politicians, especially those within the Democratic Party, is not to investigate, verify, or confirm whether claims of irregularities. Instead, Sanders supporters are pathologized as wild-eyed conspiracy theorists who cry, “Rigged!” every time Clinton wins a state."

Lakoff understands the power of framing and his devotees have seriously caught up. What's untrue often is made to seem self-evidently possible... if stated often enough by nice looking pundits.


From Jill Stein's newsletter today:

"The establishment parties have now anointed the two most disliked presidential candidates in history."

"60% of Americans say we need a new major party. And 55% say they’d prefer an independent to Clinton and Trump - including an amazing 91% of young people.
Meanwhile, the most popular candidate in the country, Bernie Sanders, running on a progressive agenda similar to ours, has been railroaded by the rigged Democratic Party primary."

Go here to see what states have the Green Party on the ballot so far:


Jill tells it like it is.


I would still like Bernie to make an independent run for the President if he doesn't get the nomination in July. If not, I am not voting for Clinton. I won't have innocent blood on my hands for endorsing one of the worst political candidates of our time. With Clinton, you will get more war, more income inequality, more poverty; she will pivot right on many issues, give her administration posts over to wall street and Goldman Sachs. She will not regulate fracking, she will not make any attempt at meaningful climate change. To everyone who voted for Hillary: you've just ensured the installation of the American version of Margaret Thatcher. When she screws you...and she will...don't come crying to me. You had a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the horrible history and legacy of neoliberalism, and you blew it. And for what? To have the first female President?

Bernie's decision to fight on is one of the greatest things I have witnessed. Never bow down!


It will make it far, far more difficult to argue we need to change the Democratic Party from within. If it could not be done with Bernie Sanders, it is reasonable to believe it can never happen.


What a great idea!


I tend to agree. There is no more "reforming" this party. But a massive withdrawal of support from it would be powerful and impactive on the responsiveness of the political scene.

This is how we do it, folks.


I can't help but wonder how the last Clinton presidential campaign would have handled things in Bernie's place, this time? Anybody who thinks she would have quit at this point? I've got a bridge to sell you . . .