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Sanders, Feinstein Demand Congress Ditch Effort to Criminalize Pro-Palestinian BDS Campaign


Sanders, Feinstein Demand Congress Ditch Effort to Criminalize Pro-Palestinian BDS Campaign

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Wednesday urged congressional leaderships not to include in a must-pass spending bill a measure that would suppress free speech rights by criminalizing boycotts of Israel.


Just for the record, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has provided two opportunities for me to call the attention of my Senators and member of the House to a letter from ecumenical leaders opposing this measure first when it was proposed as Senate and House bills, and yesterday when the stealth effort to put it into the CR. The first letter got an appropriate (if slow) response from Sen. Menendez and a completely stupid one (Israel the regional democracy, blah, blah) from Gottheimer of the House.


The measure is an attack on free speech.


In your face Ben Cardin.


2017 was the 50th anniversary of Israeli invasion/occupation of Gaza. AFSC called for resistence to Israerli export of war


Imagine that, some in Congress think that , Israel, a foreign nation can dismantle our Constitution.
Thank you to Sanders and Feinstein for speaking out, but Schumer------don’t you take an oath to protect the rights of your own citizens? If no, maybe we need one. : (


Goat, this posting is the most important one you’ve ever made. Thank you!


Maryland was founded on religious tolerance for all, they even had statutes saying you couldn’t hassle a religious group under a potential legal penalty by the state. Good idea, actually.
Fast forward and here’s Sen. Good Ol’ Uncle Ben, with big $$$ from AIPAC, telling us Israel can have the final word on U.S. citizens’ rights to who can speak on behalf of the human rights of Palestinians under accepted International Law, no less.
So, PM Netanyahu can come before Congress, be covered by the MSM, and preach of the evil nature of Palestinians, Syrians & Iranians. Basically, to address all Americans with a form of hate speech for MENA Muslims. Ya know, " the other " others ".
However, if an American citizen speaks up for, or expresses sympathy by action, on behalf of the rights of Palestinians and Muslims they can be fined, lose their job and be " blackballed " by Zionists working with and for our own gov’t? And, that’s just A-OK with most members of the Congress, too?
" Wow, is this a great country, or what? " Benjamin Netanyahu channelling Bill Blazajowski.


Any congress critter who votes for the bill without removing this measure first, must be immediately removed from office for violating their oath of office, if not, we have no rule of law in this country.


There, fixed it.


Call and give ‘em Hell. They deify the Second Amendment which has little to do with democracy and then prostitute or decimate the First Amendment which is crucial for any democracy (or shreds left over of it).


Ironically it’s the legal reasoning from Citizens United that would probably get this bill struck down by the Supreme Court. If corporations are persons then persons have a right to express their viewpoints by either supporting or withholding their support for any cause they wish. If money is free speech then companies have a right to spend or not spend, invest or not invest, in any way they choose. This bill is not only an intrusion on our domestic politics by a foreign nation but it is unconstitutional as well. I expect it will be tossed quickly by our Federalist Court.


Your devotion to logic is appreciated. This conclusion overlooks the influence of ideology in decision making such that it has the power to make the illogical look compelling. When there are different ideologies and/or competing aspects of a single ideology, then it’s Randy Newman time - “Its money that matters.”


I do fear the cynical in me finds this bill to be of such overreaching that even diehard zionists won’t support it for fear of unspecified backlashes which could result in the complete erosion of public support.

Am I wrong? What am I missing? Principled opposition? Bwahaha!


Funny, I was just thinking the exact same thing when I woke up this morning. I wanted to see if this Cardin amendment had in fact been attached to the budget bill. Cardin may be inadvertently setting his and AIPAC’s agenda for failure. Americans do not like to be told who they are “allowed” to support or not, which countries they are “allowed” to like or not, and which causes they are “allowed” to follow or not. I suspect nothing will bring more sympathy for the Palestinians and attention to their horrible treatment at the hands of the Israelis more quickly than the news that boycotting Israel will now be fined at a million bucks.

Cardin, one of my senators, has been useless to anyone but the Israel lobby and the weapons’ manufacturers his entire time in office. He never responds to emails from his constituents on any topic either, by the way, not even with a form letter. Useless piece of shit.


This is so blatantly unconstitutional that I doubt it will ever get past the Court of Appeals. The case law on free speech makes quite clear the government cannot constrain speech on the basis of its content.

The first District Court to hear it will strike it down, the Court of Appeals will affirm that decision and the Supreme Court will refuse to hear it. All of them will view it as a waste of time to consider.


This effort to silence and criminalize free-speech is clear and overwhelming evidence of Israeli subversion of American sovereignty and their decades-long sabotage/meddling in US elections; threatening politicians and demanding fealty of elected officials to a foreign power…and that is the definition of treason!

When elected officials serve a foreign power (or a corporate power) to the detriment of American (claimed) values or economic interests it is, and should be recognized as, criminal. Whether a foreign power serving their own political agenda, or a domestic/international private entity serving their economic/financial interests the service of elected officials to those interests rather than the American people, our republic and environmental protections is a criminal betrayal.

BDS! No more ignoring Israeli election meddling and subversion!

Smash Israeli-AIPAC power over US politics and our foreign policy!


If citizen united, the cog and the ndaa can pass with barely a bleet from the public i have no doubt they can railroad this through as well. After all, anyone opposing it is “anti semetic”.


Whoa, Politicians putting the rights of the US citizens before the interests of Israel? Now, that’s something you don’t see everyday.


Think Vlad would have been welcomed to give a speech to congress and telling them to go against the president’s treaty? Not in a million years, but for some reason it was okay for Bibi to do that.

This shows the power Israel has over our representatives and where the real interference comes from.