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Sanders Endorses Clinton at Joint 'Stronger Together' Rally in New Hampshire


Sanders Endorses Clinton at Joint 'Stronger Together' Rally in New Hampshire

Nika Knight, staff writer

At a joint rally on Tuesday morning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called "Stronger Together," Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, as expected.

The new show of political unity was not without moments of contention from the audience.

When New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan attempted to start a chant of "Hillary! Hillary!" during an introductory speech, chants of "Bernie! Bernie!" drowned out Clinton supporters.


Concurrent with Sanders announcing his move to the dark side, I received an email solicitation from the Clinton campaign, making it apparent that the Sanders campaign turned the COVETED LIST over to the Clinton campaign.

VERY disrespectful for the Sanders campaign to give my name to criminals without my permission.


Sell out!


"I think America's best years are ahead of us" is true for the 1% with Clinton in office. Not for the 99%.


One small step for Bernie. One giant leap backward for humankind.


Bernie took the same step to irrelevance that Kucinich took in 2010.

The only reason Clinton will give him any appointment will be to eliminate one relatively progressive member of the US Senate.


I'm sure Bernie found the horse's head in his bed. Had he not knuckled under to Lady Klynton Kissinger-Sachs, his political career would have been over. The Democrats would have emasculated him and isolated him in the Senate and probably would have spent millions to unseat him next time 'round. The Klyntons are, if nothing else, vindictive.


True progressives will wear black today and on the day later this month when Clinton is nominated.

True progressives will wear blue and red as little as possible between now and November 8, AND wear green as much as possible until then.

The Green Party is a global party.10% of Germany's Bundestag are Greens. The GOP and Dimcritters are a domestic anachronism amd both need to meet the fate of the Federalist amd Whig Parties ASAP.


Disappointing but not unexpected. As a citizen of Vermont and a fierce Bernie supporter, I feel like I've been sucker punched by a dear friend.

At least now the latest "Dark Act" that passed the Senate a few days ago can be killed and Vermont's GMO labeling law will be able to stand. With Bernie's reluctant endorsement, even if the bill passes the House, (which it will since Republicans have a firm control over that body), the bill will either die in Conference Committee as the House & Senates will magically not be able to come up with a compromise bill to take to the President, or Obama will simply veto it and that'll be the end of it.

Bernie, you had a chance to be a hero - a real Revolutionary. Unfortunately, the world's graveyards (and more than a few unmarked graves, as well) are full of heroes and Revolutionaries. You weren't willing to throw the people of Vermont under the bus for the sake of the Revolution and I can appreciate that. But we would have survived. Instead you broke your promise to take your Revolution all the way to the Convention.



“ two candidates hugged”
I hope Bernie disinfected after?

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” --- Albert Einstein


Bernie has descended to Clinton's level with his lies and fear tactics. "think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate" -- is a red herring, because the Senate, which is expected to have a Dem majority, can veto any nominee Trump makes. Bernie also lied when he said that Clinton "understands that we must fix an economy in America that is rigged and that sends almost all new wealth and income to the top one percent" -- Clinton is all about "fixing" and "rigging" both the economy and the political. As for that Platform -- Sanders has not made a single demand for the Dem Platform to reject neocon regime change wars -- instead, the Platform's foreign policy section reads like it was written by Bill Kristol or Fred Kagan. NATO's aggression towards Russia is needlessly pushing us towards a world war, and, even knowing that Hillary is a classic anti-Russia warmonger, Sanders has nothing to say about it. He is a useless Democratic tool.


Had he simply endorsed her I could overlook his bailing from the revolution seeing how he did a good job of getting us through phase 1 of the revolution. Handing over the COVETED LIST and subjecting us to email solicitations from the dark side was too disrespectful to overlook.

The baton has been handed to the Green Party to execute phase 2 of the revolution.


Lesson from the 60's - leaders don't come from the establishment. Sell outs and distractions come from the establishments - i.e. Warren/Sanders.


Precisely the reason many independents and former Dimcritters voted for Trump. They realized that even though Sanders was more progressive than 98% of Congress, he has been part of the club for too long to make the radical departure from business as usual that is needed to advance the revolution beyond the primaries..

Jill Stein is far less part of the club than Trump is so i will vote for her again, just like 2012.


The Sanders campaign comes to an end, sadly. But the Movement continues.


So Bernie tells Jill Stein to "talk to the hand", eh?

Right back at you Bernie.

Vote for Hillary you say? Talk to the hand.


I'm not going to dump on Bernie. Over at least the last month or so we all have known this moment was coming.

I am a bit ticked off though that Bernie did not extend his campaign through the convention as he said he would..


Yes, but I fear it'll have to go underground for a while. With the Red Queen or Drumph in charge, Progressives and protesters alike can look forward to greater surveillance, more violence directed at them, and more intimidation.


"Stronger Together?" What kind of slogan is that? Stronger, what is that referring to - the might of the imperial military? Together, who is supposed to be together - the 1%? Americans at the expense of the rest of the world? All the world as long as they are under the thumb of the US/corporate elite?


There is part of me that agrees you and another that is fooling itself.
Thank you for the reply.