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Sanders Files Amendments to Force Pentagon to Pass Clean Audit, Require Mass-Production of Free Masks for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/sanders-files-amendments-force-pentagon-pass-clean-audit-require-mass-production


If they can afford to buy nearly all the world’s supply of remdesivir for the next two months, they can afford to buy masks:




And this:

A Dire Warning From COVID-19 Test Providers

U.S. coronavirus testing could fail again, as surging demand creates new backlogs and delays.



Consistently among the most energetic and forward thinking people in the room. He should be our president. Damn you to hell Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


This is what democracy looks like.
FIGHT! RESIST the failing system attempting genocide of its own “people” (funny, they don’t treat us like people in a nation of the people, by the people, for the people).

Local, local, local local.
Public Banking
Fair Trade

When ‘they’ say ‘socilaism’ we answer SCIENCE AND ETHICS


Tax on WallStreet transactions
Outlaw war profits


Breaking News: The FBI has reported finding massive trove of kiddie porn on Bernie’s personal laptop…some as young as five months old.

Or something like that.


If it wasn’t for the organized corruption and self-interest by the DINO fraud party and players we might have been spared the enormity of the trump/RepubliCon/conservative regime: the crimes, social destruction, deaths and abandonment of all we are told America stands-for - but we have been shown some hard truth, if only we as a nation and people can learn the lesson. Divide and conquer, suppress and deceive, manipulate and oppress, rob from society is what they stand-for

Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee, and would be president, but along with all of us was betrayed. Now, act two, with the same players and same betrayals from the corrupt PTB, to put profit and power above all else - including life itself. Environmental planetary crises, pandemic threat, wholesale police brutality and murders as a business, vulture capitalist system of greed and racism, war-machine sucking the resources from civilian priorities and needs - all those and more designed to enrich and rob from society!
Bernie should be our nominee this time also, but for the same betrayers and corruption, he would be.

We can - but do not - learn a lot from who is speaking-out and leading and who remains silent and supportive of the status quo - silence IS complicity and craven cowardice that the system relies-on.

Fear, enforced by thugs in blue; depraved racist killers with impunity will keep the other systems in line for the empire!.

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/01/los-angeles-sheriffs-department-reckoning-police-shootings - A Must Read!


Every day I hope to open up the Guardian or Common Dreams to find something hopeful, and every day I am disappointed. I so much want humans to prove wrong my pessimistic views of them. But, it seems, they cannot rise about their limitations. Even now.

McGrath 45% Booker 43%
Hickenlooper 60% Romanoff 40%


Keep the faith my brother. To fight the beast and win against great odds we must be determined and unified - Are we strong enough?


It is good to see that Bernie is able to get a couple of republicans to get onboard his initiatives. This is another reminder of what might have been. Imagine how the public discourse would be different if Bernie had been the dem nominee. The media would have a hard time ignoring his statements and he would have hammered Trump and the republicans daily. But instead we got sleepy Joe hiding in his house, proposing nothing of substance; content to win by default. The DP and DNC and Obama and Clintons did this to us. We should never forget that.


Nobody should have to go without something thats not much more difficult to make than a piece of paper. The same should apply to most drugs. Technology has made everything cheaper and cheaper to make, so why are essentials like masks and drugs getting more expensive?

Its as simple as that.


and he once said something nice about a Communist country


Those percentages should always be given denominated by the amount of dollars in their campaign. Booker did AMAZINGLY well compared to the 40 to 1 disadvantage in dollars vs McGrath.


And weren’t some top Democrats quoted as saying they’d rather have Trump over Bernie?


Yes, a couple were brazen enough to say that (Donnie Deutsch on Morning Joe) part out loud and quickly retracted it, but you know they were not saying something that they had not been discussing with their cohorts. That was not an isolated opinion. The people who own this country would much rather have Trump in the White House than Bernie, or anyone who thinks like him.


The Pentagon is the only federal department in America that hasn’t been able to pass an independent audit—30 years after Congress required it to do so.

This can NOT be emphasized enough!


That FrackingLooper won the Colorado primary is more disappointing that that Booker lost in Kentucky.


War profits… the raison d’etre of the Pentagram. Their budget!!! slash by 90%. The only enemies are the ones CREATED by the evil cabal inside that building.


It’s not just that they can’t pass an audit, DOD has been set-up as a looting scheme since 1998, for defense contractors and others. Hell they had a defense contractor set up their computer records so the computers wouldn’t talk to each other, making it impossible to conduct an effective audit. Congress has know this since at least 2017, so the question is why have they continued to fund them, much less increase that funding every year?
The link below is from the Solari Report, put out by Catherine Austin Fitts. Fitts has been warning about the government fraud since she discovered it when she worked at HUD. Her and Dr. Mark Skidmore were in charge, during the last failed attempt to audit the DOD. The link has many vids about the subject.

“The Missing Money”

Sanders should know this audit can’t be completed, and my guess is, this is why the date was pushed back to 2025 in his bill, knowing he will be long gone from politics, and this part of the bill will be ignored or overturned by then.